04 January 2010

J. Crew Hurts so Good ...

I've had my ups and downs with J. Crew and had literally not purchased anything from them in months and months and months ... until this fall. Which is slightly funny to me considering I think its collections from previous seasons were way superior in quality, selection and price. (Lexington jacket, oh where art thou ...)

But what can you do when an addiction hits you, except take it one day at a time.

So I did. And I racked up orders every week for over a month with its Facebook Friends free shipping with no minimum deal. And then with its recent free shipping and 20% off holiday sale, I snapped up a few more lovely items - all of which I DO NOT need, but somehow had to have.

Here's my most recent purchase, as a form of confession. :o)

Professor Jacket
(it kind of fills the hole in my heart that was left from missing out on the tipped Lexington ... sigh ... and the white-looking trim on this jacket is actually a light peachy color)

Anton Cardigan
(yes it does fit a little weird - too tight in the arms and kind of boxy in the body, but I still like it ... ooh, so soft ... and oh so warm)

Glass Cylinder Necklace
(in black ... and whisper pink ... and that orange color which in reality is some sort of browny olive and doesn't really go with anything)

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  1. My Lexington jacket is sitting in my closet unworn because all of the buttons fell off! And it's really thick/stiff/hefty. I actually like this year's version better because it's easier to wear. Thanks for stopping by!!


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