30 January 2015

Red Camo

camo + red

I'm feeling like this outfit works but I'm borderline on whether or not it is a little too much. I spent the day wearing rugged ripstop camo but feeling all dressed up dainty lady-like in my pencil skirt and hippety-high heels. So sometimes I feel like I've hit an ensemble right out of the park, and sometimes I'm not sure if that ball is a home run or foul. I dig camo print and red together and personal style is about taking chances and trying new things with my wardrobe, so any way about it, I'm good, right?

camo + red camo + red

Jacket: J.Crew (worn here - sim, darker)
Shirt: J.Crew bullion hearts (worn here - sim, solid)
Skirt: The Limited (worn here - sim, sim, knit for a steal)
Belt: J.Crew (worn here - sim, sim, white-trimmed)
Pin: Broochmaker via Etsy (sim, in pink)
Earrings: c/o INPINK barnacle
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (sim pearl)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim buckled, ankle-strapped, point-toed)
Bag: Pour La Victoire roma (worn here - sim, steal, colorblock)

camo + red

camo + red

26 January 2015

Red, White and Navy Plaid with Plaid

plaid + stripes

OK, the bow on the staircase - I haven't decided to leave my holiday decor up year-round now or anything, I'm just incredible tardy in posting this outfit on the blog as I took these pics back in mid-December (I know, I know). But I felt like this outfit was still timely since I copied myself and wore the same exact ensemble to the office (on a freezing-ass-should-have-worn-pants-and-boots-instead day, by the way) late last week. So I guess I'm not late, I'm just being really proactive, right?

plaid + stripes plaid + stripes

Blazer: Zara (worn here - sim, sim)
Shirt: J.Crew (worn here - sim striped, standard collar)
Skirt: Joe Fresh (worn here - sim, luxe)
Necklace: Ann Taylor pearl & pave cluster (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Audrey Brook via DSW mary (worn here - sim, slingback)
Bag: Zac Posen eartha soft top (worn here - same mini, sim, steal in black)

plaid + stripes

plaid + stripes

23 January 2015

Style Lately

Mixing it up (exact sweater & sim shirt, skirt, shoes) ...
and for this statement-making necklace, sign up for Rocksbox, a designer jewelry subscription service,
and get your first month's subscription  for free with code LISAXOXO1. Offer expires at the end
of the month, so please check them out!

Keeping things simple for business trips (exact blazer, skirt, shoes).

Patriotic-hued dressing (exact blazer, tee, belt, necklace & chambray, pants).

Winter layering (exact boots, factory version of the vest & sweater, & sim jeans, shirt).

Polka-dotted ivory preppy (exact boots, sweater, ring & sim blazer, blouse).

Living in this scarf (exact scarf, earrings & new version of the ring).

     ♥     ♥    

And this is absolutely random, but Target seems to be killing it in the cute designer-inspired bag category lately and
I just had to share. I'm having a hard time saving my wallet and picking between some of these pretties:

21 January 2015

Buffalo and Stripes

buffalo plaid buffalo plaid

In the tiny but colorful world I rule that is called my closet, I admit to having lots of favorites, but this coat is for realz, a true favorite of mine. It helps that it feels like I have a big warm blanket when I have it on, and with this winter being all about the buffalo plaid, I like being on-trend, especially when it involves an item I already own. And the shorter sleeves just means I get to show off a bit of contrasting cuff.

buffalo plaid buffalo plaid

Coat: Gap (worn here - sim loose fit, with contrast sleeves, in blue)
Top: Old Navy jersey (worn here - sim, sim)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here - sim, sim)
Earrings: Jeweliq aria (worn here - sim smaller & smaller)
Boots: Type Z (worn here - sim, deal, steal)

buffalo plaid

19 January 2015

Schoolboy Red Plaid

plaid + red cords

I don't know why this is only my second Schoolboy blazer ever, but I can now see why J.Crew brings back this classic style season after season. And granted it is not the most feminine of blazer cuts, I like the slender and structured shape, just the right amount of tomboy for me.

plaid + red cords plaid + red cords

Blazer: J.Crew schoolboy (sim, double-breasted)
Shirt: J.Crew (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Pants: Old Navy rockstar pop cords (worn here - sim, steal)
Belt: J.Crew factory wide calf hair (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: J.Crew crystal cluster (worn here - sim, simpler)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim, sim, kitten-heel slingback)
Bag: Dooney cabriolet (worn here - sim, sim, steal)

plaid + red cords

plaid + red cords

14 January 2015

Citron Lexington

yellow lexington

Ebay is pretty much my go-to spot for finding long lusted after treasures and this blazer is no exception. The beautiful thick wool, the silk trim and lining inside the blazer and those buttons! There's nothing like some "vintage" J.Crew and their timeless styles and higher-end quality - 2006-2007 was a banner year for the brand, in my opinion. I couldn't really afford J.Crew way back when, but I can catch up via  Ebay now!

