02 September 2016

Still Summer

The start of September pretty much means "OMG it's fall, y'all!" across a large portion of the blogosphere. Considering I live in the Southeast however, it just means it's going to still be really hot for another two months (that and fall doesn't start for three more weeks, but whatevs ...) So my nod to the idea of autumn will be to look cooler-weather ready but in summer-appropriate fabrics.  

green lace skirt

Sweater: J.Crew convertible jewel collar (worn before - sim, sim in navy under $35, sim in grey but luxe)
Skirt: J.Crew contrast floral lace (worn before - sim pencil silhouette, sim w/black embroidery, sim ruffled hem)
Brooch: Zara (sim simpler, sim under $13)
Shoes: Guess (worn before - sim, sim pricey, sim peep-toe)
Bag: Milly astor mini (worn before - sim, sim under $30)


  1. Yes oh my word yes. I noticed it yesterday scrolling through Instagram, not bloggers just normal people that I follow are switching out summer homewards for autumn coloured ones, getting out pumpkins etc... Plus my bloglovin is full of autumn and fall talk. It's not overly warm today but next week is still set to be sunny and low twenties which for me in a non-a/c office = summer clothes!

    1. I look forward to fall and cooler weather, but the weatherman says it is still going to be H O T for the near future, so I'm staying in shorts and sandals. ;o)

  2. I totally agree with you... this Florida girl knows that summer is still very much the current season! :)

    1. I'm thankful this sweater is linen-blend and fairly light-weight, otherwise I'd be boiling!

  3. Lovely Lisa ! What a spectacular skirt.


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