22 January 2010

A Little Stormy Sea

If you're like me, you missed out on the original Anthropologie Stormy Sea necklace in that seafoam-y green color (cue tears). Other colors are now on sale in stores, but the green is looooong gooooone.

It looks like Anthro's sister site, Urban Outfitters, has come up with a pseudo-Stormy replacement with the multi stone bib necklace ($28). It's not the same thing but I think it evokes a similar look and feel and immediately I must have it.

As a bonus, from now until January 25, you can get free shipping on Urban Outfitters for orders over $75 with code SHIPSHIPSHIP.

FYI: Forever 21 also has a replacement version that looks very much like the Stormy Sea necklace in a deeper green. It's no longer online but there may be some still in stores. You can see Amy rock it here and here.


  1. Dang, I couldn't remember the name of your blog for the life of me. Then surprise! I realized it was hiding in the depths of my Google Reader. I'm catching up on your posts.

    And oh my, the Stormy Seas necklace... I don't even know how I feel about it anymore. It didn't work for me personally, and after selling literally hundreds of them during my Anthro stint, I think I'm over it. It's really cute on everyone I've seen that can pull it off, though.


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