28 February 2014

Casual Surplus

buffalo plaid

It's pretty apparent that I do highlight my hair, but from these pics, honestly I didn't think it looked so orange in the daylight - and I even toned the images down a bit!

My first foray into hair highlighting was one of those at-home kits where you stick a horrible rubber skullcap on your head and then randomly pull hair through the tiny holes on the cap. Then you slather on whatever the hair lightening concoction is and pretty much wish for good luck. Alas I had none that time because I ended up with pretty convincing Tony the Tiger stripes.

After that bit of disaster, I leave my hair to the professionals I pay a lot of money to ... it really doesn't look so orangutan-hued in real life, I swear! I hope!

buffalo plaid buffalo plaid

Jacket: Old Navy lightweight tie waist (same in camo, sim, sim)
Shirt: Madewell ex-boyfriend in buffalo plaid (check stores - sim tunic, petite)
Pants: Banana Republic factory (worn here - sim, sim)
Belt: J.Crew (sim, sim)
Necklace: Purple Peridot pennant (the original, sim, bolder)
Bracelets: F21 modernist layered, Yunikelley, Goody (sim), Betsey Johnson watch
Ring: F21 (sim)
Shoes: Seychelles via Anthropologie raine (sim-ish, solid, solid)
Bag: Fossil austin (worn here - sim, deal, steal)

buffalo plaid

buffalo plaid

26 February 2014

Setting Sail


Ahoy, maties! Monday's outfit post was '60s mango-licious but today I'm all nautical. Big brass buttons even! 

I don't think I wake up in the mornings intending to "theme dress" but sometimes pieces in your closet just seem to beg to be worn with each other. Like the shoes and the bag in the same hue with the gold-tone accents need to be together. The jacket that plays off the itty bitty black ship's wheels on my sweater. The off-white in the sweater that is the same off-white as in the skirt - and a pattern mix that is apparent but doesn't seem over-the-top (hopefully) because of the white.

So all I really need is a knotted silk scarf at my neck and maybe a shiny black bill to a captain's hat worn askew on my head and I'd be all set to sail the virtual seven seas. 

Wonder what I'll be come Friday!

nautical nautical

Jacket: J.Crew downtown field (worn here - sim for a steal & another)
Sweater: Old Navy graphic crew (sim spotted, cardigan)
Skirt: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim a-line, mini, orange, B&W)
Necklace: via Etsy (sim)
Bracelets: Rachel Leigh (sim striped, pink, gold), Target (set), J.Crew (sim, sim)
Shoes: Anne Klein qadira (worn here - sim flats, loafers)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same mini or clutch, sim)

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24 February 2014

And it was All Yellow

yellow yellow

I actually wore this outfit earlier this month on a warm weekend to a girls' brunch (sometimes there's no better excuse than "why not" to make a meal an occasion), but I thought it appropriate to post this outfit today as a "golden" send-off for the Winter Olympics.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I love the Olympics - I love watching the different sports and rooting for all the athletes. It's a total sports spectacle ('cause where else would curling and doubles luge get this much air time?) and that's part of the fun of it. Plus, I kind of feel like the Winter Olympics are a bit more egalitarian than their Summer counterpart since the medal count is more spread out.

So after two weeks of automatically having the television tuned to #sochi from 7-11pm, it's going to feel a little weird going back to "regular programming." The Shahs and Downton are done and the NY Housewives (my faves!) aren't starting up for another few weeks - what am going to watch now?

yellow yellow

Dress: F21 linen fronds (worn here - sim, sim, sim, solid)
Sweater: J.Crew (worn here - sim pricey, blazer, other colors)
Belt: Asos (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: Purple Peridot clear crystal (worn here - the original, sim, sim)
Bracelets: Rachel Leigh (sim striped, pink, gold), Asos (sim, pave), J.Crew (sim, darker)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim, pricey, wedge)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff (worn here - sim, sim, foldover)

♥     ♥     ♥    

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21 February 2014

Spend a Little, Save a Little

dots + colorblock

I think it is pretty apparent by now that I enjoy shopping ... despite the fact that I am a cheapie at heart. I love a good deal and do most of my buying on sale or at minimum on discount. But like anyone else, I've got shopping priorities and have items I'm more willing to spend more $$$ on than others.

