18 February 2010

Large Skirts and Summer Boden

I wanted to keep my skirt-wearing streak going (woo hoo, third day straight - a new personal record), so I broke out this oldie but goodie of mine. Unfortunately it's an oldie only because I've had it for over two years and this is the second time I've worn it.

I remember buying this skirt during my first visit to Singapore on a shopping expedition with a friend. She was normal height and maybe a size 4/6, I am short and typically a size 2 - so I didn't really consider either of us big by any means ... but apparently in Singapore, we're a wee bit larger than the average gal.

The gals in Singapore are mostly all petite and slender. Which helped me not feel like a shorty but my standard 2 in the US was like a size L over there. And my friend got sized out of some clothes!

So I considered myself lucky to get this skirt and I really like the colors. Plus it's got pockets and kind of school-girl pleats. BF said I was very ... "studious-looking" today.

Jacket: J. Crew wool herringbone
Sweater: Banana Republic ballet neck
Skirt: purchased over two years ago in Singapore
Tights: Target ... apparently always Target
Shoes: Stone Mountain wedges via Endless
Necklace: Urban Outfitters multi stone bib

And FYI ladies, Boden is previewing their summer collection (Summer already?!) and offering a 10% discount and free shipping/returns on their new items. Click here to go to the preview site and use code PRUS if the discount doesn't already automatically apply.

So many pretty things. I think they've gone dotty this summer, but I don't mind. Too bad they won't ship until April. Oh well, I can just peruse their regular site here.


  1. that skirt is adorable!!! i love the pattern and the pleats are darling

  2. What an unusual and lovely skirt. With pockets too!

    I used to think I didn't like polka dots, but Boden has been changing my mind.

  3. thanks for the welcome back to blogland. hehe. Your bf is right, the skirt is studious! And very cute too!

    And I LOVE the pebble spot dress. the color is gorgeous. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I'm digging the skirt too, I really need to move it into heavier rotation.

    And I really like what some of the retailers like Boden and Lands' End Canvas are doing for spring - preppy and pretty, not overly-frilly.

  5. i love boden! but it totally doesn't love me back because anytime i try to order, they don't have my size :( thanks for the coupon code though, i'm going to give this another try hehe. have a good weekend! xo

  6. Thanks for visiting, Tippy! I'm heavily enticed to place a new order for some of their cute spring stuff myself.


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