30 March 2012

A Round of Friday Mocktails

I'd like to think of us as a stylish group of modern ladies who are smart, witty and refreshingly self-deprecating. We are all a bunch of busy busy bees who often have a lot of balls to juggle and potentially few places to turn to when we feel like we're getting overloaded.

So I thought it'd be fun to start up an unofficial (bi)monthly - Friday Mocktails! - session where we can indulge each other over a little whine. I think for a lot of us in our daily lives, we're pushed to "keep it together" in our jobs, families, friends, etc. that it makes it hard to let ourselves vent when we need to. I feel like it is easier to mention the not-so-awesome happenings in our lives here in Blogtown because we're not directly involved - we're unbiased, not here to judge, just here to share a giggle over misfortune or offer an understanding nod of agreement.

And yes, I am openly inviting you all to come and moan over the sucky things that have happened, so if you prefer to keep it rainbows and sunshine, then stop reading and instead tell me how pretty my dress looks, bwahaha ...


Here's what I've been bemoaning recently -

I took my car into an auto body repair shop to get a quote to repair my bumper damage and it's going to run $400! To fix something I didn't do! And have I heard anything back from the punk that did this yet? Argh ...

How come I am missing a decorating gene? I went with the BF over the weekend to check out some furnishings and I could not have been more honey badger about the whole deal (or should I call it ordeal instead for the poor BF). I can spend hours looking for the perfect pair of brown wedges, but when it is time to look for wall decor or end tables, my eyes seem to roll into the back of my head and my Care Meter plummets to zero.

Work. Just ... work.

I started using retinol cream on my face again, albeit very sparingly and only about once a week. Stills burns, still gets me red-faced in a bad way. When will I learn?

IMG_3813  IMG_3810

Bethenny Frankel, you're beautiful, successful and hilarious. However if I owned that apartment under yours, I would want to kill you for thinking it is OK to be rollerskating and cartwheeling your way all around your home. Plus I get that you've got a film crew following you around, but why do you have to Bogart the entire sidewalk with you and your posse when walking in NYC? Nobody walks four-across. It's called common courtesy, lady.

Mom, I love you and appreciate you so much. But why do you like to call me during the workday to read articles to me from the paper that you think would be informative? Don't give money to strangers over the phone, don't go out with people I don't know, make sure I know where my belongings are when I am at the airport - OK, got it.

So what about you ladies for this Friday Mocktail session? Got anything you want to vent about, big or small? Any griping /grumbling / moaning /wailing you want to share with your fellow commiserators over a virtual round of cocktails?


Dress: Banana Republic faux-wrap (sim, pricey, structured, tunic, 3/4 sleeves)
Belt: Anthropologie via Spiffy (worn here - sim, pricey)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim, sim, sim, luxe, revo, lace, white cap-toe)
Necklace: J.Crew mini crystal wildfire (worn here - sim)
Bracelet: F21 faceted cube (worn here - sim, sim)

28 March 2012

Boho Lace Jambu

The great folks at Jambu recently asked me if I would try out a pair of shoes from their new spring collection and I jumped at the opportunity. Jambu is an eco-friendly comfort footwear brand that uses only recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging and partially recycled materials on their footwear. They also have an entire vegan-friendly collection.


I chose the Petal sandal and it was love at first sight. I've been looking for a light tan casual sandal for warm weather and I think these fit the bill to a T. The leather and rope detailing are nice. The wedge heels gives me a 3" lift (much needed for a shortie like me) without feeling like it, and the cushioned insoles and traction outsoles are super-comfy. I also found the Petal to be lighter than previous years' sandal models.

As for fit, I think the Petal runs pretty true-to-size to a tad small. I ended up ordering 1/2 a size up from my usual based on my other Jambus, but I think my normal would have worked as well (what can I say, I've got long toesies). My feet do border on being a wide width though, so I think if you ladies are narrow-footed, these may be a bit too wide for you.

IMG_3920  IMG_3916

What I don't like about the Petal? The parts of the insoles that are covered with a silky-satin material. While it isn't slick or too shiny (and honestly not really noticeable when you've got your foot covering it), I wonder if the material will get dirty easily or wear down quickly.

Wearing these totally made me feel a bit boho chic, so I had to pair the sandals with my Lunar Cycles wannabe top and some worn-in jeans. I wore this look over the weekend and must admit my feet were comfy-comfy through the entire day.




