03 August 2013

A Little Bit

Happy weekend, ladies! Hopefully some of you are lucky enough to live in a state with a tax-free weekend coming up so you can snag you and yours some goodies for a savings.

Here's a medley of stylish (hopefully, haha) details from recent life, work and outfit pics:

miscellany 1
Worn lately: J.Crew maritime blazer / F21 eyelet shift dress (worn here) /
Elizajay Charm necklace (sim) / INPINK ring c/o (sim)

miscellany 2  miscellany 3
Putting it together: J.Crew camo jacket (worn here - sim) / F21 eyelet shift dress /
Blinkeye brooch / J.Crew belt
Accessorized: J.Crew factory pencil (worn here - sim) / J.Crew tortoise & turquoise bracelet /
J.Crew bubble necklace via Ebay (sim) / Style Lately elegant turquoise bracelet c/o / Sage K and Co bracelet

miscellany 4
Peek of an outfit: J.Crew factory dress (worn here - sim, sim) / Pour La Victoire farida sandals (sim)

miscellany 5
Did snag this J.Crew pom pom top during the last additional % off promo.

miscellany 7  miscellany 6
Kicking off the J.Crew cap toe etta pump (worn here - sim slimmer heel)  after a long day.
Driving a mouse on my sashimi mouse pad with the Asos spike & stone pack /
ON enamel bangle (sim).

miscellany 8
More peeking: Keds spright wedge (worn here - sim, printed, deal) / J.Crew boardwalk skirt /
J.Crew tillary tote (worn here - sim)

miscellany 9
The mish mash that are some of my accessories (tortoise & turquoise bracelet, orange sim,
zebra sim, pink sim).


  1. Gorg accessories!



  2. Looks great! I can't wait to see how you style that pom-pom top!

  3. Prepare for a weird compliment: your lips look really pretty in that top pic.

    Sorry to sound like a creeper!

  4. You love your J.Crew! I really like the tote bag and your bangles.

  5. Super cute Pour la Victoire sandals.

    I'm not much of a talent at accessorizing I'm getting some inspiration from this post!

  6. I LOVE how much you wear stripes :)

  7. I covet your monogram necklace. I'm stalking several on etsy, waiting to pounce! Also, I agree with greatbleuheron, your lips look fab! (Joining the creeper club, I guess...)

  8. tax free? i'm jealous. awesome shots Lisa!

  9. Love the pics of your bracelets!

    Flying to Atlanta tomorrow:)

  10. Replies
    1. I do but haven't taken any pics for it yet. I do take a ton of pics with just the reg camera phone - one day I'll get up-to-speed.

  11. Lisa, I love your blog! Yours is one of the few that I have to keep checking even when I don't have much time because your outfits are so fun and original :)

    I've wanted those cap toe Etta heels forEVAH and actually bought and returned once due to price and because I was scared of the high heel. Do you find the heel too high for work/uncomfortable?

    1. Hi Erika - thanks much!

      The Ettas are actually one of my more comfy pairs of J.Crew shoes, probably because of the stack heel. However they are high, so I always wear mine with an insole. I don't think I've fully broken mine in though, my toes still feel kind of squished, but they are leather, so I am hoping they will stretch out more.

      (I found mine on Ebay - can't return them, but you can find them for a deal!)

    2. Lisa, Erika - I found them rather uncomfortable for design that appears to be thoughtful. The stacked heel, round toe business should make it easy to wear but I couldn't walk a few steps in them. And it wasn't just the squishy toe as you had Lisa!

      I do suggest trying them out first before committing - you may be luckier than I was!

  12. That J. crew top looks so pretty! Can't wait to see you style it. Living in Oregon means tax-free shopping all of the time!!!

  13. This post is too tempting!
    I wanna click on many of those links and shop away...

  14. Loooove that bracelet bar! I don't usually wear bracelets, but I'm inspired by the arrangement you've got going on there! Kind of want to mix some on my own wrist now. I have something similar going on with a necklace rack, mostly filled with sparkly and edgy crystal necklaces from J.Crew's 2010 period.

  15. Loving everything! Fabulous accessories!


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