26 November 2014

Casual in Flats

confetti striped confetti striped

Thanksgiving looms for some of us, and I for one, will plan to be spending most of it in cozy loose knits like the sweater I'm wearing in this post. I don't want anything to restrict my ability to reach and consume All The Food, now, do I?

For those of you in the States, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and get to spend some quality time with your loved ones over some good grub. For the rest of you, have a great rest of the week!

confetti striped confetti striped

Sweater: La Fee Verte via Anthropologie confetti striped (this year's version, non-striped version, sim in blue)
Jeans: J.Crew matchstick in vintage distressed (worn here - sim, deal)
Necklace: Love Obsessed (worn here - sim or rent it, steal)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (worn here - sim pearl)
Rings: F21 cutout geo set & architectural set
Shoes: J.Crew cleo suede (worn here - sim, pricey)
Bag: Zac Posen eartha soft top handle (worn here - sim, in black for a steal or colorblocked)

confetti striped

confetti striped

24 November 2014

Poppy Coat and Rainbow Stripes

serape scarf, poppy coat

So I'm feeling a bit caught up on Christmas now - our travel arrangements are made for December, the tree is up and decorated and the stockings have been by hung the chimney with care (by the way, I've been ordering these Lands' End ones for years, and they come with free personalization). I've only bought one present so far and pretty much have zero idea about gifts for anyone else, but I am no longer feeling like the most behind person in the world.

We just won't discuss how we meant to buy a Christmas tree with built-in white twinkle lights but accidentally got the multi-colored ones instead (so the tree is a leeeeetle bit more colorful than we'd like, but it's just all the merrier, right?)

serape scarf, poppy coat serape scarf, poppy coat

Jacket: Zara gathered shoulder (worn here - sim, boucle for a deal, in plaid)
Sweater: Old Navy graphic crew (worn here - sim, large polka dots)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart distressed (worn here - sim, steal)
Scarf: Just Dawnelle (worn here - sim, fringed, pricey, w/animal print)
Rings: Banana Republic, F21 faux pearl midi set
Shoes: Schuler & Sons via Anthropologie studded strap (worn here - sim, deal, in suede)
Bag: Fossil austin (worn here - sim, sim)

serape scarf, poppy coat

serape scarf, poppy coat

20 November 2014

Style Lately

Though it's been a few months since I moved in, a new home (i.e., blog pic locations), changed office schedule, work in general and shorter days have put my opportunities to take suitable blog outfit posts into a tizzy. Waning fall sunlight and afternoon pic taking aren't working too well for me, so I'm struggling.

It honestly has been a whole lot easier taking quick snaps with my camera phone and since I do continue to get dressed every day (except for early morning teleconferences on days where I'm working from the home office, then those may be robes-topknots-and-house-slippers-all-damn-day days), here's a snippet of some of my recent ensembles for you:

Cozy rainbow fair isle (with matching scarf) and new all-weather boots makes me feel like I'm ready to take on winter! Sim jeans.

And cool weather layering means a personal style challenge to take on patterns - maybe all at the same time!  
Exact boots, factory version of the vest & sim jeans, scarf, tee (pair this with this).

Sometimes I like awarding myself blue ribbons - well, of course I think I'm Number One.  
Exact brooch & sim blazer, shirt.

Pink and gold are an instant wardrobe cheer-me-up. Exact vest, belt & sim shirt, tee, bracelets (here, here).

Can you believe there was a time that I didn't like the idea of vests (it was the no sleeves thing)? This is the one that changed my mind. Exact pants, heels,  factory version of the vest & sim sweater, necklace.

eBay scouting sometimes pays off - I had been thinking about this blazer for years, and now finally it's mine.  
Sim (embellished) blazer, shirt, earrings.

17 November 2014

It's the Most ___ Time of the Year

hearts + zippers

So I know that technically I'm early, but I am already starting to internally panic about what to get loved ones for the impending holidays (thanks again, mass retailers, you've done your marketing well).

I always cop out on some folks and get them gift cards to their fave stores, which I know they appreciate - well I appreciate it when I get cards - but some part of me feels like I'm not really putting any thought into the present that way.

And I have zero talent in the DIY category so unless someone is pining for something practical that is slathered in Elmer's glue then blasted with feathers (like, say, a rolling pin - what, no?), I'm not very useful there either.

