29 February 2012

The Boob Tube

I've always had an affinity for slightly trashy TV, so when reality television became popular a few years ago, it was right up my alley. Case in point, I was a huge fan of the original Girls Next Door - oh Bridget, Holly, Kendra, I miss your good-natured PlayBoy bunny ways.


Watching real people and their over-the-top drama is a nice break from reality for me. Plus if it involves well-kept women, even better, because I can see what they're wearing. So it's no wonder than Mondays have become my new favorite evening for TV.

I usually start things out with my all-time favorite Housewife-turned-mogul Bethenny Frankel. She's borderline annoying and got a ton of personal issues, but she's hilarious and driven and a breath of fresh air from the regular played out random Real Housewife drama.

IMG_2891  IMG_2910

The entree is a course of fashion and humor mixed in for Brad Goreski - did you ladies see Monday night's episode? A Les Miserables-theme flash mob as an anniversary surprise? Oh my word, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to giggle with glee or fight the lump in my throat over the thought that so many people cared that much for him. I adore Brad, he makes bow ties, neon shorts and constant tears of joy for weekdays work.

The commercial breaks are taken up by flipping over to the food-themed shows on the Travel Channel - my neverfails, Bourdain and Zimmern.

Then to top the evening off, some glammed out wine-throwing drama from the Basketball Wives. Nothing like Louboutin-clad women beotch slapping it out in posh night clubs. It's completely drama for drama's sake, but at least they're pretty to look at.

What are your guilty pleasure shows?



Sweater: Guinevere by Anthropologie roaming ruffles (worn here - sim, plain, pricey, pink)
Top: Gillian & O'Malley by Target striped cami (worn here - sim, strappy)
Skirt: Zara elastic-waist (worn here - sim, sim, pricey, pricey)
Bracelet: J.Crew golden stripe (worn here - sim, sim)
Earrings: Target (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner ethel (worn here - sim)

27 February 2012

The Road Less Traveled

I sometimes like to play a little game with myself. It is completely pointless and accomplishes a whole lotta not much but random speculation, but it sometimes fun to ponder.

What's this game? I like to think back to big moments of my life and wonder what it would've been like if I had taken that other fork in the road. This is not a game of Regrets for me, I am not wishing for my life now to be something it is not. But these big decisions have obviously made my life drastically different from what it may have been. Two examples ...


Now this was far beyond my realm of control at the time, but when I was three, my family moved us from Taipei to the US. My entire extended family was in Taiwan and only my mom's mom was in the States at the time, so we knew practically no one. My parents had to start from scratch here, learn a new language, get jobs, a home, care for two young girls. We started out in NJ, and then moved to NY after two years. All my schooling has been done in the States, I sound like any other American girl, I got my first unofficial job when I was 14, can speak but can't write Chinese, was an English Lit major through college.

If we had stayed in Taipei, I would've had a huge network of family - my dad was the second youngest of seven siblings and I have twenty-something cousins. I obviously would've written and spoken Chinese fluently - would I even have known English? Would my interests be the same, would be career path be vastly different, would I have already been married, had kids?

IMG_2788  IMG_2799

Right after college, I decided to move across the country to be with my then-boyfriend. After my move, I got the first job that I could, in marketing, and signed the contract to my very first apartment rental. My relationship with then-boyfriend didn't last long after that, but I bought my first car out there, got into serious credit card debt, met a myriad of new people, determined my career path, found an independence and confidence in my myself that I could have never expected.

My career path during college was in publishing and my then-dream was to become a book editor. I also had friends who were studying to be gallery managers, psychologists, business analysts - we were going to become the  real life version of Sex and the City. Life not being like a stylish sitcom however, book editing jobs being difficult to come by and salaries rarely  enough to afford a lifestyle with big loft ceilings in Tribeca - would I still be living at home? Would I be playing the dating game? Would I still be close to my then-BFFs? Would I have gotten a job in a vastly different field than I studied for, been allowed to travel, had any interest to start a style blog?

Do you sometimes think back to big decisions in your life and wonder what may have happened if you made the other decision? What were some key decision points in your life?


