12 February 2016

Tomboy Casual

My style this winter so far has definitely been veering towards easier, more casual. So fewer fussy skirt/sweater/shirt/layer-everything combinations and more undone pieces with an edge of tomboy. Simpler style just makes getting dressed on a cold morning easier and I can conserve my brain cells for more important things like how to decorate my dining room (finally ...) or just plain what to have for breakfast. This combo? Easy peasy pre-weekending attire.

tomboy plaid + stripes

Shirt: J.Crew tuxedo (sim on sale, tunic length)
Top: H&M (sim under $10, sim, pricey)
Jeans: Old Navy (worn before - sim under $20, sim)
Necklace: J.Crew factory medallion (sim pendant, pricey tasseled)
Shoes: Clarks penwick abbott on sale (sim, studded slip-ons)


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