30 November 2012

Skinny Red

ribbons & red  patterned & red

Skinnies have been popular for a long while now but considering I'm not super-model thin, I don't wear them that often, and sure as heck have thus far stayed clear of colored ones. Why draw attention to areas of my body that I would rather want to hide?

And yet it's been a few years and it seems like the skinny jeans trend won't die is here to stay, so why fight it anymore? And with all the fantastic colors out there, I couldn't just keep hiding my bottom half in dark dim denim, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a trend that I wasn't completely sure I had the confidence to pull off. So I considered if serendipitous when I saw PhiPhi rock a pair of colored skinny cords with such aplomb - and from Old Navy of all place.

patterned & red  ribbons & red

I took a deep mental breath and I went big, buying a pair in the brightest red they made. And ended up playing around with two different looks (neutrals, people, neutrals, these jeans are not a quiet color):

So I'd love to get some feedback from you gals. How would you ladies recommend I try to wear these colored cords? And are you a fan of colored skinnies - and if so, what color palette do you favor and how do you wear yours?

ribbons & red  patterned & red

Outfit 1 
Jacket: Cartonnier by Anthropologie frontrunner (sim, sim)
Sweater: J.Crew cambridge (worn here - sim, sim)
Pants: ON rockstar pop-color cords (now on sale or sim, sim)
Necklace: gift (sim, simpler)
Bracelets: ON, Asos (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: J.Crew paulina (solid, peep, red/purple)

patterned & red  ribbons & red

Outfit 2
Sweater: Asos blanket wrap (worn here - sim, sim, sim, striped)
Top: Zara (sim, pricey)
Pants: ON rockstar pop-color cords (now on sale or sim, sim)
Ring: c/o INPINK turquoise polished stone matte gold (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Madewell film noir (worn here - sim, smooth)

paulina pumps

28 November 2012

Part of the Time

pink & navy  pink & navy

A dreary day with not enough daylight hours necessitated an indoor outfit shoot with artificial lighting, so since I already committed one style blogger sin, I threw caution to the wind and did another thing an illiterate techie like me shouldn't - I played around with the photo processing a bit (good, bad, or other).

Such is the life of a full-time clothes horse and spare-time blogger. 

pink & navy  pink & navy

As much as blogging is a fun hobby for me, I sometimes struggle to find time for it. Work, family, and "real life" often take priority. (And there are those days when I've got the time, but I'd rather just be sitting on my couch in a sweatshirt eating Cheetos and watching Doomsday Preppers).

I am a total tortoise when it comes to blogging, seriously. I can take eons to decide on an outfit to wear, hours (seemingly, but oft-times, literally) to put together a post, and always struggle to find the time to take pics. I completely over-think things, I'm sure.

So I'd love to know how you ladies do it. For those of you ladies with blogs, how do you find the time to fit blogging into your schedules? How much time do you think you spend on blog-related activities each week? Does blogging ever feel overwhelming?

pink & navy

Sweater: J.Crew buttoned boatneck (sim, sequinned, cardi)
Jeans: J.Crew destroyed matchstick (worn here - sim, pricey, steal)
Necklace: Pam Hiran via Anthropologie sparked agate collar (sim, simpler, steal)
Bag: Holding Horses via Anthropologie tasseled leather (sim, pricey, luxe)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim, sim, plain)

26 November 2012

In a New York Minute

Hi ladies - I hope those of you in the States had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! My apologies for my blog absence, but I've spent the past week visiting fam and friends in NY and TN. There was way too much food involved, an extra suitcase worth of shopping, and it was really neat to play tourist and see the City transform itself into holiday splendor while we were there.

It was tough to see some of the Sandy storm damage in my parents' neighborhood (mostly leftover stumps of massive trees that had fallen and roof damage to homes) but we noticed work crews in the area still working hard late into Thanksgiving evening.

I'll be back to regular blogging and reading soon, but in the interim, here's a medley of my NYC trip (photo-heavy, and can you tell a lot of food was involved):

NYC 1112  NYC 1112
Pretty much my uniform during my entire visit: my J.Crew factory envelope coat (latest version here), oh-so-comfy Born taro boots (sim here) and Pour La Victoire roma satchel (sim here). 