Sweater: Old Navy 3/4-sleeve (worn here - sim, pricey, casual, white)
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Necklace: J.Crew resin colorblock (worn here - sim, sim, sim, pricey)
Shoes: KC Reation swim n fool (worn here - sim, platform, point-toed)

24 February 2012

Comfort as a Luxury

I think we are all pretty familiar with the idea that sometimes comfort takes a backseat to looking good. Between the platforms, girdles, tucks, pushups, shapers, zippers, stilettos, it is a wonder we can look so polished and calm through the day.


My favorite go-to piece for feminine torture are high heels. My toes have resigned themselves to being smashed up during the day and my ankles know they will almost always be cold - and occasionally stabbed by an errant heel. I'm typically most comfy in 3-inchers but I've sported my share of heels in the 4-5 inch range - as long as the heels are stacked and I can go slow, I have a chance of surviving the day. Granted, I do keep a pair of flats under my desk at work and as soon as I get home ... feet freedom.

I am also almost always cold in general, whether it be 30 degrees or 80 degrees out. And while I loathe being cold, slim jacket sleeves and pretty silky frocks aren't conducive to overlayering so I am kind of all-the-time borderline close to goose bumps.

IMG_2631  IMG_2612

My last item of style-over-comfort is the pencil skirt. I used to avoid them because I mildly resembled a dog with the leash wrapped around its legs when I try to walk in them. Going up the stairs required me to kind of swing my hips and almost cross and uncross my legs as I advanced up. While the silhouette is oh so flattering, don't even think about having a big lunch or being particularly mobile that day. But I do have a bunch of pencil skirts. And they are oh so flattering. So what's a girl to do ...

What I refuse to do for the sake of fashion though, is wear a shaper. The idea of being sucked and tucked in like sausage in a casing is enough to turn me off, plus I want to feel the clothes I am wearing and can't do it if I have a shaper on underneath. Skin-touch is important to me because it lets me know that things are where they should be. It's like when you wear tights - with them on, you can't feel whether or not there's skirt covering your backside or you're just free-mooning the world.

What is your pain threshold for style? What do you typically endure for the sake of fashion and what's your limit? Or do you value comfort above all and will not compromise?


Jacket: Zara trf printed (sim here, here, here, cropped, cropped)
Shirt: LEC floral poplin (worn here - sim short-sleeve here, sleeveless, black)
Jeans: J.Crew destroyed matchstick (worn here - sim here, here)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim here, blue, flats)
Belt: J.Crew embossed (sim here, here)
Brooch: Blinkeye via Etsy (worn here - sim here)
Bracelet: F21 stud (sim here, luxe)

22 February 2012

Catching Up to Myself

I do pretty well at blathering on and on about stuff endlessly on my posts, and that's how I am in person too - quiet if you don't know me, chatterbox once you do. What I think I lack is following back up with you ladies regarding things I've vented about previously. I think I drop loads of whine and no resolutions. So please consider this a bit of a hold me accountable catch-up post for you all:


My retinol experience
Despite the face-on-fire burning sensation and crinkled red texture of my face for a few days, I can now grin, bear it, and will actually give retinol a thumbs up. Since it didn't kill me, I honestly think it has improved my complexion. However, take my red face as a example and heed these items if you plan on purchasing any retinol serums in the future (combined mix of advice from other retinol "victims", fashion mags, product reviews:

•  Do not exfoliate and retinol on the same days. In fact, don't exfoliate or retinol daily unless your derm has told you otherwise.
•  After applying retinol, wait at least 10 minutes for the product to absorb before putting on your moisturizer and regular products. Retinol and oil-based cosmetics no likey.
•  Definitely use SPF during the day.
•  If you feel your face burning after you apply retinol, it doesn't mean it's working. Burning means hurt. Hurt bad.

My health and diet
I'm currently using the MyFitnessPal app and though I know there are a ton of variables with calorie counters, it has proven to be a great guide so far in helping me manage my daily calories and track my workouts. Oh, I already had two donuts for breakfast? Probably shouldn't also have this piece of pie for dessert ... but it's only 200 calories ...

IMG_2490  IMG_2523

My mid-winter rut
To beat the lack of finding interest in anything, BF and I have agreed on a date activity at least once a week. We didn't want to setup a specific night or activity in case we end up feeling like we "have" to do it. The activity can be anything big or small - it is mostly a reminder for us to try new things.

Last weekend, we drove about an hour away (an hour because we got lost - this is what happens when BF thinks he's smarter than the GPS) and went to Marietta Diner which we heard about from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - I know for late lunch/early dinner, then right across the street to Krispy Kreme for dessert. It was not a big deal by any means, but it was food baby bliss, and out of the way enough to be considered activity-worthy.

