30 May 2013

Inquiring Mind Wants to Know ...

embroidered mini

All I seem to have are questions lately, so here are some more for you -

When you have to ask yourself whether or not you're too old to wear something before you buy it, does that mean you probably are too old for it?

I think all this social media Everything nowadays makes for some rude people. Do people need to be reminded of their manners even online or do out-of-touchers like me just need to learn to adapt?

Have our favorite retailers done their jobs so well that nowadays when we see a $50 t-shirt, we think it's a deal? Macklemore would be displeased.

embroidered mini  embroidered mini

How do you judge whether a blog makes it to your "regular read" rotation?

I'm looking for a warm weather purse. Would like a light-hued leather, am not sure if I want a satchel or crossbody though, but def medium-sized. I'm kind of considering this bag, but I'm not sure if the stripes are kind of hokey or not - though I like the stripes. Are there any summer-y bags catching your eye right now? What kind of bag do you ladies tote your stuff in when it's warmer out?

The Pioneer Woman - love, can't stand, meh? (I dig her cooking show, kind of can't stand her web site).

(I'm a lucky gal and will be spending some time in Vienna and Paris over the next few weeks - albeit for work but still! If you globetrotters have any recs on things I must see, do or eat, I've love to know!)

 embroidered mini

 embroidered mini

Blazer: Ann Taylor, buttons replaced (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Top: F21 bejeweled georgette (worn here - sim, sim, peter pan)
Skirt: Zara jacquard mini (sim red, bluer, simpler)
Bracelets: Asos, F21, Sage K and Co via Etsy (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Sperry serena (sim metallic, pricey, luxe)

28 May 2013

May Lately

neon floral

How did the past week and a half just fly by? Shoot, how has May just flown by? Where did spring go?

Well, in thirty seconds, here's some of what I've been up to -
  • Funnel cakes, beer, things on-a-stick and much huzzah-ing over the weekend
  • Not sure if I picked a tick or a crumb off my dog while in a groggy state a few mornings ago - then decided to Google Image "tick" today don't do it and am having mild freak out 
  • Bad weather = diverted planes = smallest-vehicle-left-is-a-minivan rental = late for meetings
  • New latest book series addiction - I guess I'll always be in the YA book demographic
  • Proud owner of no fewer than 16 mosquito bites on my legs from one evening by the water
  • Pedometer is my friend - surprisingly doing well with this walking challenge!
  • Banana pudding has been added to my repertoire (I threw in an extra egg yolk and used only 3T flour - custard was a bit runny, but coats all the Nillas well and thickens when cooled)

I feel like I've been out of the loop forever - so what's been going on with you lately?

neon floral  neon floral

Sweater: Gap v-neck pullover (sim, cardi, deal crew)
Skirt: Limited pleat front (worn here - sim, colorful, as dress)
Necklace: Elizajay Charm via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor pearl & pave cluster (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff (worn here - sim, sim, w/ heart)
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint rosemary (worn here - sim, steal, pricey)

neon floral

20 May 2013

Hooded Utility Hits DC

Hey ladies, just got back from a long weekend away with the fam to visit relatives in the DC area. Since we packed light, I pretty much wore a variation of this outfit the entire time:

utility stripes  utility stripes

We road-tripped it, which is one of my fave ways to travel. I sat in the waaaaay back, but one thing about riding from the cheap seats - with no pilot/co-pilot duties, I can just sit back and turn my nosy on, peering through the side windows at everyone's everything. Overpacked cars, cows on fields, strange over-abundance of above-ground pools through Jersey - here's looking at you from 65mph.

utility stripes  utility stripes

Jacket: F21 hooded utility (sim, sim, pricey)
Top: F21 essential striped (wider, pinker, as blouse)
Jeans: BR factory (worn here - sim, sim, deal)
Necklace: gift (sim, sim, blingier)
Bracelets: F21 & Old Navy (sim, sim, sim)
Bag: J.Crew striped tillary (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Shoes: J.Crew sardinia espadrilles (sim, slip-on, sneaker)

And here are some pics of our trip via iPhone - we had my little nephew with us, so of course we kept the visit educational:

I think after this trip my fam has hit about every Smithsonian museum in DC - this time we hit the American Indian Museum.

And of course we nom'd.


We also hit the Hirshhorn Museum - Venus with Rags sure looks like how I feel some mornings trying to get dressed.

Though I don't understand most modern art ... nor do I understand why Hello Kitty needs to go to space.

And we rounded things out with my fave, the Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center - it's next to Dulles Airport, so a bit of a drive, but a real treat if you're an aviation nut like I am. Space Shuttle Discovery is there!

I told you I pretty much wore the same thing all weekend.

Favorite meal of the trip for me was actually our last. Tsukasa Restaurant in Bordertown, NJ by Trenton. Quiet tiny restaurant in a picturesque little town run by a Japanese couple. Food was worth considering how to wind our way back there for in the future.


I'm biz-tripping again this week - one of these days I'll get back to regular posting and blog reading again! Have a good Monday!