Top: F21 lace flutter (sim but pricey, more cas, looser, dress)
Jeans: J.Crew destroyed matchstick (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: Overstock (sim, sim)
Earrings: T+J Designs stone dangle (worn here - sim, longer, lighter, silver)
Bracelets: F21 stud, Old Navy enamel, Goody double wear (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: c/o Jambu petal (get them here, here, here)

26 March 2012

Striped Out on the Neon Cat

Nowadays, there are blogs popping up every day about every subject under the sun. I'm sure that for us in the style blogging community, new blogs are starting up every few hours if not every few minutes. There are tons of blogs out there, which means loads of inspiration for us readers and lots of people feeling open enough to express themselves through this platform.

But almost as quickly as new style blogs pop up, other blogs tend to fade away. Blogging take a lot of time and often other things (like life, work, family) take priority. Or someone just simply doesn't feel like doing it anymore.


As much as I did enjoy it, my first year of blogging was hard. As much as I know this whole deal is supposed to be fun and I'm only supposed to do as much as I want, at the beginning I felt like if I was going to get into blogging - I was really going to get into blogging.

For me and blogging, there was always the question of exactly how much of myself I should be sharing. Whether I was sharing enough. If my ramblings were at all interesting to anyone but myself. If my outfits were yawn-worthy. Staving off the pressure of wanting to keep up with the Jones' (the Jones' being the more popular style blogs with the drool-worthy wardrobes). Trying to find time every single day to put together a blog post. Writing replies to every single comment. Spending sometimes hours per day to read the 2,345,753 blogs on my reader list. Realizing there is but there isn't any real blog etiquette and we all kind of bumbling around trying to be honest but not hurtful to each other.

IMG_3874  IMG_3892

I had to really "sit myself down" and tell myself that this style blogging thing is not a contest, that I'm not going to lose readers just because I didn't feel like posting on a certain day, or that I'm not here to make money so I needed to stop thinking about it as a numbers game. I really enjoy blogging, and I didn't want to end up getting burned out by it and give it up, because to me that also felt like I'd be giving up everything that I'd done to date in blogdom (yes, yes, type A personality here).

For those of you with blogs, how do you keep yourselves from suffering from blogger burnout? Do you think that blogs - at least style blogs - have an "expiration date"?


Dress: F21 v-neck maxi (no longer online, check stores - sim, black, halter, tee-style, pricey)
Cardigan: J.Crew factory ocelot (worn here - sim, longer, open)
Belt: Asos fluro (sim)
Necklace: Anthropologie nueva granada (worn here - sim, sleek, more cas)
Bracelet: F21 (sim, sim)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here - sim, luxe, lower)

23 March 2012

The Back of My Closet

You know that whole deal about cost-per-wear? About how you shouldn't buy things that you couldn't immediately think of three different ways of wearing? That if something doesn't seem like it could instantly fit into your existing wardrobe, that you're spending your bucks in the wrong place?

Well I don't subscribe to any of that when it comes to me and my fashionable acquisitions.

The deep dark recesses of my closet and dresser hides many things. Most of them will get rotated through my outfits every few weeks. Some fave items I snag at weekly. Some items I adore so much that I am afraid to wear them a lot. And then there are the pieces that rarely every get out.


You know the ones. They were items that were going to "complete" your wardrobe when you fawned over them in-store or online and you swore it would go with absolutely everything and be The red skirt / blue pumps / animal print blouse that was going to end all red skirts / blue pumps / animal print blouses.

And you hem and haw over how "practical" the item(s) was going to be or wonder if you need another item in the same material and color as the six you already have, maybe sit on your hands until something hits sale. Maybe not. Maybe you needed it immediately.

IMG_3730  IMG_3721

Then you bring it home, try it in, ooh and ahh appreciatively at it, then put it neatly into your closet. And six weeks / four months / two seasons later, there it still sits, perhaps with the tags still on them.

Welcome to the drab dark world of my J.Crew thandie blazer, my Sam Edelman adena loafers, my Anthropologie castle lake dress. I could go on and on but I'm afraid I'd just embarass myself.

What fashionable items do you have that were going to be focal points in your wardrobe that have rarely (or never) seen the light of day? What have you bought and barely ever used?



