20 November 2014

Style Lately

Though it's been a few months since I moved in, a new home (i.e., blog pic locations), changed office schedule, work in general and shorter days have put my opportunities to take suitable blog outfit posts into a tizzy. Waning fall sunlight and afternoon pic taking aren't working too well for me, so I'm struggling.

It honestly has been a whole lot easier taking quick snaps with my camera phone and since I do continue to get dressed every day (except for early morning teleconferences on days where I'm working from the home office, then those may be robes-topknots-and-house-slippers-all-damn-day days), here's a snippet of some of my recent ensembles for you:

Cozy rainbow fair isle (with matching scarf) and new all-weather boots makes me feel like I'm ready to take on winter! Sim jeans.

And cool weather layering means a personal style challenge to take on patterns - maybe all at the same time!  
Exact boots, factory version of the vest & sim jeans, scarf, tee (pair this with this).

Sometimes I like awarding myself blue ribbons - well, of course I think I'm Number One.  
Exact brooch & sim blazer, shirt.

Pink and gold are an instant wardrobe cheer-me-up. Exact vest, belt & sim shirt, tee, bracelets (here, here).

Can you believe there was a time that I didn't like the idea of vests (it was the no sleeves thing)? This is the one that changed my mind. Exact pants, heels,  factory version of the vest & sim sweater, necklace.

eBay scouting sometimes pays off - I had been thinking about this blazer for years, and now finally it's mine.  
Sim (embellished) blazer, shirt, earrings.


  1. The detailing behind the collar of your blazer is awesome!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  2. Girl, I hear you on blogging and outfits. Half the time I don't put on makeup.. hah!

    1. Good thing for me, I don't really know a thing about makeup, hehe.

  3. Loving the scarves! So pretty and love the prints


  4. Glad you finally got that blazer! Great find.

  5. Love that blazer! And the shorter days are killing my outfit photo taking time too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. Very pretty outfit combinations and vignettes, Lisa! I'm having the same issue with low lighting and so I've only been taking close-up photos of items too. :)

    I have the silk version of the leopard scarf but really like the thinner Factory one you got. I may have to grab one before it sells out!

  7. Love that excursion vest. Kicking myself for not getting it when it was on JCrew...Thanks for sharing!


  8. Beautiful shoes. I so like it!
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  9. You mix pattern and colors so well!

  10. Oh, the shopping fairies did their job! You got the jacket - isn't that just the best feeling ever ?


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