30 December 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: 2015

Seriously, where has the year gone?! Let's enjoy what's left of 2015 as much as we can - we'll never be as young as we are now again - gah!

... And on that lovely note, here are some of my closet staples from this past year -

1. J.Crew lexington blazer (sim 3/4 coat). A new-to-me score off of Ebay that's perfectly vintage J.Crew.

yellow lexington lexington blazer + rocksbox
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2. Loli & the Bean turquoise necklace (sim). A beautiful necklace does not need to be sparkly to make a statement.

turquoise necklace
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3. Milly astor bag. Punchy pink and tiny but useful. How could I refuse this sweet bag?

dec3 milly astor crossbody milly astor crossbody
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4. Kate Spade sneakers (sim under $25). Sneaker comfort. Sparkly rhinestones. Got it on super-sale. 'Nough said.

KS slater
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5. Zara cropped trench (sim in orange or black). Light-weight, easy and a fab punch-me-in-the-face color.

cropped trench cropped trench
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6. Old Navy scarf (sim under $24). I don't need to spend a ton of money for a piece I love and wear over and over.

oct1 Oct6 Oct5
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7. Banana Republic pink sleeveless vest (sim in black). I'm not really a pastel person but this vest was a nice surprise purchase.

pink vest long pink vest
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8. Farylrobin sandals (sim under $40). Wore these to death over the summer.

cropped trench
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9. J.Crew peplum top (sim or in eyelet). So comfy that I got this top in two colors.

July1 Aug6 Sep7
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10. Zara wool coat (sim). Have we seen a color scheme yet? I can't seem to get away from this punchy tomato red hue that I've adored all through the year.

red coat + popcorn stitch abstract fair isle
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28 December 2015

In-Between Holiday Sequins

sequin spots + gingham

I'm definitely trying to take as much advantage as I can of this extended break between holidays and committing myself to sleeping in, not working, not stressing. It's always a bit sad to "see" time flit by so quickly and the cold holiday-less expanse of January and February looms a bit starkly against the merriment of the current season. So take some time for yourselves, ladies, and enjoy the now while you can!

sequin spots + gingham sequin spots + gingham

Top: J.Crew factory (worn before - sim solid black under $30, solid ivory under $50, non-sequinned under $10)
Shirt: J.Crew crinkle gingham on sale (worn before - sim)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart (worn before - sim under $30, sim under $25)
Ring: c/o INPINK (sim for $10, silver)
Bracelet: Yunikelley via Etsy (sim on sale, the original)
Pom: Zara - check stores (sim real fur, sim for $10
Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW (worn before - sim slingback, in satin)
Bag: Coach peyton cora (worn before - sim, tasseled)

sequin spots + gingham

26 December 2015

Cable Knit Ivory

For me style-wise, the time between Christmas and New Year's means time off and taking it easy with the outfits. So here's one of my no-need-to-think-about-it outfits with a dabble of details thrown in to make it a bit more interesting. Dependent on the to-do for the day, I'd add on some buckly ankle boots for a bit of shopping and munching with the girls, or flat sneaks for errands and some to-go pizza for dinner in.

Hope you're all having a lovely week and enjoying your time off, ladies!

cable knit + stripes + pink

Sweater: Forever 21 (sim under $25, dress-length)
Shirt: Lands' End shaped striped (sim cropped)
Jeans: Banana Republic factory (sim, sim under $20)
Brooch: Zara - check stores (simpler, smaller)
Pom: Zara - check stores (sim real fur, sim for $10)
Bag: Milly via Shopbop astor crossbody (sim under $100, quilted)

23 December 2015

Style Lately

Ikat spots and more (sim: clutch, skirt or peplum-waisted, shirt).

Preppy layers (exact: vest now under $50, sweater / sim: shirt, necklace).

Black plaid (exact: shirt, skirt under $50 / sim: necklace).

Checked midis (exact: turtleneck / sim: skirt lighter, heels).

Lace-ups (sim: shoes, jeans).

Matchy-matched (sim: blazer on sale, shirt, skirt, necklace under $16).

Orange-red (sim: cardigan, blouse).

21 December 2015

Almost There ...

buffalo plaid + stripes buffalo plaid + stripes

How are you ladies surviving the seemingly never-ending plethora of online holiday sales right now? Granted I've succumbed and purchased a few gifts for myself while I was just supposed to be shopping for others, but my eyes and brain have pretty much been glazed over with the amount of "extra % off - buy it now!" promotions going on now. What's the point of retail prices anymore? And retailers are still making money while selling things at 40-50% off! Ugh, someone hide my wallet ...

buffalo plaid + stripes buffalo plaid + stripes 

Coat: Zara (worn before - sim, coral on sale, pricey)
Vest: J.Crew excursion in buffalo check (on sale w/addtl 40% off, same in solid also on sale - sim, fleece)
Top: Old Navy (sim under $30, sim)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart (sim, sim under $25)
Rings: F21 (sim under $7), INPINK (sim)
Bracelet: c/o INPINK mixed link on sale under $13
Shoes: Zara - sold out online, check stores (sim pricey, flats, lace-up boot)
Bag: Coach turnlock tie (small version on sale - sim, simpler)

buffalo plaid + stripes

18 December 2015

Bits of Holiday

I don't usually have a ton of use for pretty holiday-esque frocks, so you won't be seeing me overflowing in tulle and garland this December (sorry, not really a black-tie anything here). However I like my bit of sparkle and am not a complete Scrooge, so here's a scan of some of my past holiday-kinda outfits. Just me being me - a bit festive, lot of understated. 

sequin spots sequin spots

Top: J.Crew factory (other sequin tops / other polka dot tops)
Skirt: Banana Republic (other ivory skirts)
Bag: Furla (other mini totes / other red totes)
original post

black + paisley black + paisley

Dress: Asos (other paisley dresses / other fit-n-flare dresses)
original post

ivroy + jacquard ivroy + jacquard

Blazer: Zara (other ivory blazers / other tweed blazers)
Skirt: Asos (other ruffled skirts / other blue floral skirts)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (other bow pumps)
original post

IMG_0627 IMG_0624

Sweater: J.Crew (other striped sweaters / other sequin sweaters)
Skirt: J.Crew (other orange skirts)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (other black ankle boots)
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* I've partnered with the stylish folks over at Shopbop on this post - the content is my own and all the "other options" links are direct (not affiliates), so don't be shy about clickety-clicking away.

16 December 2015

Style Lately

Holiday plaid (sim: shirt or in flannel, necklace rent for $15).

Decorating (exact: shoes now 30% off).

When the preppy get tough (exact: boots, bag / sim: jacket solid).

Black and white (exact: jacket / sim: turtleneck, sweater under $20, necklace under $15).

Grey flannel (exact: boots / sim: jeans).

Weekend (sim: shirt now 30% off, sweater under $30, necklace, boots).

One big necklace (sim: necklace under $15, sweater under $40, shirt now 30% off).
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