Top: J.Crew solid perfect (worn here - sim, trimmed, sleeveless)
Skirt: Old Navy fold over (same larger, sim, maxi, as dress, sim-ish but really cute)
Shoes: Zara lined wedge (sim, sim, luxe)
Necklace: TheCircleisCast via Etsy (sim, pricey)
Bracelets: Old Navy & J.Crew (sim, sim, sim, sim, sim)
Ring: c/o JewelMint (worn here - sim, sim)

19 March 2012

A Juicy Contradiction

Thank you for your funny and kind comments over my Friday post - they made my day! Us virtual girlfriends should have no problem with a good bring-your-own-whine party (thanks, Julie, for giving this a name) - we gotta get our misery out every once in a while!

I'll be a bit MIA for a few days since I'm on a biz trip, so here's an outfit from last week - I'm tutti frutti'd out:


I'm pretty assured that I'll be sick when I get back because 1) four hours of recycled air in a big metal tube, 2) I saw Contagion and I am still a little freaked out, 3) it's supposed to be sunny and 70s in the left coast where I am this week but the Weather Channel people lied and I am here sans jackets or sweaters whilst it is cold, windy and wet, and 4) my schedule doesn't really give me much free time to go hunt myself down something cozy.

OK, while 4 is true, it does not mention the fact that I am by nature a cheap prideful person and refuse to admit to myself that I got so thrawted by the Weather Channel.  So instead of doing something like go buy a jacket so I can survive the rest of my stay, I bundle myself in about as many layers as I've got and hug myself close whenever I leave the hotel. I refuse to spend my hard-earned dollars on you, Weather Channel, and will not concede to this unplanned purchase.

A jacket to keep me warm I refuse to buy because it was unplanned and - gasp - sensible. And yet ... pink suede chunky platforms? Oh yes, please! Neon bangles? Necessary! Poofy pleather skirt appropriate for no real good occasion? Of course!

IMG_3678  IMG_3667

So I guess this means I am lacking in sartorial common sense? I'm too easily distracted by trendy sparkling things? I won't bat an eye at buying a sequinned sweater but consider it a "waste" to spend money on a basic white tee. Or rather, I hate the idea of having to spend money on things. Life things. Car insurance. Healthcare. A rug for the living room. A coat when I am cold and don't have twenty million hours to peruse coats on the Internet and look for the best deal and perfect fit.

(I'll be back to my regular posting and reading later this week ladies - have a fantastic Monday)!


Jacket: Zara trf printed (worn here - sim, darker, tropical, lighter)
Top: LEC boyfriend (sim)
Pants: J.Crew scout (worn here - sim)
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint rosemary (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: Laila Rowe (sim, sim)
Bracelets: Asos pyramid stretch & F21 (sim, sim, sim, luxe)
Bag: Brahmin croc-embossed sadie (worn here - sim, sim)

16 March 2012

Needing a Good Bottle of Whine

So between recent stress at work, diet and fitness headaches, upcoming travel I am not looking forward to, and just seemingly a day-gone-wrong on Thursday, I am having one heckuva good time here, let me tell you.

There's not a single thing that is mind-numbing overwhelming B A D, but it feels like Karma likes to catch up with me all at once. My workload has seemingly gone from zero to a gazillion in less than a week.


I am just never happy with my diet and fitness progress because though I know I am not big, I forever want to get more toned and perhaps lose a handful of pounds, but honestly it is taking a lot to keep me at my weight now - I like to eat, I want to eat all the time, and everything I want to eat somehow involves bread.

As for Thursday ... between a million little things that are getting to me, some dodo rear-ended my car on the street and just didn't happen to have his insurance info handy (small dent in the bumper, but enough to ruin my day, especially since I'm fairly certain I will never hear from him again).

And right before an important conference call I had to be in front of my laptop for and was doing at home in the office - into the room flies a lost and angry wasp. You try keeping your voice level while speaking to your company president while half-hiding under the desk and ducking a dive-bombing stinger.

IMG_3616  IMG_3622

So I'm ending my week feeling all whiny and I just want about twelve pairs of new shoes, a brand new bumper or how about just my old bumper with no dent on it and limitless vanilla soft serve to soothe my inconvenienced ego. And hopefully the wasp just decides to disappear and die and not decide to start building a nest in my office.