Things I don't mind spending a few more bucks on -

Handbags - I'm totally that person that thinks I can walk around in jammie pants and Uggs as long as I'm carrying a proper purse. Plus purses are items that people usually keep and use for years, so I like veering towards better quality now. Note: I think I can walk around in jammie pants and Ugg, but I don't - jammies pants and Uggs (in my opinion) are not appropriate for public consumption. Crack of dawn dog walking aside.

Coats - When it's cold outside, no one cares if I'm wearing Chanel or Walmart on the inside. So my coat represents me. Plus they're another item people keep for a while, so best buy something nice (and warm).

Sneakers - I want to save my feet and my knees when I'm working out. Super duper special fluffy cloud-powered insole cushions, I'm in. I'm currently racking up the treadmill miles in Asics.

dots + colorblock dots + colorblock

Things I prefer buying cheap -

Basics - Pretty much every retailer nowadays carries a cotton tee or a stretch jean or a crisp button-down. So for something I will likely have multiples of anyways, I go by what I like, what fits well, and what I can afford to buy multiples of.

Workout Gear - I buy most of my stuff from either Target or Old Navy. In my opinion, one dry mesh poly-whatever tee or tank is as good as another.

Fashion Jewelry - This is where I get my "feet" wet on new trends. I can buy fun pieces that add a lot to an outfit and won't give me heartburn if I only wear it a few times. Etsy, Forever 21 and J.Crew (on super duper sale) are my go-tos.

What about you ladies? What items for your wardrobe do you prefer to spend more money on, and where do you scrimp?

dots + colorblock

dots + colorblock

Jacket: F21 (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Top: J.Crew factory printed pintuck (sim, long-sleeved, tank)
Skirt: J.Crew factory colorblock (worn here - same in solid, sim sequinned)
Belt: J.Crew factory (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Earrings: J.Crew crystal shimmer (worn here - sim steal, smaller)
Rings: F21 rhinestone square set
Shoes: Vince Camuto signature rekha (worn here - sim blinged out, flats)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same perforated, luxe)

19 February 2014

Jewel Collar and Pink Skirt

jewel collar jewel collar

One thing I love about having a fashionista big sis who always looks on-trend and appropriate but lives with a big city-sized (i.e., small) closet? Of course the hand-me-downs.

Like this sweater which I coveted from J.Crew and decided too late that I wanted in my life. Lo and behold, it was in a bag of other goodies I got from my big sis over the holidays when I went home to visit the fam. Thanks, sis!

jewel collar jewel collar

Blazer: J.Crew houndstooth hacking (worn here - sim, sim, deal)
Sweater: J.Crew convertible jewel collar (sim plain, polka-dotted, striped, grey)
Skirt: J.Crew crepe (worn here - sim steal & another, midi, as dress)
Bracelets: J.Crew wildflower (worn here - sim, sim), chainlink, leopard (sim) & Sage K and Co (original)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim, deal, pricey)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same mini or clutch, sim)

jewel collar

jewel collar

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17 February 2014

Shine On Randomness

tweed bomber

Many thanks to Maricel from My Closet Catalogue for the nod with the Shine On Award - I'm flattered! As part of the award, here are seven bits of randomness about me -

1 - I have no rhythm and any pretty sure I am tone deaf. But that's didn't prevent my high school geek self from trying out to chorus and dance team. Funny, I still don't know why I didn't make either club ...

2 - You'd think once you're well into adulthood that the skin gods would find other people with oilier skin to mess with - nope! Apparently I'm fated to continue dealing with pimples. Nothing like quietly freaking out about the fine crinkles around the eyes and red bumps in the chin area - frustrating and embarassing!

