19 January 2010

No Waist for Me

I'm a little behind the times so I'm still trying to get used to this belt-over-cardigan trend. Partly because I'm pretty much straight up and down and don't have much of a waist - though I know a belt is supposed to help create the "illusion" of a waist, but it usually just makes me feel chunky. I could have gone for a thinner belt too - but oh well, here's my OOTD:

Cardigan: H&M marled wrap cardigan (came with its own belt made of the same material)
Top: Anthropologie top by Velvet
Jeans: J. Crew hipslung
Shoes: Aerosoles wedges
Belt: Target

I still wasn't really feeling the belt thing, so this is what I really ended up with:

Shoes: Nine West Temani wedges (sorry the camera put my feet in the dark for some reason)

No belt - ahhh, much better for more eating.

FYI: More fresh cuts at Anthropologie.

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