09 January 2010

It's HAT Time of the Year

The South is freezing right now (as is pretty much the rest of the country), and all I can think about are warm, cozy, toasty things. Like the hot chocolate from Seattle's Best, mittens, J. Crew Dream sweaters, shearling boots, wood-burning fireplaces, thick fleece blankets, my giant stuffed sheep (aptly named, well, Sheep).

One thing that I don't have in my Keeping It Toasty Warm arsenal is a hat. So thus now I am in a search for one, even though the ones I lean towards are woolen and apt to turn my already sometimes-atrocious hair into an electrical storm.

But I found some awful cute ones in an ambundance of affordable prices ...

Anthropologie Kormalda Cap ($48)

Anthropologie Topiary Cap ($74)

J. Crew Trilby Hat (now $24.99)

And the WTF hat of the day ... Anthropologie Farrago Fairy Tale Fascinator ($348 ... that's fascinating ...)

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