13 January 2012

Making Friends

This is old news by now, but I still can't help but still be miffed that Google Friend Connect is going away, at least for non-Blogger sites. As a non-techie gal, my introduction to the world of blogging came through Blogger because it was easy to get  set up. I started following blogs through GFC because it was an easy extension of my Blogger account and it seemed like the GFC tag was everywhere, at least for the blogs I frequented. But now - this change?


Now if you host your site through Blog, you apparently are unaffected and can continue to utilize GFC to your heart's content. But if you're not on Blogger? Well, it is sounding like you have until March 1 to figure out another way to have your readers follow your site. (Kelly did a pretty thorough overview of this here, and it was also covered by IFB here).

I know this is mixed news for people - you either don't care, are running down the halls trying to figure out what to do with your blog or you're relieved that "the popularity contest" of GFC numbers may be behind a lot of us. I am admittedly pretty naive when it comes to blog following - I always thought GFC was the only way to follow a blog. Why else would everyone have a GFC gadget displayed so prominently on their blogs?

IMG_1315  IMG_1280

Is GFC a bit of a numbers game to see follower figures in that kind of awkward box? Sure, absolutely, but you can just as easily see it on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc. Do I think that the number of GFC followers affect whether or not someone chooses to follow - or not - a blog, or what its content is worth it? Heck no. Though yes, advertisers do look at that sort of stuff, but come on, how many of us are making any sort of living with our blogs?

I use Blogger so I am technically unaffected, but I can't help but to hate change. Especially on a platform where I feel precarious as is - platform for me meaning computers in general - one change usually signals the start of more changes in my brain (Google+, anyone?). And as much as I'd like to just sit here and be all like "numbers don't mean a thing," my numbers do mean a lot to me. It has taken me over two years of actively posting to have the following I do now on GFC, and I continue to be extremely flattered that so many of you choose to read my blog. I feel like I "know" so many of you and love this little hobby of mine - I know I'm totally being selfish and vain here, but I 'd hate to think of anything that could affect it!

What are your thoughts about GFC going away for some blogs? Are you affected? How do you keep track of the blogs you read?


Sweater: For the Republic (worn here - sim-ish here, BW here, purple here)
Top: Lands' End Canvas floral poplin (worn here - sim big dots here)
Skirt: H&M pleather (worn here - sim here)
Tights: UO graphic scroll (worn here - sim sheer here, color here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here - sim pleather here, flower here, beaded here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (same in baby blue, lavender)
Shoes: Franco Sarto gamble (worn here - sim here)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel, F21 animal (sim here, here, here, here)

(BTW, looks like Blogger is making some updates recently - hello "reply" button! But has anyone else had any issues accessing some blogs? Some blogs are blanking out on the screen if I try to click to specific posts to comment - assuming these are temp glitches? Maybe?)


  1. Hey Lisa! I totally know what you mean regarding the blogger glitches, I'm having trouble posting onto any blogs that don't have pop-up comments (I hope this comment posts!) and seeing some pages in general. I hope this gets fixed soon - I thought it was just my computer.


  2. Totally agree with you with the not liking change part but even though I started using GFC I made the switch to bloglovin a while ago and I haven't looked back. I do have a GFC thingy on my blog page but in all honesty I think bloglovin is the shit. To me, it looks/feels more organized than GFC so I am not really sad about letting it go but I understand how a lot of people will have to transfer all their blogs to a different following tool.

  3. Hey Lisa! I love your skirt and dotted blouse. Both are super cute. You look pretty. Despite initial discussions about it, I don't think the idea of GFC going away for non BLOGGER members has actually "hit" many people yet. It's going to be a big shakeup. I'm going to put together a list of everyone that is on Wordpress etc. that I wish to stay connected with so I don't lose touch. Yes, there's bloglovin but I just glance to see what people are talking about and then go to there post. I need something more concrete until this all settles down. Thanks for bringing it up for discussion. I'll refer back to see what others have to say. Have an awesome weekend!


  4. I use Blogger, so I am not affected. Also, I follow blogs with Bloglovin so I am not affected. Also, I have no idea how many GFC followers I have nor do I keep track, so I am unaffected. However, I have thought about getting the word out that I am on Bloglovin. I follow you Lisa and I always will *intro Celine single* because I love your thought provoking words, your clean, crisp and classic style and your cute puppy. Love your look and a great topic as usual!

  5. Oh my god, I didn't even notice the new "reply" feature in the comments until you pointed it out. I am so oblivious! I think it's silly that GFC is going away, but is it weird that I bookmark all of the blogs I follow? It's kind of a pain to see who has updated that way because I have to go through every single bookmark (I regularly visit A LOT of people), but I've always been wary of... well, everything technology-oriented, haha. Mainly because I'm so inept. I LOVE your outfit today, though! The blouse and necklace are perfect together, and those funky tights are calling my name...

  6. I'm also having issues with pages not loading and having problems commenting on some blogs. Frustrating.

    I have all my blogs listed in Google Reader and I can visit them there or see them in Flipbook on my iPad.

  7. I had no idea until you posted about it! So thanks for sharing the info! I also noticed that blogger has been making some serious changes lately. Even with the reply button ( which I do love) I decided to recently switch my comments to Disqus anyways. I like the conversation aspect it can provide, and I'm not sure how accurate the reply button is on blogger just yet. We shall see!

