30 October 2013


gingham scallops  gingham scallops

With to my style, I sometimes feel like I conflict with myself between looking prim and proper and looking edgy - or rather, wanting to look edgy. Because let's face it, for anyone's who has seen more than one of my posts, you all pretty well know that I veer more heavily on the prim and proper side of things (today's outfit, par example).

When it comes to what I am more naturally attracted to on the style front, I can't seem but to want what I wear to match, for everything to be all neat and go together, and I'd pick a full knee-length skirt over a skinny mini any day, if you know what I mean.

So I have pretty good confidence that I can make a peter pan collar and some pumps with bows look good, but I if you throw a slouch asymmetrical top at me with leather leggings, I am running for the hills.

I guess part of it goes with knowing what works with my lifestyle and my body type - but if I could rock a pair of sequin shorts with stilettos, I'd be all over it!

Do you have style conflict with what you wear versus what you want to wear?

gingham scallops  gingham scallops

Shirt: LEC gingham poplin (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Dress: J.Crew scalloped (worn here - simpler steal, luxe)
Necklace: AT pearl & pave cluster (worn here - sim, pricey, steal)
Bracelet: AT pearl & pave cluster (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Ring: BR (sim, sim)
Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW mary (worn here - sim flats, wedge)
Bag: Furla martha (with a twilly wrap, worn here - same larger, sim)

gingham scallops

gingham scallops

28 October 2013

Heart and Full Stomach

heart + soul  heart + soul

Now you all know that I loooove some white carbs, especially pizza, so I've tried to healthier-version-it before. But vegetable in place of chewy dough just won't cut it. So this time I figured the best thing was to go authentic and make pizza from scratch at home.

I used this recipe (the six-hour dough version) and what surprised me was how easy it all was. No special equipment needed and I didn't burn the house down. I used the entire dough ball to make one big ole pizza on a 21" x 15"-ish cookie sheet. Granted I cheated a bit and just used jarred spaghetti margarita sauce, plus I only turned the oven temp up to 450 degrees (so I let the pizza cook for about 20 minutes), but it turned out really well.

home pizza
My oblong pizza "masterpiece."

So well that I tried it again this past weekend when I had some of my girls over for a bit of silliness - some cooking, some whine wine, and Netflix-ing season two of Hart of Dixie (those people are so indecisive! But AnnaBeth's my fave).

The original recipe post is more than thorough, so my only input is to try to stretch the dough out on the cookie sheet as much as possible (dough will puff a bit when it bakes) and the corn meal helps to keep the pizza from sticking to the sheet. If you use a cookie sheet and lower cooking temp like me, don't go waiting for the crust to turn some amazing toasty color because it won't and you'll just end up with pizza cardboard (attempt one). And obviously it tastes really good and pizza shop pizza-like when it first comes out of the oven, so prepare to burn the roof of your mouth!

heart + soul   heart + soul

Jacket: J.Crew (worn here - sim, sim, deal)
Top: ON terry-fleece raglan (sim sweater)
Shirt: J.Crew perfect (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: JCF cameo chandelier (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelets: JCF chainlink, YuniKelley (sim, sim), Sage K and Co (steal, set)
Pants: ON rockstar pop-color (worn here - this year's version, sim, sim)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (sim, sim wedge, peep)

heart + soul

heart + soul

26 October 2013

Bits and Bits and Bits

Bits and pieces from October taken with my camera phone - have a great weekend, ladies!

 Oct bits 1  Oct bits 2
It's finally puffy vest weather: J.Crew vest (this year's version), LE cardigan, JCF necklace & bracelet,
Yunikelley pave bracelet (sim).
Oh to enjoy warmer days again: LEC gingham (worn before - sim), ON jeans, Clarks wedges.

Oct bits 3
Laying out an outfit: Asos sweater dress (worn before - sim), LEC shirt (sim), F21 necklace, PLV wedges.

Oct bits 4
Clear baubles: C. Wonder (worn before - sim) & Ruche necklaces, Ruche top (sim).