What do you like to do when you find yourself needing some cheering up? Do you allow yourself a good whine every now and again, or is life too short to be a grouch?


Sweater: J.Crew sunshine peony (worn here - sim, sim, sim, bold, pricey)
Dress: Maeve by Anthropologie slate stripes (worn here - sim, sim, in navy, luxe)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (sim, same in white, black, aqua)
Bracelets: F21 stud, J.Crew golden stripe, J.Crew bangle (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here - pump, peep, loafer)

14 March 2012

Some Things aren't Meant to be Understood

Being interested in fashion means that I like to try new things - trends or pieces that I previously haven't worn in the past. Skinny jeans was one of them. Cropped pants was another item. Though obviously not everything can be a winner. So I shrug, give an internal "d'oh!" and then move on. Maybe I'll try it again in a different way later. Maybe I'll throw my hands up and call it a day.

But what about those items you adore but other people just don't get?


Case in point, BF thinks of scarves as purely functional. It's cold outside and your neck is exposed, put on a scarf. If it's not cold enough for a woolen outer garment, then it is not cold enough for a scarf - which means in BF's world, scarves have no place. He doesn't get the whole "scarf as accessory" deal. And he feels strongly about it, because for a man who remains most silent about most of my sartorial endeavors, one thing he cannot keep his opinion to himself on is the scarf. Gosh forbid I try to pull off a cotton scarf with tee look. He says it's a southern thing (I don't know, is it a southern thing?) - I typically say hooey, but will acquiese because that is the one thing he will not relent on.

IMG_3565  IMG_3541

My friend T is bugged out by women who wear leggings as pants. According to T, leggings are just footless tights and should be treated as such. Which means leggings on their own sans other bottoms is equivalent to me pulling up a pair of Sheery Energy L'eggs and leaving the house. Which I guess I've done before because leggings are soooo comfy.

My other friend A cannot stand the low-rise anything. Why would any woman willingly put herself in a muffin top situation? Only about 0.0003% of the world's population can pull off a low-rise skinny pant and look fantastic. The rest of us schmoes have to camoflauge our fleshy spillage with long cardis or tunic tops. And don't we dare bend over! So why do that to ourselves?

What I don't get (that my sis loves)? Short sleeve turtlenecks. Are we hot or cold there?

So what fashionable items do you love that people in your life just don't get? And what puts your brows in a furrow?


Dress: J.Crew blythe (worn here - sim, more cas, v-neck)
Belt: J.Crew skinny (sim)
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger (worn here - sim, as bracelet)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim, point-toed, peep)
Bracelet: J.Crew golden stripe (worn here - sim, skinny, solid)
Bag: Brahmin croc-embossed sadie (sim)

12 March 2012

Pink and Green Leopard Spots

One thing that I've always enjoyed about winter is that it lets me slack off a bit on my "girlie duties."


No longer needing to shave my legs daily? Not having to do weekly pedicures? Not having to worry about covering up or evening out random ridiculous tan lines? I can have those extra two cannolis or 12 since I’ll be well-covered from neck to knee?

So as much as I adore the coming of longer brighter days, the onset of Daylight Savings just means that all this time I’ve saved being a secret slob is going to come back and bite me.

IMG_3393  IMG_3396

My ridiculously pale legs were perfectly acceptable last week but now other gals are starting to break out their gams and theirs are magically smooth, well-muscled and have that perfect just a “hint of the sun” tone. It’s also going to be harder to hide behind tights and pants on my lazy shaving days when everyone else is resembling a Nair commercial. I’ve got to do some work on my toes just so I don’t have to feel like a Hobbit when I go in for my first pedi of the season ah, first world problems. And I’ve started running to get back into shape – or rather, more like run-walks. Or mostly walking with spurts of running. OK, OK, more like a walk with mild jogging when it is time to cross the street.

What do you need to do to "prepare" yourself for the onset of warmer weather (i.e., fewer clothes)?


Sweater: J.Crew jackie (same worn in aqua here - sim)
Top: J.Crew vintage (worn here - sim)
Skirt: F21 pleated leopard chiffon (worn here - sim, sim, sim maxi)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (sim, same in black, white)
Necklace: c/o JewelMint (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelets: Goody double wear / F21 animal (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim, sim, patentsuede, luxe)

09 March 2012

Dress for It

In the past few days, the thought has crossed my mind that I am one of those people who dress for their blog. Before I started blogging, I had been interested in fashion and shopping, but my personal style was yawn-worthy to say the least. I never looked laughable or plain sloppy, but I wasn't one to get noticed either. I dressed to blend.


