31 March 2014

Think Pink


And to think, before I started blogging, I had about two pink (and zero orange or yellow) things in my wardrobe and now ... now I feel weird when I don't have some sort of punchy berry or citrus hue in my outfit. So for this last day in March, I present you with "fruit punch."

Thank you, fellow style bloggers, for inspiring me to venture outside my sartorial comfort zone. To think, I may have yet to discovered the visual joys of pink!

pink pink

Top: Loft henley two pocket (worn here - sim solid, lighter, luxe)
Skirt: J.Crew pixilated houndstooth (worn here - sim, sim-ish, blue)
Necklace: Purple Peridot clear crystal (worn here - the original, sim)
Bracelets: Asos (sim set for a steal, darker)
Ring: F21 (sim, silver)
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint rosemary (worn here - sim, platform, deal)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same mini, steal)



28 March 2014

Blue Striped Floral

blue floral

Statement necklace for that bit of glam? Check. Colorful skirt? Check. Layered shirt under sweater? Check. Bit of patterning mixing? Yessir. Pop of color? Yep. Bit of edge? Mm-hmm.

Welcome to the standard of personal style blogging outfits. Neverfail. Is work-appropriate and a the right bit of fun. Stands out from the crowd in a good way. Looks good on pretty much any figure. Easy trade of the skirt for some jeans to make it a bit more casual. Makes for a pretty easy go-to.

Whoever thought of this is combo is a genius!

blue floral blue floral

Sweater: J.Crew factory merino charley (sim, cotton)
Top: J.Crew perfect (worn here - sim, deal, deal)
Skirt: J.Crew factory printed pencil (latest in blue, sim, midi, as blouse)
Necklace: via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim)
Rings: F21 stacked (sim, pricey) & fancy beetle (sim)
Shoes: Anne Klein qadira (worn here - sim, sim)
Clutch: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, sim, luxe)

blue floral

blue floral

26 March 2014

Camo Stripes with Leopard

camo stripes camo stripes

I am a fan of camouflage as there's something really pleasing to me about the mix of washed out greens. But it's not something I wear often as camo is a pattern that is used for utility, and myself being neither from the military nor a hunter, I don't want to seem like a poser or flippant in it.

So while I do have a camo jacket I sometimes wear, I usually wear it on outings where it will be apparent I am donning the pattern as a style statement - i.e., going to the mall versus going to a Memorial Day celebration.

But when I saw this tee, I knew I had to have it - it's got camo and stripes. And the mixed print to me made this a solely-for-style piece that would be a fun weekend addition. Now as for those camo skinny jeans that I would love to try? Not sure if I'm ready for that yet ...

Sometimes I tend to over-think things and have a weird way of justifying why certain things do (or don't) work for me, but it's not really noticeable, right?

camo stripes camo stripes

Top: Gap mix print tee (sim as dress, sim-ish or layer this over this)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart skinny (on super-sale, worn here - sim, sim)
Belt: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, deal)
Necklace: via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Bracelet: F21 modernist layered (sim, sim)
Shoes: BC Footwear prepare for landing (worn here - sim flats, taller)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC in trompe l'oeil (worn here - same in leather, sim)

camo stripes

24 March 2014

Sun Spots

sun spots

OK, I got some comments when I wore this that my sweater is too tiny, but that's just from people who don't get the whole "shrunken" look deal or the current "cropped sweater over longer shirt" trend, right? Regardless, too small or not, this sweater makes me irrationally happy every time I wear it, so I am just going to keep on keeping on.

What piece from your closet just puts you into an instant better mood when you wear it?

sun spots sun spots

Sweater: J.Crew (worn here - sim other colors, plain, pricey, coat)
Top: J.Crew blythe (worn here - sim black dots, more grey, reversed colors)
Jeans: Banana Republic factory (worn here - sim, sim)
Earrings: J.Crew crystal shimmer (worn here - sim, sim)
Ring: F21 shooting star knuckle (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Vince Camuto signature rekha (worn here - sim luxe in black or over-the-top)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same perforated, sim luxe)

sun spots

sun spots

21 March 2014

In a Nutshell

P1120303 P1120315

Blog friend Jen recently asked me how my exercise routine is going, so I figured it was probably time for a bit of an update. The whole going to the gym or going out running thing has never really been successful for me - because I am intrinsically lazy. If I have to make an effort to start exercising, it pretty much means immediate doom. Plus I huff, puff, beet-faced perspire and the last thing I also want is for anyone to watch me throw my body around either. It ain't pretty, folks.