 NYC 1112
Central Park in its fall splendor.

NYC 1112
A sweet note on a park bench.

NYC 1112
My idea of the best pizza margarita in NYC at Lombardi's.

NYC 1112
Room service is meant for lazy mornings.

NYC 1112
Build your own Muppets at FAO.

NYC 1112  NYC 1112
Karl Lagerfeld edition Steiff bear at a couture price / Trump Tower

NYC 1112
We went to Times Square two nights in a row - the energy can't be beat.

NYC 1112
The burrata salad at Bond 45 - we bypassed the crowds by going during the evening Broadway 
shows and had an exceptional leisurely dinner with great service.

NYC 1112
Seafood risotto.

NYC 1112
My first Sprinkles experience. We had the vanilla, pumpkin and cinnamon sugar ones. 
Super cute, but not sure they were worth the hype.

NYC 1112  NYC 1112
Me in my NYC uniform again. Plus pulled-back hair to keep the craziness at bay.
Loafers are Aerosoles betunia (sim here for a steal)

NYC 1112
The architecture in NYC can't be beat.

NYC 1112
Crepes, ice skating and people watching at the holiday shops in Bryant Park.

NYC 1112
Some people have pie at Thanksgiving - we had chocolate babka.
(Speaking of babkas, anyone remember this episode of Seinfeld?)

NYC 1112
Turkey burger with sweet potato fries at the neighborhood joint Burger Heaven.

NYC 1112
Beers and history at P.J. Clarke's.

What have you ladies been up to this past week? Are you all shopped out yet? How were your Thanksgivings?

19 November 2012

Make Just One Someone Happy


I'm blaming it on the retailers, but I already have tiny little elves and pilgrims running around in my head as a constant reminder it's that time of the year. The anxiety starts creeping and pretty soon I’m overloading my brain with all the little lists of things I must do now now NOW, like make holiday plans, buy gifts, dishes to cook, who gets what, where do I go, what do I send, what do I pack, am I forgetting something, what's new, what's on sale, where did I put [insert anything] ...

layers  layers

So I consider it serendipitous when in my web surfing over the weekend, I stumble upon a phrase: Make Someone Happy.

There’s a wide birth of definition for that phrase, but that’s perfectly fine. I don’t think it requires grand gestures or extended use of time or resources. I feel like all it takes is a little bit of thinking outside of ourselves to make that happen.

layers  layers

Things other people have done to make me happy? It doesn’t take much to get me grinning, and I really appreciate the little things. Saving me the last Krispy Kreme donut. Telling me that I’ve done a good job in a recent work project. Taking me out to a fancy dinner – just because. Hugs from mom for encouragement. Getting tucked in at night. Seeing some long lost gal pals and going out for sangria and gabs.

In light of the upcoming holiday season (can you tell I can't get it out of my head already), it's getting to be time to not only indulge ourselves but to treat others as well. What do you do - past, present, future - to make someone happy?  What has someone else done that makes you happy?



Jacket: J.Crew Robert Noble herringbone (worn here - sim, pale, sim)
Sweater: J.Crew cambridge cable (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Top: J.Crew blythe (sim, sim, metallic dots, pricey, steal)
Jeans: F21 (worn here - steal, sim, sim)
Earrings: c/o INPINK turquoise beads & pearls dangling branch
Ring: c/o INPINK turquoise polished stone matte gold
Bracelets: ON & J.Crew via Ebay (sim, sim)
Boots: Frye 14L jane (same strappy, sim, sim, suede for a steal)
Bag: Brahmin sadie (worn here - sim, sim, suede, luxe)


Special thanks to the stylish folks at INPINK for letting me pick up some pieces from their collection to try. They've got a huge selection of jewelry in a wide range of price points to please pretty much every one. I had a hard time narrowing my choices, but I am loving my new turquoise stone pieces!


For those in the States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, ladies!

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