22 January 2010

It's a Pink Day

So I took my cue today from Tara (whose specific post was titled "A Crappy Outfit", ha ha) and decided to dig out my J. Crew collier tee. Like Tara, my tee doesn't get enough love from me, as I've only worn it once before. Because I can't ever figure out what would work with it - so I ended up doing the matchy-matchy thing and think it worked out OK, if not a little boring.

Excuse the lighting, ladies, the weather is crap today and my indoor lighting apparently also sucks. Oh, and my camera skills aren't that awesome either, go figure.

Blazer: Banana Republic brocade jacket
Tee: J. Crew collier tee
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft slim bootcut
Shoes: Clarks Herring flats (I know! Clarks has cute shoes?! And soooo comfy, I'm hunting them down on Ebay for every color.)


  1. How could I have missed your blog! I'm adding you to my Google Reader right now! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks, Jinah. I'm 5' 2" - it's way easy to miss me. :o) Thanks for visiting - all you gals out there inspire me to go outside my fashion comfort zone and enable me to shop more.

  3. those are super adorable flats! love them.

  4. That is a great jacket from Banana. I haven't visited a Banana Republic in what seems like years.. LOL. and those shoes are really adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Yah, living in Hawaii is great.. but sometimes I wish we could "experience the four seasons".. hee hee. The grasser is always greener right?

    Hope you're hvaing fabulous day!!

    Love & Aloha,



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