25 February 2010

I Need To Be

I was complaining this morning - heck, all week - about a business trip I need to leave on today. I am a little tired of traveling so much for work. I don't want to go to Dubai. I hate flying coach. I don't know what to pack. I can't believe all I can find is a middle seat on the plane. There goes another weekend lost to work. Whine, whine, whine.

Then I remembered Fashion Therapist's awesome post about giving up complaining for Lent. And read Eleanor's post this morning about her style icon mom (key word: mom). And got tagged this morning by the lovely Dea and beautiful Ady who wrote that my blog makes them a happy (eternally flattered).

At the risk of sounding sappy (and creating a run-on sentence), this little bloggy community full of all sorts of different people who, through their unique stories and shared interests, can sometimes really help remind a gal (i.e., me) that there are more things to life than just whining about it.

I NEED TO BE more grateful about the things I have and the opportunities that I am given.
(I won't wax poetic about this topic because we all know what I'm typing about).

So with a smile on my face that I really mean, I get to leave on a jet plane this afternoon for Dubai and will get to spend a few days in the "city of gold" visiting exotic locales, eating yummy food and hopefully getting in some shopping between the work part.

Here's my ready-for-a-long-flight OOTD:

Jacket: J. Crew herringbone professor
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin
Jeans: J. Crew bootcut
Shoes: Madden Girl wool flats
Necklace: Etsy by MDsparks


  1. lucky! i've always wanted to go to dubai. :) i know it's not as enjoyable when you're traveling for business, but i hope you'll get some free time to enjoy the city!

    your flight outfit is so stylish! i'm usually in sweats and uggs when i board a long flight.

  2. Dubai!! That's awesome, and if I lived any closer to you, I'd sneak myself in one of your luggages!! You'll have a great time and look lovely for the flight!!

  3. Lucky you! Cant wait to see the pictures from your trip :-)
    You look adorable in the professor blazer!

  4. I think it's great what you're doing! I seem to whine a lot too..especially to other people! So maybe I should shut up from now on.. :X

    Have fun in Dubai! and I'm sure you'll pack great outfits ;) This one is cute already!


  5. That's such a beautiful necklace, and I love the blazer. Have fun in Dubai!

  6. Thanks, Lauren. After all that time on the plane, I wish I was in sweats and Uggs!

    Thanks for visiting, Zanah and Miss Masala!

    Ha ha, Dea. If you did, it'd be fun to have a shopping buddy!

    Thanks, Elaine! On the plane, I sat next to two guys who drive explosive materials for the military in Iraq and get to come home once every six months or so. So that was further reminder to self to shut it on the whining.

    Thanks for the well wishes, Audrey.

  7. hi lisa, we stayed at the aria in the city center. :) love your jacket!

  8. I love your jacket and adore those flats! Great traveling outfit!

  9. Great outfit, love the shoes, and especially love your blog title!


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