12 January 2018

January Wishlisting

The Arctic freeze that had gripped the Southeast has seemed to have thawed a bit, so that's now got me daydreaming about pretty new pieces that aren't layers of sweaters and scarves. Here are a few items that I am currently lusting after hard, especially these midi-to-ankle length skirts. I'm not sure how these long-but-not-long lengths will work for a shortie like me, but the DVF and Loyd/Ford skirts are sitting in my online shopping cart right now.

Check out these goodies - and the links go direct to Shopbop -

Shopbop 1

Shopbop 2

Shopbop 3

Shopbop 4


  1. That DVF skirt is legit awesome!

    1. I agree - I'm not sure that length would work for a shortie like me, but I am in lust over it!


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