BF and I have also agreed that when we see some cool activity or event come up on LivingGroupSocialOn, we just go ahead and buy the tickets and not hem and haw about what our schedules may be like - because of course we're not busy, we didn't buy the tickets!

My mice situation
Remember when I went eye-to-eye with my own little furry nemesis? And then kind of went "aww ..." No-kill traps purchased. Way more trips to non-descript field a few miles from the house made than we'd like to admit. Mice seem to have gotten the point and realized I will not be sewing them teeny tiny clothes this winter.

Do you find yourself always having to catch-up with yourself? How do you keep yourself honest with the stuff you mention to your friends or on your blog?


Cardigan: J.Crew factory ocelot (worn here - sim, sim)
Top: J.Crew vintage cotton (worn here - sim)
Skirt: Limited high-waist (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: c/o JewelMint (worn here - sim, pricey)
Bracelets: Asos pyramid stretch, F21, Overstock (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here - sim, cas peep, loafers)

20 February 2012

Batik with a Broom

I adore my BF, that is definitely no secret. There is so much good about him. Shoot, someday in the near future, we hope to get this whole "wedding" thing squared away so we can make things legal. But as much as I love BF, why don't the men in our lives just get it and change themselves to suit our needs?

Innocently whistle and stare up at the ceiling after that comment. Give things a beat.


I've mentioned BF's "eclectic" method for not keeping things at home liveable before and we've have more than one argument passive aggressive comment conversation before about we both need to pull our weight around the house. But I still can't help but to be angry about the fact that in the world according to me I definitely pull a lot more than is my share at home.

I guess I should have paid more attention when BF and I first started dating. When BF had his own place, the man used a 55-gallon bin for his trash. He kept his clean clothes on top of his dryer and his dirties under the sink in the bathroom. He had marathon cleaning session about once a quarter. The back seat of his car could be neater. He has had the same bath robe for the last 10 years at least.

IMG_2561  IMG_2566

I won't get into the details of what I do for the home everything versus what BF does the floors - except he doesn't. I've tried the whole not do anything deal and see if the BF catches wind of the mess and starts picking up. Problem with that is when the person you're trying to teach a lesson to has a vastly different idea of what is clean than you do, the deal does not work.

But let's face it, it's unfair for the BF to think that he could ever live up to my OCD expectations on home cleanliness. I can be manic. I like my laundry sorted before washing. I enjoy cooking - prepping food especially. I prefer the couch pillows fluffed and blankets folded. Bed sheets washed weekly and countertops clear and crust-free. Things generally put away in their proper places (yes, I live in a world where things do have their proper places).

How do you get the men in your lives to do anything close to their share of the house chores? Or at least have you ladies found a compromise on chores that works for you?

We're expecting sunny, near 60 degree weather in the SE today, ladies, and after a weekend of chilly wetnes, I felt the uncontrollable urge to
break out my whiter than white legs again! So sadly pale - what would the Jersey Shore crew think ...

Top: J.Crew perfect boatneck (worn here - sim, sim, as dress)
Skirt: Edme & Esyllte by Anthropologie helios batik (worn here - sim, sim, maxi)
Belt: Anthropologie skinny weave (worn here - sim)
Bracelet: J.Crew golden stripe (sim, sim, as ring)
Ring: Banana Republic (sim)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - simple, luxe, stacked)

17 February 2012

Five Minutes With Carol {In Pursuit of Pretty Things}

It makes me feel a bit old, but I've been reading style blogs since late 2010 (was that really two years ago? Yikes ... time ...) And one of the fun things I enjoy about this blogging community is that because we only get to experience a glimpse of each other through our blogs, even after two years of reading someone's blog, I am learning new bits and pieces about some of my fave bloggers.

So I am happy that in this edition of Five Minutes With ... we get to spend a few moments with the other half of In Pursuit of Pretty Things - full-time professional, mom, wife, style blogger extraordinaire - Carol!

1. Most people don’t know that I love picking up the day’s mail. You never know what’ll be in there!

2. The antics of Rowan and Kate (my kids) make me smile.

3. I hate having to decide on my favorite anything. There are so many things I like.

4. Talking with friends is what I am most likely to be found doing during a party. I’m a bit of a chatterbox.

5. The best thing I like about blogging is getting to work with my co-blogger (and super good friend) Kathryn.

6. My least favorite thing about blogging is not being able to respond to all the comments readers leave. I wish I had more time in the day.

