30 March 2018

Style Lately

Camo print makes me feel tough & ready, even though I’ve prepped mine out with gingham.
sim: jacket / shirt under $40 / brooch luxe

Feels like a Thursday, still just a Tuesday.
exact: dress on sale for $25 / shirt on sale / sunglasses / bag now under $100
sim: shoes are dupes for $30

Repeat pink offender.
exact: shoes
sim: sweater under $35 / bracelet

“Keep your eyes on the stars & your feet on the ground.”
exact: sweater / shoes only $25 / sunglasses for $60 / bag (or mini version)
sim: scarf only $8

Favorite outfit combos need to be repeated.
exact: cardigan
sim: skirt on clearance for $15 / top now $5

Getting my in touch with my inner 3rd grader today - (skinny) overalls.
exact: jacket / overalls retails under $50
sim: shirt on sale / sneakers

Some obligatory green ☘️ “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more - 
And nothing but happiness come through your door.”
exact: sweater under $20 / clutch / watch
sim: shoes for $70 / bracelet luxe

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