17 May 2013



So I am a fan of monograms. Partly because I think they are pretty, especially the intertwined script versions. Monograms speaks to my inner tomboy prep. And partly because it's kind of cool to see my own initials down on something physical.

monogram  monogram

But considering wearable monograms are traditionally meant to be discreet and be seen only by yourself, your immediate family and your launderer, I wonder if it isn't a bit egocentric to go around nowadays toting my own initials around in public. Like, I know who I am - you must as well.

What do you think of monograms?



Sweater: J.Crew tippi, monogrammed (sim, sim)
Top: F21 bejeweled georgette (sim, sim, peter pan)
Skirt: J.Crew dorrie (worn here - sim, checked, midi)
Bracelets: J.Crew (sim, sim) & Sage K and Co via Etsy (sim, sim)
Bag: Brahmin sadie (worn here - sim, patent, clear, pricey)
Shoes: Sam Edelman adena (worn here - sim, pricey, deal)


15 May 2013

Mercy of the Lens

another navy blazer

So when I initially put this outfit together, I thought the overall layered effect with be more uh, slimming ... but I guess somehow the mirror told me that I looked fine (?) and then the camera apparently disagreed with it.

Speaking of cameras, I upgraded last year from my point-and-shoot camera to a Panasonic DMC-FZ150. For a gal who has always used Canon products, it was actually a pretty easy transition to the Panasonic - the FZ150 had some nifty features like a flip-back screen and was remote clicker-compatible, both very nice conveniences for a gal who takes her own pics. Plus  the zoom on this fixed-lens camera is wicked good, seriously (I've taken it to air shows and had no problems zooming in on aircraft doing demos overhead or taxiing all the way across the airfield).

another navy blazer  another navy blazer

However, it's not the best portrait camera. Granted I don't have any sites set on Best Fashion Blogger of the Year or anything, but I do wish I could get some of the color richness and depth from a better camera. And yes, I do now regret that when I was looking last year, I nixed the idea of a DSLR because it seemed complicated (though I am totally that person who will buy something electronic and never ever read the manual. Ever. Eyes crossing even now at the thought) and wanted to save some dollars.

I haven't made my mind up yet if I wanted to make the investment yet, but I am currently considering a Canon T3i with a 50mm lens. Seems like it would not only give me better options for my outfit pics, but it'll let me take richer pictures overall. Though it does make me ask - for a lackluster photog like myself, would a better camera automatically equal better pics?

I'd love to hear some advice from you ladies. Do any of you currently use a T3, and if so, what do you think? Or what kind of camera and lens do you currently use for your blog pics and are you happy with it? 

another navy blazer

Blazer: Cartonnier via Anthropologie brief meeting (reviewed here - sim, striped, deal, luxe)
Top: Limited button detailed (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Jeans: J.Crew hipslung (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: C.Wonder square stone (worn here - sim, sim, cute bows)
Bracelets: J.Crew wildflower (sim), C.Wonder pave initial, Sage K and Co via Etsy (sim)
Bag: Pour La Victoire roma (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim, sim, peep, luxe)

13 May 2013

Paddington Lisa

Hey, ladies! I'm back from my biz trip and was lucky enough to visit one of my fave cities on earth - London. I've got two more trips coming up this month, so here's a taste of my trip while I catch up on my blogging:

London - May13
 Trench: Banana Republic factory (retail version) / Top: Lands' End lightweight jersey / Necklace: Anthropologie ampay (sim bigger) / Bag: J.Crew
London - May13  London - May13
 London is a great contrast of the modern and traditional - case in point, London Shard and Tower Bridge.
London - May13  London - May13
 Champagne cocktail at a farmer's market along the Thames River / I had a croissant every single morning I was in London. Granted it's not particularly English, but any sort of baked good in Europe seems to be far and beyond better than what we carry in the States, boo.
London - May13  London - May13
 The main gate at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre -  though I was disappointed to learn it was a reconstruction / the London Eye, spectacular just to look at.
London - May13  London - May13
 Some of the characters along the South Bank - yes, they are totally grooving to Gangnam Style.
London - May13
 Walked the length of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Great retreat from the busy London streets - though we started out by my hotel in Kensington after a morning of work and my feet killed by the end of the day. Taxi, yes.
London - May13  London - May13
 Had my first taste of tiny British strawberries - what a nomtastic revelation / neon yellow painted townhome (wish the camera could have captured how truly bright and bold it was).
London - May13  London - May13
 Food in London keeps getting better and better. And I have a soft spot for traditional savory pies.

What I failed to capture was a fantastic dinner at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. Think tapas-style using local English ingredients, all for a good cause. The asparagus and cockles were de-diddly-icious.
London - May13  London - May13
 Memorial Walk through Kensington Gardens / English pubbing it - my new fave drink is a Pimm's and lemonade.
London - May13  London - May13
 It isn't a visit to London without an obligatory visit to Harrod's, decked out in The Great Gatsby-themed splendor. Of course, my favorite section are the food halls and their elaborate ceilings.
London - May13
Sweater: J.Crew factory charley / Jeans: J.Crew bootcut / Shoes: Artisan by Clarks herring (sim)
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