What has worked (and what I've been doing pretty much for the last few months) is at-home exercises. So workout DVDs, free weights and my treadmill have been my go-tos. And getting a heart-rate monitor a few weeks ago really has given me some perspective on how well I really am doing.

In a nutshell I exercise just about an hour each day, every day, unless I'm traveling for work, etc. I either run/walk/do weird side-jogging or lunge exercises on the treadmill or some Jillian Michaels DVD (either one longer one like Shed and Shred or two of the shorter ones, like Ripped in 30). My heart rate monitor tells me that I am burning between 350-400 calories per workout (ladies who burn like 600 calories in 45 minutes, I have not idea what you gals are doing, but you need to tell me!)

Between this routine and making an effort to eat more whole real foods (vs processed, or going out to eat a lot), I'm noticing muscle development and able to maintain my current weight. So I've been pretty pleased.

P1120323 P1120311

But ... let's face it, we're all our worst critics and I've got a pooch that just won't go away and my underarms like to say "hi" when I'm waving. And I know no amount of exercise will make that stuff go away unless I change my diet. While I'm generally eating healthier, I don't monitor how much I eat and I know I am still consuming way to many carbs (my precious).

What's a girl to do? Right now, I have something ridiculous going on and have purchased my first Bailey 44 dress that just happens to hug about every curve and have that hanging in my kitchen. I figure that would be a nice physical reminder to myself every time I go in there to nosh on something - you want to eat those crackers with cheese and watch that dress gather dust, or  you want this healthy yummy apple instead?

So that's where I'm at. Not trying to lose weight and not thinking I'm fat (I actually rarely weight myself), but I'd sure love to get more lean and toned. I'd love some muscle definition! And I know my muscles are in there, I know I've got abs, they just can't get out yet!

If any of you ladies have any advice on portion controlling, carb cutting or want to tell me I need to start on a program like Insanity or P90X to see some real results, I'm all ears! (And thanks in advance!)


Sweater: J.Crew merino leather pocket (sim cardigan, tee, grey)
Skirt: J.Crew pleated crepe (worn here - sim steal, jeweled, mini, midi)
Necklace: Purple Peridot (worn here - the original, sim)
Bracelets: F21 (sim wolf, lion), Rachel Leigh (sim striped), Asos, J.Crew factory (sim)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim pricey, t-strap, round)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff (worn here - sim, sim, crossbody)

19 March 2014


blazer + jeans

So it's been a kind of an in-trend thing for a while now to pair more dressed up pieces with really casual ones. I do this kind of pairing a lot and really enjoy the mix (case in point, today's outfit). It's a little bit like dressing up the everyday, right? I think it's fun, stylish, plus it gets me more wear out of my wardrobe pieces.

But I have to admit, every time I'm putting on a baubly necklace over a camo tee or wearing stilettos with ripped jeans, a wee voice in my head kind of nips at me and asks me, "are we making any sense here?"

I call that voice Little Miss Overly-Sensible. Because when you think about it ... cargo pants and high heels? Really? In the same outfit? Girl ...

But shoot, style is about having fun with fashion, right? I probably shouldn't over-think it. But if anyone doesn't get it and asks, let's just say I dressed to go strutting down the lumber aisle.

blazer + jeans blazer + jeans

Jacket: Ann Taylor (worn here - sim, steal)
Top: J.Crew sequin stripe (worn here - sim tank, multi-colored)
Scarf: silk via Ebay (worn here - sim, pink, luxe)
Jeans: J.Crew distressed matchstick (worn here - sim, pricey)
Necklace: Emerson Fry (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelets: C.Wonder (sim), Sage K and Co (the original, steal), Betsey Johnson
Ring: F21 square set
Shoes: Jessica Simpson jaide (worn here - sim, slingback)
Bag: Fossil austin (worn here - sim, deal)

blazer + jeans

blazer + jeans

17 March 2014

Hyping Black and White

mitzie tunic

I'm not much into jumping onto the hype bandwagon, but sometimes people/the Internet seem to cover things so incessantly that finally after a point you almost relent to try something. Granted, a lot of fun things have come from trying something just because everyone else is doing it. And some other times ... granted, different strokes for different folks, but here are some recent things that didn't quite live it up for me -

Peter Pilotto for Target collab. Granted, adore the dress I got. But seriously when the looks were initially released, I wanted everything. And I ordered a bunch of things to try. Then the whole "how would these pieces apply in real life" set in, I only kept one piece ... and now the collection is on clearance.

