16 February 2010

Inspiration: Bold Boutonniere

Sorry about the uninspired post yesterday - I was totally feeling under the weather and barely was able to put two thoughts together. The one half-thought bumbling around in my head just kept saying "gotta post, gotta post." The other half thought was just trying to hit the right keys on the keyboard.

So anyhoo, feeling a little better today, I'm going to turn to something that is inspiring - like the Bold Boutonniere dress from Anthropologie's early fall '09 collection. I must admit I wasn't really quite an Anthro-head at that point and totally missed out on this beautiful dress. Plus it seemed a little ... girly? to me and tomboy-at-heart-me is still trying be OK with "looking pretty."

But after seeing the likes of Kim from Anthroholic and Amy from Kelinda.Kelinda and Justine from Fetching Fashions rock the socks off the dress (and knowing all I can do now is Ebay stalk it) I was thinking of what I could pull together from my closet to try to emulate at least the feeling - if not a little of the look as well - of that beautiful rosette-y stripe-y piece of dress.

Here's my "shopping the closet" version of the Bold Boutonniere. Not sure if I'm close, but I do sure feel "pretty". BF did a double take this morning and I think he got nervous for a while trying to think if he messed up the date for Valentine's or forgot a birthday or something. Nope ... but you bet he'll be taking me out for dinner tonight!

Cardigan: Target
Top: J. Crew Evie ruffled silk
Skirt: J. Crew striped menswear
Tights: Target
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Belt: Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy stretch in ivory


  1. Awww, I really like your "shopping the closet" version of the Bold Boutonniere dress! The skirt is so cute, especially when paired with the black tights and belt! I'm actually looking into getting that belt myself now after seeing it on you... after all, I could always use another wide belt in my closet! I love the cute top you paired with it, too!

  2. That is really cute!!! I am planning to try and sew a knock off the bold boutonniere dress.

  3. That is really a pretty outfit! Shopping the Closet sounds so much more... economical... :)

  4. Thanks, Amy. These Deena & Ozzys have been my first stretchy belt purchases and I'm practically wearing them everyday now. Who knew I could learn to love belts so quickly?

    Rachel - I saw what you did with the Honeyed Peplum Skirt and think you could make an even better version of the Bold Boutonniere dress. If I only had your mad talent ... sigh ...

    Ady - Thanks much! I definitely don't shop the closet enough. I'm only a clickedy-click away from some Anthro sale items (so much for my shopping ban!)

  5. I really like this outfit, you look so girly! The skirt is too cute, and I bet it will look awesome in the summertime. Also, I have the same jcrew top and love the color you have it in!! Oh, and you weren't the only one clicking away this morning on Anthro's site. My actions will soon be revealed one way or another.

  6. Thanks, Dea. Fortunately or unfortunately I have this top in multi colors - I'm becoming a multiples buyer! And my wallet hates Anthro for having such cute things - but it's good to know I'm not the only one!

  7. your outfit is adorable!!

  8. awwww beautiful outfit!!! so pretty and girly! it fits really good on you!
    xoxo Jade

  9. Thanks, gals. I'm full on girly in this ensemble!

  10. super cute! i love the blue skirt!

  11. how cute! I think I might like your version better

  12. This is so clever and pretty and feminine! I was dying to get that Evie ruffled top, and this makes me wish I had. I think your outfit is more interesting than the dress you based it on, especially with the belt.

  13. Lisa I love your interpretation of the dress! I have never worn mine for some reason. I remember the day it was added to the website and I was all gaga over it. I was on vacation and my sisters thought I was crazy for looking at work-related stuff on our trip!

  14. Thanks, Tippy & Elledee. I think I need to try to closet remix some other Anthro pieces I had coveted but missed out on. Plus it's cheaper this way ...

    Lady Cardi - I think JC stores may still have some in stock on super-sale. I have the top in black and ivory and I have been surprised at howo often I have been wearing those tops. The side zip kind of sucks though, it gives you a weird lump if you try to tuck in into anything.

    Thanks, Jinah. I love the dress but I think the rosette may have been too much for me. I've been surprised at how versatile it seems to be though, and I bet you'd have an interesting way to mix yours up.


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