31 January 2012

This Post is Brought to You By ...

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that a few handfuls of really popular style bloggers have announced that they are no longer accepting “courtesy of” items from retailers. Now I don’t know what the real reason is behind this change of heart (was it becoming an ethics issue for them? did they see a noticeable decline in freebies from retailers, so they decided to just give it all up? is it some sort of tax thing? are they going a different direction with their blog? is that just the “in” thing to do right now?) but the general reader consensus was that this is a good thing.


I think we all understand the reaction. Style blogging becomes more editorial and less realistic when bloggers trot around in tons of free swag all the time. As readers, we don’t know if someone is wearing something because that’s what their sponsors wanted or if they would have chosen it themselves. Posts look like commercials. Outfits become seemingly more out of reach because bloggers are toting pieces their readership may not easily be able to afford. I also read somewhere that courtesy items really also undermine the blogger because they’re giving up valuable Internet space that's worth much more than a $20 hat or $50 sweater.

I commend those ladies for deciding to make a change to their blogging lifestyle. But in keeping with my “to each their own” philosophy for life, I don’t see anything wrong with bloggers who do receive freebies. Blogging is a hobby for 99.9% of us in this community and we spend a lot of time doing it for little physical reward, so what's a nice trinket now again? And as a reader, if I see a "courtesy of" item and it makes sense to the blog and doesn’t throw me down and slap me in the face, I have no problems (plus I have fingers, and can click, click, click myself right away if I do).

IMG_2059  IMG_2020

I’m going to use myself as an example because … well, that’s about as many style bloggers as I really know, but I think (?) my stance would be fairly typical. I have a “real-world“ job and I started my blog for fun. Yes, blogging sometimes feels like a second job considering the time I spend on it, but I never hit “enter” on my Blogger account with the intention of wanting to be compensated or wishing for blogging to be my full-time gig. I know next to nothing about stats or advertising and don’t actively go pursuing sponsors.

I think I’m lucky that a few companies have reached out to me about sending me something to wear or review, and I’ll only do it if it is something where I can give my honest opinion, it is something I would purchase on my own anyways, and is related to fashion. Do I think I’m selling myself out or selling myself short? I don’t think so, because I can still be me - and I’m not here to make money blogging anyways, so I consider getting a cute necklace for free is bonus.

Now I know everyone doesn’t agree with me here (plus it’s not like I’m an expert or “above it all”), so please feel free to be honest: What do you think about bloggers who receive “courtesy of” items?

I'll never stop being amazed that how much better my skin looks in pics than it does in real life ... sigh.

Top: J.Crew vintage tank (sim here)
Sweater: J.Crew factory ocelot (worn here - sim here, darker here, long here)
Pants: Gap modern tuxedo (sim here, here, here)
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthropologie botanist heeled (worn here - same on sale here)
Necklace: Laila Rowe (worn here - sim here, here)
Bracelets: F21, T+J Designs neon cuff, Asos pyramid stretch (sim here, here, here)

30 January 2012

Five Minutes With Kathryn {In Pursuit of Pretty Things}

This edition of Five Minutes With ... features one of my favorite bloggers - a stylish fashionista with a penchant for Anthropologie, a wicked sense of humor, and a healthily unhealthy love for all things Mighty Ducks. So I won't bore you with my words anymore, but I am happy have spent a few (virtual) minutes with Kathryn, half of the style blogging dynamic duo who bring us In Pursuit of Pretty Things!

1. Most people don’t know that I was once asked to participate in filming a major motion picture.

2. My husband makes me smile.

3. I hate having to decide on "grown-up things".

4. Raiding the food table is what I am most likely to be found doing during a party.

5. The best thing I like about blogging is connecting with other people who have shared interests.

6. My least favorite thing about blogging is when Blogger decides to crash and burn, deleting your entire post in the process.

7. Traveling to Europe after a painful breakup was the moment that changed my life.

8. I can’t live without my family and friends.

9. My favorite part of the day is ...hm. You’ll have to check back with me on this one in the future, but my favorite part of the day used to be when I’d go and visit my mommy.

10. Those Chinese herbal medicines I had to drink when I was really sick were the worst thing I ever consumed.

11. To be brave is to admit weakness.

12. You can tell I am angry when I get super passive-aggressive. Or start yelling like a madwoman. Or both.

13. Musical improvisation scares the heck out of me. I can play notes written on a page, but I can’t come up with my own thing.

14. My favorite useless skill is uh, I dunno? I used to know Will Smith’s dance routine from the “Men In Black” music video, does that count?

15. My co-blogger, Carol, cracks me up.

16. If I had a theme song, it would be ...this is an ever-changing thing, but at the moment? Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.” Why? Because it’s a ridiculous song and I am nothing if not abso-freaking-lutely ridiculous. And besides, sometimes all it takes is a certain song to come on the radio to make you feel like everything’s gonna be okay. So I put my haaaands up…

17. Hm. I’ve just come off of a tough year, so I’m not quite prepared to answer this one at the moment… is what I am most looking forward to about the start of a new year.

18. My idea of a dream come true is ...you know, I used to think about “if only this” and “if only that” and stuff. After caring for my mother through her illness, I feel like my dream come true now would be to have happy dinners around the kitchen table with my family again, my father telling stories and my mother laughing alongside him, with my brother periodically interjecting random facts.

19. I love being asked to go out for Korean BBQ. Or dim sum. Do you get the feeling I like food a lot?

20. Snuggling with a good book and my fluffy anteater stuffed animal is my favorite way to stay warm in the winter.

Thanks so much for participating, Kathryn! Your thoughfulness, humor and style are well-noted and have made your blog one of my favorite reads. You and Carol have put some fantastic creative energy into your outfits, photo shoots and blog posts that are informative, sweet and hilarious.