The cronut. Granted, it wasn't the "original" cronut from Dominique Ansel bakery in NYC, but I got one, I ate it, and I think I get the general drift. Croissants are awesome. Doughnuts are awesome. I'm OK with them living separate lives.

Point-toed d'orsay flats. Love the look. On others. Makes my feet resemble boats.

The show Southern Charm. Wow, what a way to make southern "gentlemen" seem like real assholes.

What have you tried lately that hasn't lived up to the hype?

mitzie tunic mitzie tunic

Tunic: Meadow Row via Anthropologie mitzie channeled (worn here - sim, sim, striped)
Top: J.Crew (worn here - sim, embellished)
Pants: Target (worn here - sim, deal)
Necklace: J.Crew coated stone (worn here - sim, sim, bit of color)
Bracelets: F21 (sim) & Target (sim set)
Boots: Type Z (worn here - sim, lower heel)
Bag: Furla martha (worn here - sim, sim, sim)

mitzie tunic

mitzie tunic

♧    And Happy St. Patrick's Day! ♧   

14 March 2014

Black Leopard (and a Giveaway)

black leopard black leopard

As the temps slowly creep up, I'm able to cautiously start baring limbs to the world (Northeasterners and Midwesterners, I know, I'm sorry, you guys are still buried), which of course makes me very apparent of how ridiculously pale I am. Liked uncooked plucked chicken pale.

But you all might as well get used to seeing this pasty hue because when I go out into the sun, I have two tan settings - blazing swollen red and burnt to a crisp peeling. At no point do I ever achieve that beautiful golden tawny setting. So in an attempt to not turn into one giant freckle, I am pretty much planning to eschew spending any long-term time in the sun as it starts getting warmer.

(No worries, I won't turn into one of those weird pale ladies walking around in July covered head-to-toe and carrying a huge black umbrella ... though you think I could bring frilly lacy parasols back?)

black leopard black leopard

Top: c/o Choies cut out crochet (sim, ivory)
Skirt: F21 (worn here - sim, maxi, mini)
Belt: Asos plate detail (worn here - sim, sim, silver)
Necklace: Purple Peridot pennant (worn here - the original, sim grander)
Bracelets: Rachel Leigh (sim striped, pink) & F21 (sim set)
Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW mary (worn here - sim, higher, slingback)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (worn here - sim, crossbody, cas)

black leopard

black leopard

     ♥          ♥    

Also, here's a treat for you ladies - I've partnered up with Stella & Dot stylist Mindi to giveaway the beautiful Rory necklace from Stella & Dot's new spring collection! Check it out on my Instagram if you'd like to enter - the giveaway is open to everyone and it concludes on Sunday, March 16 at 11:59 p.m.


12 March 2014

Bits for March

Bits of randomness from this past month (you can see some of these and more on my Instagram):

Spectacular dayglo flats that didn't work out for me - heartbroken! ♥ One of my fave outfits from days past (satchel
sim blouse & solid skirt). ♥ Sweater dressing for the weekend (jeans, loafers, sim in citrus)

Stripes and leopard with a spot of pink. Packing for work (jacket, tote). ♥ Espadrille flats are going to be my go-to for the spring (red flats, sim snake). 

Pink & green makes me think of spring (cardi, tank, sim skirt). My fave scent (sim necklace). ♥ More pink layers 
(bag, sim sweater, scarf, blouse, boots).

IG10 IG11 IG12
Soft layers for the winter (boots, sweater, sim blouse & bag). ♥ Some logo-ing new kicks (sim & sim). ♥ Black and gold (necklace, sim shirt).

IG13 IG14 IG15
Green stripes (loafers, jeans, sim sweater & clutch). ♥ One of my fave pieces ever, thank you Anthro (sim blazer & sim). Nautical casual (sweater, loafers, sim shirt & jeans).

IG16 IG17 IG18
Another weekend throwback (sim top, tote, wedges). ♥ Wishing for warm weather so I can wear this dotted dress (sandals, clutch, sim bracelet). ♥ Wearing these loafers and jeans to death.
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