14 January 2010

Slug Surfing ... and Boden Luv

I've had another one of those loooooong unending days at work, so I am sitting on my lounger right now like a slug, flipping between HGTV and MTV and Internet-surfing on my laptop. But I've already had dinner (cauliflower and cherry tomatoes dipped into yummy Hidden Valley ranch dressing ... I know that's only marginally like real food, but the BF is on a business trip and I don't have the energy to actually heat anything up, gah ...) and done my daily workout (belated New Year's resolution - and yes, I'm one of those gals who do workout videos but I'll blog about that some other time, so please delay your giggles) and I can't make myself be more productive.

I mean seriously can't be more productive, because I already am in pajama bottoms and slipper socks, so I am dun-zo with my day.

And if I actually had a life tonight, that may have meant I wouldn't have re-stumbled onto Boden's web site and found their spring 2010 collection up and running. I think they launched this weeks and weeks ago on a preview site, but now you can actually order and not be delayed in shipping.

I love how their site has clothing measurements and buyer product reviews. Plus their stuff is preppy and colorful and reminescent of J. Crew of old, with more whimsy. Plus for a UK company, their shipping times are super-fast. Now if they only had petite sizes, darn.

And ... of course they've got their awesome free shipping and returns special going right now, with an additional 10% off full price items. Score! (Code is WMHA and it's good until June 25).

Must Have Shift ($148) - I think the dots would probably overwhelm a shorty like myself, but I love the cut and character.

Fun Cardigan ($88) - Comes in three totally different colors and patterns.

Favorite Crew Neck Cardigan ($68-74) - Not for everyone but that's why it also comes in solids ...

Stripy Hem Skirt ($74)

Butterfly Slingback Flats ($118) - Gah ... ::grabby hands::

Glam Tunic ($118)

Textured Cotton Shift ($118) - Unexpected color combo that works.

And just for the kicks of it, here are my shoes of the day, by Wanted. Look, sequins! I wore these with jeans to tone down the "festivity."

I'm working my sorely lacking camera skills towards an OOTD ... soon, really ...

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