Oct bits 5  Oct bits 6
Greys: J.Crew tippi & blythe (worn before - factory version), c/o Choies necklace (simpler).
A new coat that's really just a fleece jacket in disguise.

Oct bits 7
My fave loafers (worn before).

Oct bits 8
It's sequin season: ON dots & colorblock, F21 bracelet (sim), Sally Hansen nails.

Oct bits 9  Oct bits 10
Casual: F21 jacket (worn before - sim), J.Crew shirt (sim), Rock and Feather necklaces.
The grass is greener with fun red shoes (sim).

Oct bits 11
Patterns: Anne Klein loafers, Coach case (sim), Hawthorn necklace (worn before - sim).

Oct bits 12
Blues: BRF trench, J.Crew scarf, Anthro top, BRF jeans, JCF necklace (outfit worn here).

Oct bits 13  Oct bits 14
A colorful day: Anthro skirt (sim, sim), Kate Spade wallet (worn before - sim), Zara pumps, Fossil tote (sim).
You can't have just one: retail and factory vests.

Oct bits 15
Forget heels - welcome new home shoes!

Oct bits 16
Navy & pearl: Ann Taylor necklace (sim) & bracelet (sim), LEC shirt (sim), J.Crew dress (worn before).

Oct bits 17  Oct bits 18
Was it warmer just last week? LE jeans, c/o Jambu sandals (worn before), Kate Spade wallet (sim).
Love these earrings (sim).

Oct bits 19
Loading up on loafers: Sam Edelman studded & Anne Klein animal print.

Oct bits 20
Day look: J.Crew jacket (worn before), Loft top (simpler), Hawthorne necklace (sim).

24 October 2013

From Warmer Days

navy floral  navy floral

I guess I am ready for it start getting cooler around here, because whether I like it or not, it finally is. Which means of course I am getting the sniffles. And I've shut off my AC, readied my excursion vest(s - got some new ones from the Factory store), pulled out my big fluffy comforter, and am craving nothing more than gooey grilled cheese sandwiches (swiss, please) with creamy warm tomato soup.

So I better show you a look from warmer days - last week - before it becomes too seasonally inappropriate. I'm looking forward to dinning this dress again soon with tights, ankle boots and maybe a cozy cardigan.

navy floral  navy floral

Dress: LE pattern fit and flare (same in solid)
Belt: Anthropologie ekbal (worn here - sim, sim, in neutral)
Necklace: Emerson Fry (worn here - sim, steal)
Bracelets: J.Crew factory chainlink, J.Crew (set), Sage K and Co (steal), Asos
Shoes: Anne Klein qadira (sim lower heel)
Bag: Coach legacy flight (sim pricey, deal)

navy floral

navy floral

Linking up with Tara from Mix and Match Fashion & Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy.

21 October 2013

Catching Up with Dots

sequins + dots

Time to get things up-to-date from some of my recent posts -

Thanks for your input on the midi length skirt on me, ladies. I've decided to take the skirt up a few inches so I've got some more flexibility in wearing it, but will keep it below-the-knee so I can still be all swishy and lady-like. This has opened my eyes for lengths that may or may not work for me, so I appreciate all your comments. There's nothing like a short poufy high-waisted skirt to make me look I'm a wannabe teeny bopper. Now I  just need to take my lazy butt to the tailor's - is there an app for that ...


I got my exchanged faux leather skirt in and while the condition of it was much better than the original, I think I'm going to return it. While the skirt and idea of it is still pretty sweet in my book, there are too many good clothes still out there for me to waste my time with stuff I'm unsure about. Like this flippy skirt that's very Kate Spade-esque. Or this wintery plaid one with a fun ruffly accent. And then there's this dark floral number that is perfectly poufy and making me hope for a sale.


sequins + dots   sequins + dots

This was from way back in the summer, but I felt like I should report in because I seem to have hit a slump with my healthier eating habits. I got on my no-diet diet for a few weeks and did really well, even lost a few pounds. But I've gained that weight back and eating healthy continues to remain a challenge - mainly because I have a huge problem with carbs love them, love them, love them and portion control.

