03 January 2010

Not Your Mama's Spring 2010?

I'm not sure if this is a clear indication that I'm getting old, but lately some of the retailers I used to dismiss as being a little too matronly and kind of yawn-worthy are starting to look ... good. Like, not just "I'll browse through your site to purchase hiking-specific gear or something for my mother" good - but "I think I may buy that ... ooh, and that ... for reals" good.

(Or this may just be a sign that I am completely out of the loop and these retailers are getting into the groove of the times and I'm the one being left behind ... totally possible. Which is fine as long as I'm not getting older. Nope. Nu-uh.)

Land's End

Modern Fine Rib Gauge Knit V-Neck Cardigan (7 colors) & Modern Pattern 1x1 Rib Crew T-Shirt (3 colors)

UltraFit Audrey Jean (2 washes)

Canvas Collection Heritage Trench (2 colors)

Canvas Collection Shawl Collar Vest & Bridle Belt

LL Bean

Portland Stretch Poplin Shirt (6 colors & patterns)

French Sailor's Scarf (3 colors)

Ribbed Ruffle Tank (2 patterns, 10 solids)

Signature Line (to be released March '10)

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