15 June 2018

Style Lately

Feeling sporty & girlie at the same time. 🌸
sim: bomber pricey or on sale or more wallet-friendly / top / wallet / bracelet under $35

Gingham + white never fails (as long as I don’t have a fail while wearing white). 🐾
exact: sunglasses under $70 / shoes / shirt under $23 / jeans on sale / tote used

Red accents with everything. ❤️
exact: sandals / pants on sale / tote

When I can’t seem to get it together in the morning, I stand in my closet & scroll through
my old IG posts (that looks really productive to others, btw) looking for some outfit
repeat inspiration - this is where I ended up. 🌹
exact: sunglasses under $70
sim: shirt / skirt for $25 / tote pricey / shoes

“When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.” ✨
exact: shirt
sim: skirt more yellow-ish for $28 or more pink / tote / shoes

This necklace is a literal weight on my chest, but I adore it. 🌵
exact: shoes
sim: necklace pricey / top for $6 / satchel

Just wearing a big ole skirt, sitting on the grass & being all “carefree”,
trying not to think about the unseen bugs. 🐜
exact: skirt / sandals

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