7. Realizing that I couldn’t be without my friend (now husband), Lawrence, was the moment that changed my life.

8. I can’t live without my morning coffee.

9. My favorite part of the day is after dinner, when my family gathers in the family room to just relax, play, and be together.

10. A stinky fish dish (I thought it was fried tofu!) was the worst thing I ever ate. I kind of hated that. Yech.

11. To be brave is to act on your principles, even when you’re scared out of your wits.

12. You can tell I am angry when you see the look on my face. Apparently, it’s an open book. I’d make a terrible spy. Or poker player.

13. Fish scare the heck out of me. (Typing that actually just made me shudder.)

14. My favorite useless skill is being able to spot the most costly item in a store and fall in love with it, in under 10 seconds flat (and not because it’s the most costly – I always figure that part out after the falling-in-love part).

15. Really bad, corny jokes crack me up. For instance, what did the parents of Obi Wan name their second son? (Obi Two. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! So funny! Yeah, I’m that friend…)

16. If I had a theme song, it would be No Such Thing by John Mayer. The best of me is still hidden up my sleeve, you know. And I’m invincible as long as I’m alive. Though, I should probably point out that I have no desire to run screaming through the halls of my high school. Unless, I happen to be chasing Hugh Jackman and he decides to cut through my old HS campus….

17. Getting yet another shot at becoming awesome (or just incrementally better, I guess) at fill-in-the-blank is what I am most looking forward to about the start of a new year.

18. My idea of a dream come true is a house that stays perpetually clean, without any effort on my part. Can you imagine? Happy sigh….

19. I love being asked to take on new projects. Fun new projects. Exciting, fun, new projects. Yes.

20. Snuggling down under the covers in bed with a good book is my favorite way to stay warm in the winter.

Thanks for playing along, Carol, and for keeping us entertained with your style, adorable kids, wit, and your blogger partner-in-crime, Kathryn!

If you ladies would like to catch Kathryn's feature, just click here!

16 February 2012

In a Rut with My Heels On

I think my life has been pretty blah of late. Every day is the same-same - get up, go to work, come home, veg, go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again. Throw in a sprinkle of dinners out, workouts, dog outings and weekend food trips and you pretty much get my routine for the past few weeks.

Now I know these mundane things are what make up a life but mine of late just seems like such a snore. I spend my time wishing the work week gone and then feel like I piddle the weekend away anyways because my brain can't seem to muster the energy to figure something to do.

Just a few nights ago we had a friend visit us from out-of-town and BF and I spent about an hour dawdling over what restaurant to take him out to. What did we end up doing? Went to an old standby. I talk about taking the pup to a new dog park over the weekends and by Saturday I'm Miss Excuses Not to Go. I flip through recipe books and cooking mags like I typically do for inspiration and nothing catches my eye. I don't think I've tried a brand new recipe since the beginning of the year.

Even when I look through my closet nowadays, I am a bit at a loss for what to put together. I keep a notebook where I usually scribble down some outfit pairings since they sometimes come to me at a whim, but my options are dwindling thin. I feel like I've tried a whole lotta just plain bad looks in the morning rush.

Shoot, apparently I am so stuck in my nonspirational rut that I can't think of anything better to write about - wah!

IMG_2430  IMG_2438

So please help me out ladies. My life seems like a whole lotta vanilla right now. Short of something drastic like selling my belongings and moving out to a small hut in South America, what do you do when you feel like you need to shake things up in your life? How do you break from the daily routine? How do you keep things in day-to-day life interesting?


Jacket: F21 knit moto (worn here - sim here, boucle here)
Top: Lands' End Canvas floral poplin (worn here - sim pricey here, sheer here)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim here, quilted here)
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger (worn here - sim here, as bracelet)

15 February 2012

Inspiration or Perspiration?

I don’t know, ladies. Sometimes I feel like I am missing that all-important inner voice that tells a gal that just because it works on her, doesn’t mean it’ll work on you. Then again, I appreciate being a bit sartorially unpredictable, as I tend to easily to fall into the lap of a certain fashion uniform. However, I don’t think I am high fashion enough to be considered unpredictable in a good way most times. But I like trying new things. Though those “new things” may only be new to me.