Having a style blog has really helped me get out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to experiment with fashion. I am inspired by the styles that you ladies have pulled together around me from a myriad of price and functionality points, and I strive to put together interesting but wearable ensembles to post on this blog.

Isn't it tedious to feel like I "have" to put something blog-able out almost daily? Sure, sometimes I can be less than creative when I have all of five minutes to be dressed and out the door, or sometimes I'll repeat an outfit I've posted before. Those are the days that I don't post, so no pressure. But on most days, I find it part of the fun to peruse my close and "style" myself.

IMG_3328  IMG_3332

So yes, more so than for the BF, or for the people at the office, or for my girlfriends, or random people out on the street, I dress for my blog. For you ladies. I may not wear what I think you would want me to all the time, but when I think outside of myself, I end up with something bolder, prettier, adventurous, more put-together. And while idealistic college Me would roll her eyes at the idea that I would base my worth on how I look, real life working Me knows that makes a difference. Looking better makes me feel better about myself.

I'm still Lisa - and love me or hate me for being me - but Lisa-in-a-flippy-skirt-and-pretty-heels walks taller and has more fun than Lisa-in-a-plain-sweater-and-sensible-shoes. I am a bolder, more colorful and confident version of myself.

What do you ladies think? Who do you like getting dressed for? If you have a blog, does it affect what you choose to wear?



Sweater: J.Crew old (worn here - sim, sim, striped)
Top: J.Crew fanfare (same print skirt, tunic)
Skirt: A/X old (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Sam Edelman kody (worn here - sim, flats, priceyluxe)
Bracelets: Target pearl, J.Crew bangle, F21 stud, Old Navy enamel (sim, sim, sim, sim)
Ring: c/o JewelMint (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: J.Crew old (worn here - sim, sim, sim, cheeky)

07 March 2012

Checking Up on Awkwardness

This may be in the realm of TMI-dom (and definitely in the land of random of randoms), but I had to go visit the lady doctor last week for a checkup. Just a checkup, nothing else. And as most of you ladies can already guess, it was – as it always is – an act of supreme awkwardness.

(Let me caveat things by saying that my doc is super-nice and professional. Her practice is modern, well-staffed, well-run. I have nothing bad to say about any of it.)


Two main observations in major awkwardness here:

It’s bad enough you’ve got to strip and don a paper vest for your visit. But in either a bout of cost-savings and/or efficiency, those paper vests at my doc’s office are now only about 18” long. So you not only have to get nekkid, but you have to sit there clutching together a little half-vest with the equivalent of a paper towel square on your lap while you bum just hangs free. That's after you figure a way to hoist yourself on top of that seemingly sky-high padded counter whilst butt out and clutching your paper napkin clothing.

And the second point? Look I get the point of conversation with the doc to kind of make the whole situation more comfortable and casual, but I’m sorry, there’s no amount of chit chat that is going to make me forget where I am and what is being done to me. I am staring uncomfortably at the ceiling while the doc’s wielding the equivalent of a flash light and a giant Q-tip. Though I know it is courteous, I’m really not interested in hearing about the kids and soccer at that moment.

IMG_3202  IMG_3211

I don’t know. I’m sure the majority of you ladies take those visits a lot more gracefully than I do with minimal amount of eyebrow raising. But you throw in the natural inconveniences of having to take time off to see the doc, find the office through the maze of medical office super-structures and never-ending hallways, having to wait regardless of what time your appointment was for, and then all the poking and prodding before you even get to the see the doc … well, as much as I admire doctors and nurses, I’ve never been thrilled with the process.

Any “wonderful” moments that you’d like to share about your visits to your lady doctor? Or what do you find awkward about visits to the doc in general?