yellow lexington yellow lexington

Blazer: J.Crew lexington (sim, sim, velvet, zippered)
Sweater: J.Crew factory merino charley (sim retail version, sim)
Pants: Loft (sim, tweed, steal)
Necklace: J.Crew coated stone (worn here - sim, statement, steal)
Rings: F21 faux pearl midi set (worn here - sim cluster)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson jaide (worn here - sim, sim)

 yellow lexington

 yellow lexington

12 January 2015

Style Lately (and a Deal from Rocksbox)

Crazy stripes gone preppy (exact sweater & sim shirt, blazer) - and like this necklace? It's from Rocksbox,
the jewelry subscription service where for $19 a month, you receive a box of three pieces of designer jewelry
that you can wear and keep for as long as you like. As soon as you get tired of those pieces, you can send
them back for three new pieces of jewelry (and you can do that as often as you like)! 

And if you join Rocksbox now, you will receive your first month's subscription for free, people! 
Just use code LISAXOXO1 (offer expires January 31).

What I wore on Christmas 2014 (exact shoes & sim necklace, top, shirt, jeans).

A fave super cozy cardi of mine (sim cardigan, cords, heels).

Weekend pattern mixing (exact shoes, jeans, ring, factory version of the vest & sim shirt).

Scarves, scarves, scarves (from top row L to R: the shop, sim, the shop / mid: sim, exact, sim /
bottom: sim, sim, exact).

Some lightly ruffled (exact necklace, rings via Rocksbox - see deal above & sim shirt, sweater).

07 January 2015

Abstract Fair Isle in Red and Pink

abstract fair isle abstract fair isle

It's a rare thing for me nowadays when I'm not laden down with jewelry, but these colors (and mildly crazy hair) stand up well enough together that they don't need any further embellishment. And the pattern on this scarf? Yeah, I've pretty much been wearing it (and its rainbow-hued cousin) like crazy lately.

abstract fair isle abstract fair isle

Coat: Zara wool (sim darker, pricy & patterned)
Sweater: F21 (worn here - sim, deal, steal)
Jeans: Banana Republic factory (worn here - sim, sim)
Scarf: J.Crew abstract fair isle (now on sale - same print on sweater, sim in navy)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: Zara mini doctor (sim, sim)

abstract fair isle

abstract fair isle

05 January 2015

Style Lately (First for 2015)

Happy Monday - and here we go back at the grind after nearly two weeks of holiday-ing and eating way too many goodies (my scale and skinny jeans are not happy with me). So while I try to figure out what healthy eating and consistent exercise are again, here are some bits of what I've been wearing lately:

Casual with a bit of red (exact sweater, loafers, bracelet & sim shirt, jeans, clutch -
necklace via Rocksbox).

New shoes with a bit of bling (exact shoes, jeans).

Berry warm (exact scarf, sweater & sim jacket).

Holiday-esque office wear (exact skirt, shoes & sim shirt, top, necklace).

Simple arm partying (exact bracelet, necklace worn as bracelet, scarf - bracelet via Rocksbox).

Pattern-mixed layers (exact belt & sim blazer, shirt, heels).

02 January 2015

Red Plaid Belted

red plaid dressing

I enjoyed wearing this cozy cardigan more casually left open with jeans last time, so for the eve of 2015, I opted for this layering piece again, this time a bit more dressed up. The faux fur on the pockets honestly seemed kind of weird to me at first, but I now find them a fun detail. Consider this my version of dressed-up-but-not for the cold weather.

red plaid dressing red plaid dressing

Sweater: c/o Sheinside contrast fur plaid knit cardigan (on sale - worn here - sim longer, hooded)
Top: J.Crew tissue (worn here - sim)
Skirt: J.Crew (worn here - sim, sim)
Belt: Urban Outfitters (sim, sim, sim)
Necklace: Purple Peridot pennant (worn here - sim, smaller)
Bracelets: House of Harlow aztec via Rocksbox (worn here), J.Crew factory chainlink, Rachel Leigh (sim in gold)
Tights: Anthropologie (sim for a deal & a steal)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim, flats)

red plaid dressing

red plaid dressing
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