3 - I have a serious love for macarons. Sure, they're on-trend circa 2012, but I will seriously hunt down a fresh macaron, buy a dozen and proceed to eat them all. Raspberry and caramel, you're my classic faves.

tweed bomber tweed bomber

4- Every morning I drink a mugful of hot water with two tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey. I think it's pretty terrible but consider it a "healthy" way to start each day. Now granted I have long since forgotten all the health benefits of this but I think the vinegar is supposed to stop bloating or something - beats me! Yeah, this is how I do healthy, haha.

5 - I can mirror write pretty naturally, which is a fantastic skill that has no use in real life. Good to have pointless talents.

6 - I'm a huge fan of the Olympics and have been watching pretty much every bit of the Sochi Games that has been on TV - except any of the figure skating activities. File this under "weird Lisa" but there's something really grating about commentator [edit: Scott Hamilton, not Kurt Browning - d'oh] that makes me have to flip away whenever I hear him on!

7 - Part of the reason why I paint my nails? To keep from biting them!

Want to share a bit of randomness about yourself today?

tweed bomber

tweed bomber

Jacket: Rhyme LA via Piperlime monroe tweed (sim bolder)
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart distressed (worn here - sim)
Belt: J.Crew embossed (sim, sim)
Necklace: Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Ring: F21 (sim, bigger)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn here - same mini or clutch, sim)

♥     ♥     ♥      

BTW, loads of "new" items loaded to my blog sale - please check it out! Prices include shipping via USPS and tracking.

14 February 2014

Flippy Skirt for the Win

flippy skirt  flippy skirt

You probably can't tell by some of my ensembles, but I am typically a pretty laidback person when it comes to going out. I'm not really into the whole-changing-my-outfit deal between work and play and usually will go straight from the office to drinks (or whatever) just as I'm dressed.

I got this skirt and it seemed like a fun flippy piece but I didn't want to make a hassle of changing at work for date night (like I needed to lug even more stuff to work). Plus I wasn't entirely too sure it was office-appropriate. So I did what I usually don't do, and bought some extra accessories along so I could make sure I looked office-ready and then switch it up a bit for after-hours. Shoes, bag and piling on some extra jewelry was my ticket. And it all fit into my tote, so I felt like I tried but didn't, you know?

What you ladies don't see is my winter which kept me snuggly warm. And the bare legs, while perfectly fine for the warm-ish GA day, was c-c-cold after the sun set.

flippy skirt flippy skirt

Blazer: Ann Taylor (worn here - sim, pricey, steal)
Shirt: J.Crew perfect (worn here - this year's version, sim, steal)
Skirt: Asos jacquard (same in B&W, sim striped)
Necklace: Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Bracelets: J.Crew factory chainlink, Sage K and Co (the original), GroopDealz (pricey), Betsy Johnson
Shoes: J.Crew etta cap-toe (worn here - sim, slingback) / Guess kissani (worn here - sim, steal)
Bag: Brahmin anytime (worn here - this year's version, sim, steal) / Coach flight in metallic mirror (worn here - same smaller, sim)

flippy skirt flippy skirt

♥     ♥     ♥    

Happy Valentine's Day, ladies! I hope your sweeties spoil you appropriately, regardless of whether or not you're still stuck at home in winter weather purgatory. Have a good weekend.

flippy skirt

12 February 2014

Shiny, Sparkly

marled cardi

I held off on buying this necklace as long as I could because it seemed like it was pretty much everywhere - at least on blogdom and IG-ville - but when I found one for a smoking deal on Etsy recently, I just couldn't resist it. If you're one of the few gals who have not yet seen this piece on a blogger, it is a replica of the flower lattice necklace that J.Crew came out with a few years ago (and then came out with a similar version a few months back at their factory stores that flew out of the stores).

While I did admire the original version of this necklace when it originally came out, the retail price (I think it was $228) pretty much made my heart stop and I dismissed it pretty immediately. Plus it was really sparkly - like almost over-the-top sparkly - so I didn't think it'd be something I'd wear anyways.