Jacket: Zara (worn here - sim, sim, -ish here, sim)
Top: Ann Taylor colorblock cowlneck (worn here - sim, sim, -ish here)
Jeans: J.Crew bootcut (worn here - sim)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthropologie botanist heeled (worn here - same on sale, sim, sim, lower)
Bag: Cooperative by UO mixed media neon (worn here - sim, simlarger)
Bracelets: J.Crew & Old Navy (sim, sim)

06 March 2012

A Worthy Post

Here are some previous outfits that didn't make it to regular blog post rotation. Sometimes I have outfit pics that pile up because I didn't have the time for a "proper" blog shoot and aren't thrilled about the pics or I may have had an outfit but zero thoughts in my head that particular day. Or I may not consider the outfit completely worthy of a solo post because it is borderline on the meh side.

I used to be set on this being a daily "what I wear" type blog and was going to post outfits daily regardless. But that takes all the fun out of things. I don't want to blog like it's my job, plus some days my outfits just don't feel super-exciting. No one wants to see me in jeans and a sweatshirt. So why put myself (and you gals) through all that?

I know, this is just a hobby and I am free to post whatever the heck I want, but I figure if an outfit is boring me, chances are it'll bore you as well. I have to get dressed every day and I like fashion, so why not make it fun and do something interesting? And if we read each other's blogs for fashionable inspiration, why would I want to share something I don't consider all that fashionable or inspirational? Oh, you wore the exact same outfit again today that you did last Monday? Ground-breaking. So here's a medley of previous outfits, plus a pseudo try-on outfit that never made it out of the house.

How do you determine when an outfit is blog post worthy?


Jacket: Cartonnier by Anthropologie flipside (worn here - sim, sim)
Dress: c/o StyleMint broadway tee (sim, sim)
Belt: J.Crew (sim)
Shoes: Artisan by Clarks herring (worn here - sim)
Necklace: polishedtwo via Etsy (sim, pricey)


Top: by Anthropologie (sim, zip, sim)
Jeans: F21 skinny ankle (worn here - sim)
Boots: Born taro (worn here - sim, sim)
Bag: Cambridge Satchel (worn here - neon, patent, larger)


Top: LEC floral poplin (worn here - sim, sim, red, black)
Sweater: J.Crew cotton-silk (worn here - sim, not sim but leather-trimmed fab)
Jeans: J.Crew hipslung (worn here - sim)
Shoes: Aerosoles tassel wedge (worn here - sim, loaferpump)
Bag: Cooperative by UO mixed media neon (worn here - sim)
Bracelets: F21 stud, Target pearl, T+J Designs neon (sim, sim, sim)


Dress: Banana Republic large polka dot (sim, sim, dolman)
Sweater: Loft (worn here - sim, cashmere)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim, peep, pricey)
Brooch: Blinkeye via Etsy (worn here - sim)
Necklace as Bracelet: TheCircleIsCast via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Okay, I never really wore this outfit out - but this is what I would've worn if I had kept the dress and it wasn't too large for me.

05 March 2012

Mint-y New Shoes


Happy Monday, ladies!

The stylish folks at ShoeMint asked me to try a pair of their shoes recently and how could I refuse - pretty shoes for me, yes, please! ShoeMint shoes are designed by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez and made by Steve Madden.

IMG_3107  IMG_3105

ShoeMint is part of the StyleMint and JewelMint family and the concept is the same. Sign up by creating your style profile and checking out a selection of shoes. It's free to sign up and if you buy shoes, they're $79.98 each, which includes shipping - you can return or exchange your shoes for free too. It is shoe club, but there's no obligation to buy and you can cancel your membership anytime.


I selected the Rosemary pump in snake from their February collection. For an almost 4" heel with no platform, I was really surprised at the comfort. The insoles are pretty well padded and the embossed leather is structured yet soft. I found the shoes to run a tad large, though not enough to make me want to size down - there's just enough room for me to add a heel grip if I needed it. I don't usually wear a heel this high that isn't stacked or without a platform, but I trotted around in these a bit over the weekend to break them in and my feet survived surprisingly well (don't get me wrong though, it's still a 4" heel, so I ain't gonna go spend the day at Disney World in these babies on or anything ...)


Top: LEC heritage oxford (worn here - sim, striped)
Skirt: J.Crew crinkle chiffon (sim maxi, lighter)
Bracelets: F21 stud, Target pearl, T+J Designs rhinestone (sim, sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint rosemary

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Here's a special deal from ShoeMint for you ladies! Enter code RSPCTSH for 15% off your first pair of shoes!
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