Thus what got me thinking about Inspiration or Perspiration? Inspiration because as a person who would likes to put together her ensembles in unique yet pleasing manners, I am always curious to see who or what inspires another individual - whether it be another outfit, a pair of shoes, an image, a color. Perspiration because you're going to spend the day sweating over that sometimes things may just plain look better in your head than reality. Whatever it is, I'll pull something and attempt to recreate the look with a Lisa spin to it while making it appropriate for daily consumption.

IMG_2393  IMG_2394

My effort this week is quite literal, as I saw this outfit on Atlantic-Pacific, which made my mind twirl with potential, mostly because I have some of those pieces and blogger Blair pulled the look off with that whole casual “effortless chic” thing I am all-the-time grasping at straws at.

(I may or may not still be grasping because I think I took something that looked so laidback quirky/cute and made it a little too over-done.)

Where do you tend to find most of your sartorial inspiration? Do you find it mostly from seeing what others wear, or from paintings, colors, a specific item, etc.?


Dress: J.Crew maritime (worn here - sim embellished here)
Dress: Pim + Larkin polka dot belted 
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy (worn here - sim purple here)
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Seychelles via Anthropologie raines (worn here - sim here, here, pricey here, solid here)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel / J.Crew bangle / F21 stretch (sim here, here, here)
Belt: Anthropologie skinny weave (worn here - sim here, wide here)

13 February 2012

Basking in the Warmth of the Sun Rays


Here I was last week babbling on about how fake-cold a winter it is in the SE and we got blasted this weekend by some teeth chattering winds. So much for baring my legs - I can do 40s and even high 30s for short periods, but exposing my gams in 20-something degree weather, no thank you!

Now when winter is finally rubbing its hands together and giving me a big ole "I'll show you, lady" pretty much all across the US, I of course can't get spring out of my head. Filmy frocks in pastel-y shades, preppy pedis, bouncy ponytails, ankle-strapped sandal-y goodness.

IMG_2325  IMG_2321

I'm dreaming of picnics in the park, planting a rainbow of pretty new flowers, bouncing over big wet puddles in my rain boots, sunning myself on my patio, standing outside licking a big ole ice cream cone - sure these are all the things I've never done in real life due to a multitude of reasons mosquitoes, not having a green thumb, no enjoyment in getting wet, freckling but that sound really swell right now as I dig out my gloves and scarves.

I have to admit to already having indulged myself in a few spring-y new frocks (not to mention my bulging full spring wishlist of colorful sandals and shorts that I am sitting on my hands on because it'll be no time soon that I'd have a chance to wear those items):


What's on your spring sartorial wishlist? Have you already started making purchases for your warmer weather wardrobe? Or what existing items in your wardrobe are you anticipating to being able to bust out of your closet?


Jacket: Cartonnier by Anthropologie hello sunday (worn here - sim here, here, pricey here)
Top: Fei by Anthropologie buttondown cowlneck (worn here - sim here, simpler here, luxe here)
Skirt: Loft patch pocket scuba (worn here - sim pencil here, stretch here)
Tights: DKNY
Boots: Type Z (worn here - sim here, here, here)
Bracelet: F21 faceted cube (sim here, in gold here)
Nails: Sally Hansen rosy future

10 February 2012

The Burn


So remember when I was crowing about trying some new products to help my skin out? Well, I think I may have been a wee too enthusiastic as I am currently nursing what looks like a facial sunburn and feels like my face is on fire. My eyelids are bright pink, my cheeks feel tight and it stings all over.

I had been using the Olay brush about once a day for over a week now with no ill side effects but a few days ago I started using the retinol serum. Just a bit right before bed time since I’ve heard it can be quite strong. Well, I did that for about three nights straight and then … well, it burns. I guess all those reviews with the ladies saying to start off with the serum once every few days so your skin could get used to it – who would have thought so many women could be right? I know ...

IMG_2293  IMG_2282

Thanks to cover-up and powder I look normal enough to be out in public but my co-workers have definitely noticed that I am more flushed than usual. Like I've gone crazy with the blush on my eye lids and sides of my face. And I silently sit here in my crunchy-skinned prison while everything on my face just hurts. I've obviously stopped using any of my new products as it literally stings when I smooth moisturizer on my face and it's been two days already. Heed the user warnings on the retinol, ladies, that stuff is secretly fierce!