Well fast-forward to the last few months when online retailers and Etsy/Ebay sellers starting rolling out replicas of this beautiful piece at much wallet-friendlier price points. I started seeing a lot of people sporting the necklace and it looked really nice. Just over-the-top enough. So I succumbed. And be prepared to see this piece a lot now.

Do you have a sim version of this necklace? What's your favorite items to pair with it? Or if you don't, how would you wear this necklace?

marled cardi marled cardi

Sweater: J.Crew marled (worn here - sim lighter, shorter, floral, colorblocked)
Top: J.Crew tissue (worn here - factory version)
Skirt: F21 (worn here - sim, knee-length, as dress)
Tights: Anne Klein
Necklace: via Etsy (sim, sim)
Ring: F21 (sim, bigger)
Boots: Type Z (worn here - sim, sim, lower heel)
Bag: Dooney & Bourke (worn here - sim, sim, sim)

marled cardi

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10 February 2014

Tomboy in the Middle East

cropped tomboy

Hey ladies! I've been a bit behind on my blog reading lately because I've been on a biz trip to Dubai last week - I'm planning to catch up on your stylish ensembles this week!

Speaking of Dubai, I've been lucky enough that business travel has taken me to the most metropolitan of cities in the UAE more than once and it is always a pleasure to revisit. I can't ever find a good way to describe Dubai in words - it's like the Middle East version of Las Vegas or Miami, sans the alcohol, gambling and not-so-dressed chicks - granted you still can get alcohol and I won't even discuss the other two!

cropped tomboy cropped tomboy

Blazer: J.Crew herringbone hacking (worn here - sim, sim, black)
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas oxford (worn here - sim, sim, deal)
Pants: J.Crew factory skimmer in wool (sim, cotton)
Belt: J.Crew embossed (sim, sim)
Necklace: J.Crew coated stone (worn here - sim, simpler, deal)
Shoes: Vince Camuto signature rekha (same in black patent)
Bag: Dooney & Bourke (worn here - sim, sim, sim)

 cropped tomboy

Here are some camera phone pics from my trip and random musings -

dubai 1 dubai 2 dubai 3
World's tallest - the Burj Khalifa, by date and night.

dubai 4 dubai 5 dubai 6
Near my hotel, they set up a small cultural area open to the public. Everyone was welcome to come in, take their shoes off, and catch some shade or a snooze! / Alcohol is only sold in restaurants and bars attached to hotels in Dubai, so locals are heavily into afternoon tea when they are out and about. Which means they are also serious about some good-looking treats - nuts, dried fruits and some almost too pretty to eat chocolates. / Three-story waterfall sculpture in the corner of a mall? Of course! It's Dubai! More is more!

dubai 7 dubai 8 dubai 9
In keeping with the concept of "more is more," these are some of just the normal offerings in Dubai's many malls - the aquarium and indoor skating rink at the Dubai Mall and Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates (yes, it's an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert, and yes, it literally smells like a fridge in there!).

dubai 10 dubai 11 dubai 12
Modes of transport in Dubai include the water taxis by Old Town - cheap, very convenient and kind of scary to get on and off). / The Metro where you can get a one-day pass for about $4. Stations and trains are very modern and clean - even the station bathrooms are non-cringe worthy - and trains are often faster than taxis if you're traveling during rush hour. However, the trains are pretty much always crowded, so don't be shy about squeezing in - though you could pay more for access to the VIP car (the first car on every train) or if you're a gal with no male company, you can ride on the all-female car (the second car) which is also usually less crowded. / And how materials get moved around throughout the Middle East and North Africa - these tiny cargo ships that load and unload everyday right by Old Town.

dubai 13 dubai 14 dubai 15 The Dubai police showing off their prized Bugatti patrol car - try outrunning that! /  Just some of the modern architecture along the city's main thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road. Everything's so gleaming, new and unusual it's like you've wandered into the future. / Old style charm (built new, of course) right next to the Dubai Mall.
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