05 November 2014

Bits for November

Bits of randomness from this past month (you can see some of these and more on my Instagram):

oct 1 oct 2 oct 3
♥ Sim shirt, skirt (last worn), necklace, shoes. ♥ Exact sweatshirt, loafers (last worn) & sim jeans, bag, scarf.  
♥ Exact glitter flats.

oct 4 oct 5 oct 6
Lusted after these cute swing coats in Madrid (sim, girl's). ♥ Exact boots & sim blazer, shirt (solid, night shirt), necklace, jeans (outfit worn). ♥ Sim sweater, skirt, necklace, shoes (outfit worn).

oct 7 oct 8 oct 9
♥ Sim sweater (pricey, casual), shirt, skirt (flared hem - outfit worn). Scarf (sim). ♥ Exact boots.

oct 10 oct 11 oct 12
♥ Exact sweater & sim necklace (outfit worn). ♥ Sim blazer, sweater, necklace, jeans, shoes (outfit worn).  
♥ Exact jacket, shirt, jeans, flats (last worn) & sim bracelet.

oct 13 oct 14 oct 15
Sim blazer, shirt, shoes (last worn). ♥ From top center: exact pink, sim leopard, sim silver, exact suede, sim sneakers, exact spotted, exact striped. ♥ Sim shirt, blouse (long-sleeved), necklace (last worn).

oct 16 oct 17 oct 18
♥ Exact jacket & sim shirt, necklace. ♥ Exact brooch (last worn) & sim shirt, skirt, shoes, clutch.  
♥ Sim blazer, sweater, blouse, skirt, shoes (outfit worn).


  1. Adorable! I really love the flat brown boots.

    1. Thanks much! I wanted those boots foooorever and was thrilled to snag them on sale, but alas I ended up returning them for more "useful" all-weather boots. Bah humbug to sensible sometimes. ;o)

  2. Great pictures! I love the Bits of the Month.
    Have a nice evening,

  3. Oh I love these posts! I'm going to check out those glitter flats right now!

    1. They come in a deep blue hue as well, which is super pretty!


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