  8. Masterful pattern mixing - love that sweater! I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours to date. :D
    I use bloglovin to follow others, but I think the end of GFC will be disruptive for many. I've also been having problems with Blogger! I've had trouble getting into disqus from my own blog to reply to others. Also, other folks' blogs are not loading, or loading very slowly.

  9. i can definitely see how frustrating it would be for larger blogs. my blog is so small that it probably won't make a difference at all ;) but yeah, i just started blog lovin' and will likely add a counter instead of the normal widget just cause i like seeing how many followers i have. vain? yep. but hey, it's nice to know people like what i post sometimes. love all the patterns in this outfit of yours. you continue to amaze me post after post. happy friday!

  10. OMGGGOSH!! i love this outfit!! the print of your cardigan sweater is so pretty!! and i LOVE that you paired it with dots!! so cute!! i love it!

  11. Thank you so much for this fantastic post!
    As a fairly new blogger, I can swallow this change so much easier than someone who has thousands of GFC followers. You work so hard to build connections with readers, that it has got to be frustrating for many bloggers to see those connections be severed.
    I will probably start pushing Bloglovin' and Twitter more. And maybe Google+ (although i just started toying with the idea of a Facebook...) Gosh - so many things to keep up with! lol!

    XO - Marion
    PS - you look amazing. Love this blouse...I'm actually wearing something super similar on my blog today! Great minds think alike :-)

  12. Thank you for the shout-out Lisa! I've been toying around with Bloglovin' and I'm liking it so far. I subscribe to most of my blogs through Google Reader though.

  13. Lisa,
    You do such a good job of crafting your blogposts as "having coffee with a friend". I would bet that some of us also feel like we "know" you. Because of your lively personality and your undeniable sense of style, I will keep reading you/following you, GFC or not!

  14. There was a glitch a little while ago where I couldn't access the blogs I followed on my reader. I almost freaked out when I thought I lost all the blogs I followed. But then it came back, thank goodness. Loving the pattern mixing, btw!

  15. Lisa, your outfit rocks.

    I don't even know how to use GFC, even though it's on my page. I'm a shameless Luddite.

  16. wow! I love that sweatter and the blouse just works perfectly. i love how you paired this whole ensemble especially that added thin orange belt :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. I am loving your blog and style girl! Definitely following on GFC and bloglovin :) hope we can follow each other!

  17. I've been having issues commenting on some blogs...I keep having to refresh the page!

  18. I'm so glad I found your blog because I had just started hearing about GFC going away so I assumed it would on mine too and I used to totally think the GFC was the most important aspect of tracking followers. I'm glad I'll still be able to use it since I do use blogger but I feel bad for others. I really like your style and the way you write. So glad I didn't switch to bloggers new Dynamic views which I almost did because that doesn't allow you to have GFC at all.

    PS folllowing you now of course on GFC heheh

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time to stop by :)

  19. I have no idea what to do about the GFC fiasco - I'm also surprised by the lack-of-warning to people. I've really only heard about it through word of mouth, and you think they'd be a little more proactive about it.

  20. It was new news to me! Thanks for the info Lisa! Smart and stylish as always!

  21. I've been meaning to ask my readers this question too, out of curiosity. I've never thought GFC was an accurate number portrayal of who actually followed, but I do still feel bad for extremely popular blogs who have a large GFC following. It will be a chore for them to pull those readers to another venue. I always use Bloglovin' to follow my favorite blogs. You look smashing, by the way.

  22. I totally agree that when I click on some blogs they are blanking out and I don't know why I can't comment on them. It's really frustrating me! But yeah GFC won't affect me as I have wordpress though I do follow some blogs through GFC which I may have to convert to Bloglovin which I think is a great app :)

  23. This is interesting. I am not sure how the google friend connect change will affect me, but I can only hope that it is not too much or at all. I love your outfit and all of prints and accessories. So fun!


  24. Gorgeous, love the prints and that necklace is fab!


  25. I'm late to comment, but I had no idea this was happening. I'm actually confused a bit by it. I follow blogs through GFC/Blogger, but I read them (import them) to my google reader. With the GFC going away, the little box with your readers, does that mean anyone I follow in Blogger will be disconnected?? I don't really care about the # of followers being displayed, but I do care about losing my subscriptions so to speak.

    I guess I need to do more research. Thanks for pointing all this out.... and I totally didn't even notice the reply in the comments!!

  26. Lisa, I love the micro polkas on this button down. So cute!

    And I had no idea GFC was going to change. I'm also unaffected b/c I use Blogger...but I do share your concern that more changes might be on the way. I'm just not that tech savvy...

  27. I was having a bit of technical difficulties on my PC but the MAC seems to be working fine. I was also blissfully unaware of any change...but don't really care. Is GFC the only way to follow blogs and for people to follow you?

  28. I love your sweater. That's one of my fave prints ever made.

    I don't like change though.

    I'm not sure anyone's even reading my blog anymore though...

  29. Ummmm...thanks for this post I had no clue this was happening. I guess I have slacked a lot longer then I should have. I'm going to check out the link you gave to get a better grasp on what's going on.

    Lovely outfit, I love the the color combination in the paisley print. The faux leather skirt is a nice addition to the look.


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