So throw this on top of my previous hair disasters (tiger striped at-home highlighting / self-mutilating bang cutting), eating well woes and continuing "battle" with style. I'm having a good ole time here being me, haha!

Anyone else have any beauty-related woes they want to share to make me feel more normal?  ;o)


Jacket: Juicy Couture (worn here - sim here, here)
Top: H&M (worn here - sim here, pricey here)
Skirt: F21 pleated leopard chiffon (worn here - sim here, midi here, maxi here, luxe here)
Brooch: Blinkeye via Etsy (worn here)
Necklace: c/o JewelMint
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim here)

08 February 2012

My Blogging Best

I love perusing a variety of style blogs for my continuing daily sartorial education – inspiration for a different way to wear a piece I currently own, insight on how some new items may fit a real person, ideas for unique outfit combinations, general camaraderie. But sometimes I may see a particularly out there ensemble and I wonder about the practicality of wearing that out in the world – who can wear a sheer dress to the office? does that person really trek the hills of San Fran in those 6” wooden platforms? how does that gal wear a mohair sweater and two armloads of blinged out bangles and not snag herself through the day?

I know there are loads of different style bloggers out there – ones who purely put together outrageous concoctions for their readers then go back to their daily lives and normal garb, and ones who show what they are really wearing for the day – good, bad or other. I obviously veer towards the latter group, because honestly I don’t have the brain power to put together trend-making ensembles nor the time in the mornings to change into completely different outfits.


However … I have "fudged" on certain things related to how you see me on my blog and what actually works for me in my real life. Here are some truths about my style blogging -

♠ Absolutely I will do stuff like wear my jacket on my shoulders because I’m pretty much always cold at work. However I only do this when I am sitting at my desk. If I’m outside, I am wearing my jacket (like arms through the arm holes wearing), and if I’m moving around indoors doing stuff, that jacket is over my chair and so I can avoid the whole strolling around like some visiting dignitary look.

♠ I do go bare-legged in the winter. Because winter in the SE is laughable most of the times, and because though I get cold often, my legs don’t seem to feel it. Though my toes do get cold, they are usually so smashed up in my shoes it makes no difference - ah, fashion.

♠ The bags I carry in my outfit shoots are the ones I carry for the day. I am ridiculously organized when it comes to the contents of my bags and I usually just have my wallet, keys, phone and cosmetic bag. If my bag is small, I totally am anal retentive and will switch to a smaller wallet. No purse in pic? Means I either haven't bothered to change it from last time and don't think it is a blogging match with my outfit, or I've also been known to shove my wallet and stuff right into my laptop bag for ease.

♠ I do wear the shoes in my pics to work. But I also am well aware of the days when I will be out and about and the ones where I’ll mostly be behind my desk. I have a pair of flats under my desk for unscheduled activities that I will d i e doing if I had to keep my sometimes awkwardly high heels on.

IMG_2206  IMG_2208

♠  You get to see my purses – you don’t get to see the giant laptop bag I also lug around.

♠  I usually throw my trench coat over whatever I’m wearing for extra warmth.

♠  My pics are normally taken at the beginning of each day – way before I am at my flat-headed and wrinkled "best" at 5pm.

♠  Sometimes I’ll take off some bracelets and/or rings through the day if I have to do a lot of computer work – I can’t stand to have my jewelry banging and clanking around all the time!

♠  My office is business casual-casual so I can get away with wearing jeans, shorts, minis. But I typically only wear Bermuda-length shorts to work and will only do minis with dark tights and on days I know I don’t have any customer or executive interaction.

So here's a nutshell and there I am. Are there any style blog photo liberties that you take between what you show on the blog versus what you really wear out into the world? Are there some items that you can't believe bloggers would actually wear out to more than do photo shoots in?


Sweater: J.Crew tippi (worn here - sim here)
Skirt: J.Crew no. 2 double serge wool (worn here - sim minty here, bluer here)
Jacket: J.Crew tweed khaki (worn here - sim plaid here, solid here)
Necklace: J.Crew resin colorblock (worn here - sim dark pricey here, here)
Bracelet: Sweet Auburn Studio via Etsy (worn here - sim pricey here)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (worn here - sim here, slingback here, luxe here)
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