So ... I'd love to get some tips from you thoughtful, talented ladies in hopes of spurring some inspiration on my end. What are some of the fave presents that you have given or received?

hearts + zippers hearts + zippers

Sweater: J.Crew merino asymmetrical zipper (sim, sim)
Shirt: J.Crew sleeveless in heart dot (crewcuts version)
Skirt: The Limited (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: GroopDealz (worn here - sim, in yellow)
Shoes: Guess kissani (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: Brahmin anytime (worn here - sim, sim)

hearts + zippers

13 November 2014

Layer it On


I know the general consensus is pretty much that the colder it gets, the less it really matters what you're wearing as long as you're warm. But I also know that most of us "fashionistas" also want to look good regardless of the situation. So when does one cross the line from fashionable to purely functional?

In an effort to be warm, dress in layers and look interesting ('cause you know me, I pretty much have never met a pattern I haven't wanted to mix with another), am I edging precariously into the territory of the person who Wears.All.Things?

Ah well. If nothing else, just consider me an urban lumberjack.

patternmixing patternmixing

Vest: J.Crew excursion in herringbone (worn here - factory version, sim)
Shirt: J.Crew (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Top: Old Navy jersey (sim)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here - sim, sim)
Earrings: J.Crew crystal shimmer (worn here - sim, pricey)
Bracelet: J.Crew (worn here - sim, black stone)
Rings: F21 cutout geo set & architectural set
Shoes: Carlos Santana brooky (worn here - sim, sim)



10 November 2014

Through a Season

turner denim

I'm trying to get as much wear out of my early fall purchases as I can before it gets too cold here in the SE. One good thing about these poly-everything pants is that their unbreathability keeps my legs fairly toasty. Same for these genuine not-so-leather sleeves.

turner denim turner denim

Jacket: Ann Taylor dressed up denim (worn here - sim distressed, hooded, pricey)
Shirt: Lands' End poplin (worn here - sim, sim)
Pants: J.Crew turner in hidden floral (worn here - same in solid & medallion print, sim)
Necklace: Purple Peridot (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelets: Groopdealz pave (worn here - sim, pricey), F21 (sim, pricey)
Rings: F21 cutout twisted set & cutout geo set
Shoes: Madewell film noir (worn here - sim, platform)
Bag: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, pricey)

turner denim

turner denim

turner denim

07 November 2014

Fit Me Right


I love how a good blazer can dress up almost any outfit, even if it is plain ole baggy jeans and a tee. I got this blazer during Zara's semi-annual sale over the summer and only recently has it gotten cold enough around here to break it out. And I'm so glad I did.

Being a shortie with broad shoulders often makes it difficult to find reg size off-the-rack pieces that fit me right in the shoulders and don't have super duper long sleeves (what is it with you regular-height people and your long limbs ... ;o)

Especially Zara jackets that often seem cut for those slender gazelle-types, so this one that fit me right is a nice treat. So prepare to see this piece around a lot this season.

ivory ivory

Blazer: Zara (sim pricey, knit, laser-cut, in grey)
Tee: Old Navy (sim)
Jeans: Loft relaxed skinny (same lighter wash, sim, sim)
Belt: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: J.Crew crystal cluster (worn here - sim, simpler, grander)
Rings: F21 cutout geo set, architectural set, shooting star knuckle (sim, plain)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim plain)
Bag: Pour La Victoire roma (worn here - sim, sim)



05 November 2014

Bits for November

Bits of randomness from this past month (you can see some of these and more on my Instagram):

oct 1 oct 2 oct 3
♥ Sim shirt, skirt (last worn), necklace, shoes. ♥ Exact sweatshirt, loafers (last worn) & sim jeans, bag, scarf.  
♥ Exact glitter flats.

oct 4 oct 5 oct 6
Lusted after these cute swing coats in Madrid (sim, girl's). ♥ Exact boots & sim blazer, shirt (solid, night shirt), necklace, jeans (outfit worn). ♥ Sim sweater, skirt, necklace, shoes (outfit worn).

oct 7 oct 8 oct 9
♥ Sim sweater (pricey, casual), shirt, skirt (flared hem - outfit worn). Scarf (sim). ♥ Exact boots.

oct 10 oct 11 oct 12
♥ Exact sweater & sim necklace (outfit worn). ♥ Sim blazer, sweater, necklace, jeans, shoes (outfit worn).  
♥ Exact jacket, shirt, jeans, flats (last worn) & sim bracelet.

oct 13 oct 14 oct 15
Sim blazer, shirt, shoes (last worn). ♥ From top center: exact pink, sim leopard, sim silver, exact suede, sim sneakers, exact spotted, exact striped. ♥ Sim shirt, blouse (long-sleeved), necklace (last worn).

oct 16 oct 17 oct 18
♥ Exact jacket & sim shirt, necklace. ♥ Exact brooch (last worn) & sim shirt, skirt, shoes, clutch.  
♥ Sim blazer, sweater, blouse, skirt, shoes (outfit worn).

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