Like I mentioned before, my goal isn't to become teeny tiny (because I know I'm not big), but to eat healthier and to fit back into some of my clothes that don't look so good on me anymore. I think I lost focus for a while with the traveling for work and play that I've been doing, and stuff like making pizza dough which obviously resulted in the making and consuming way too much pizza this is pretty terrible, so I better eat it all - tell me I'm not the only one. So I'm going to recommit myself - starting now - and get back into eating more whole foods and grains, fewer white carbs.

That's me for a Monday. Anything going on with you that you want to follow-up on?

sequins + dots  sequins + dots

Top: J.Crew factory spotted sequin (worn here - sim striped, in white, no sequins)
Shirt: J.Crew blythe (worn here - factory version, sim)
Jeans: ON sweetheart distressed skinny (worn here - sim, pricey)
Necklace: Ann Taylor pearl & pave cluster (worn here - sim, sim, steal)
Bracelets: Target (set), YuniKelley (sim), Asos (sim)
Shoes: J.Crew etta cap toe (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: Furla martha (with a twilly wrap - same larger, sim, luxe)

18 October 2013

Sleeveless Lapels

vest dress  vest dress

Keeping it short (like my skirt!) this Friday because I just had a thought ... is it really already time to think about the holidays? Like I should be looking up recipes for turkey day and booking tickets for Christmas. Scouring the Internet for gift ideas and new champagnes for toasting. And pre-stretching out pants for epic holiday eating. Am I late already? Wowie, where has the year gone - getting older yet ...

vest dress

vest dress

Dress: Asos lapel wrap mini (sim, sim sleeved, pricey)
Top: H&M (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklaces: The Rock and Feather via Etsy (steal, sim)
Bracelets: ON (sim), Asos (sim), c/o Style Lately (sim, pricey)
Shoes: Sole Society desirae (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Bag: New Look via Asos phoebe (sim, sim w/black, green)

16 October 2013

Testing Out the Leathers

colorblocked mara

I took these pics over the weekend while playing dress-up with a new skirt.

While I personally like the black leather-embellished pieces that are so en vogue this fall, I don't think I have the swagger to pull them off. So when Anthropologie put this cute faux leather skirt on their site, I took my first dip into leather embellishments during their last promo sale (ordered online since it is apparently an online-only piece).

It's brown-toned, so to me it's softer than black. And it's got a full skirt silhouette which eases it off the edge factor another bit. And a glittery waist? Full-on girly but not. Perfect for me to try.

So ... I don't know.

I think I may like the idea of the skirt better than the skirt itself.

colorblocked mara  colorblocked mara

First, it arrived really wrinkly and I'm not sure how to get wrinkles out of faux leather. I mean, do I lay it out flat in the sun somewhere? And then does it mean that the material is prone to wrinkling? 

Also, it's a leather piece for us softies, but still a leather piece. So cute as it may seem, I don't know if I'd actually wear it. Plus I kind of can't kick the whole I'm-wearing-a-vinyl-tablecloth feeling.

So ... I've since exchanged this skirt for one a size smaller since the waistband is extra stretchy and I felt like my regular size wouldn't hold the fabric of the skirt in place well. I'm going to give this skirt another go - I think it'd pair well with a denim shirt and the fabric is definitely substantial enough for cooler weather.

But I'm kind of still on-the-fence about this piece. Even with the promo sale, it's not a cheap piece. So this is another piece I'd like your advice on - what would you pair with this skirt? And what do you think about the whole leather embellished trend for fall?

colorblocked mara

colorblocked mara

Top: J.Crew factory merino charley (worn here - cotton version, sim)
Skirt: Champagne & Strawberry via Anthropologie colorblocked mara (sim in B&W)
Necklace: Pam Hiran via Anthropologie sparked agate collar (worn here - sim, sim, sim in pearl)
Bracelets: J.Crew factory (sim, sim, cuff, darker), J.Crew & Asos (set)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson jaide (worn here - sim, slingback)

colorblocked mara
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