May 2012 bring another fantastic year of pretty things worth pursuing!

27 January 2012

Red for Me & Mint for You!

So a tee is a tee is a tee - or is it? 

The folks behind StyleMint have generously asked me to try some of their collection pieces recently and I opted for the Venice tee as my first pic. StyleMint is a subscription clothing club where you buy pieces designed by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Tees are $29.99 each, which includes shipping, so it is a heckuva modern-day deal. Tops run the gamut from the classic striped tee to rocker chic and back again.

It's run by the same folks who do JewelMint (see my review here), so the process is simple and pain-free. You can join StyleMint for free and won't get charged anything until your first purchase. After that, you have the option of opting out each month if you don't see anything you like, plus you can cancel at any time.

If the weather was more appealing and I was going to go out with the girls, this is how I'd want to wear the Venice tee:

IMG_1941  IMG_1936

Top: c/o StyleMint (I opted for size 2 for the looser fit, I think their size chart is pretty accurate)
Skirt: H&M pleather (worn here - sim here, here)
Belt: J.Crew metallic skinny (sim here, here)
Shoes: Sam Edelman kody (worn here - sim here, patent here, wedge here)
Necklaces: Definitely Different & The Circle is Cast via Etsy (sim here, here)
Bracelets: F21, J.Crew (sim here, here, here)
Clutch: Kate Spade shuffled embossed stacy (sim here, here)

But let's come back to reality and remember how cold and wet the SE is this time of year - and that my girls and I would prefer to hang out over pizza and beer while shoulder dancing and talking like truckers, so this is what I'm actually wearing:

IMG_1911  IMG_1927

Coat: Banana Republic factory (sim here, here)
Pants: F21 ankle skinny (worn here - sim for a steal here & here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here - sim here, gold here)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

And here's a great bonus for you ladies! StyleMint is offering 20% off your first purchase! Use code RPCTSM when placing your order - it expires in 10 days (February 5th), so don't miss out!

25 January 2012

They Tryin' Catch Me Ridin' Dirty

Thanks to me, most of you already know that my BF is terrible with laundry so I do all the washing. My love for over-sharing has also made most of you aware that BF has a habit of wearing things once (once meaning any stretch of time between twenty minutes to two days straight) before tossing them in – OK, in the proximity of – the hamper.


I do all the laundry because I’ll actually take the time to separate darks or lights and use the different settings on the washer or dryer. I also do all the laundry because then I can toss clothes that are still “pretty clean” to me (meaning those that have been worn in a climate-controlled, splatter-free zone for a period of less than one work day) straight into the dryer with a sheet to "refluff" them for another wear.

I certainly do this pseudo clothing "spin cycle" with my own clothes. Skirt and top worn for a four hours where I pretty much sat in front of my computer? Tumble, maybe iron, then hang it back up, it is good to go. Sweater I may have worn for two hours before deeming it was too warm and tossing in my car for the rest of the day? May just get folded again and replaced straight back into my drawer. Dry clean clothes – I may very well wear them again (and maybe again - and maybe ...) dependent on condition after each wear.

IMG_1832  IMG_1880

Does BF know that I don't automatically wash everything he's already touched? I don't think he can tell once everything is freshened, flattened and folded or hung. Plus as far as I know, he doesn't read the blog, so he'll never know, bwahah- oh, not a bwahah-worthy moment?

Now I am assuming this is pretty normal behavior, but I’ve never asked before, so are you gals reading along and mentally nodding, asking for where the big “So what?” is? Or are you instead kind of grimacing at the monitor hoping you’ll never be unlucky enough to run into me and grubbies in a dark alley?

How do you keep your clothes fresh between cleanings? Or am I just naively a dirty person and clothes need to be laundered after each individual wear?


Top: J.Crew spangled stripes (worn here - sim here, here, tunic here, cardi here)
Skirt: F21 fitted knit (worn here - sim here, here, lighter here)
Collar: Asos gold sequin (worn here - sim necklace here, luxe here)
Bag: Cooperative by UO mixed media neon (worn here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim here, here)

24 January 2012

Fuchsia Green Grey


So this outfit looked better in my head, even though I know in real life it's not terrible (it's not terrible, right?) I've always been a fan of those gals who can rock a pair of crumbly baggy pants with sky high heels, a ratty men's undershirt of a tank and some sort of jacket and make it all seem like a legit ensemble. It has always seemed so laidback cool to me - like she cares but she doesn't, she's polished but in a really casual comfort-first way, she's sexy but doesn't need to flaunt it. Sure, most of those gals are usually named Beyonce or Halle Berry or at minimum 5'10" tall sans shoes, but who gets hung up on details?

I figured if I played around with the fit of the pieces, add in a collared shirt and some color, I could make it work appropriate and more realistic for a shortie like myself. And though I don't dislike this look, one of my first thoughts after I glanced in the mirror was "wannabe hipster farmer flight attendant" so that started things off well. Hey y'all, would you like some raw Spanish peanuts or pretzels with organic fleur de sel?

IMG_1739  IMG_1773

So that's me explaining away my outfit, like I need to defend (or excuse) myself for my style choices. Which I know I don't. And if something doesn't work, well, chances are that I'm the only one that'll really notice and lesson learned. But I'm really comfortable. And I'm fairly certain that I may try another similar ensemble again because as much as it doesn't really fit my body (remember these?), I can't help loving a baggy tapered cropped pant.

What do you do when the outfit you're wearing is not quite right? Do you roll with the excuses when someone makes a comment about it, mess with it work, or rock it like you meant it? If a trend you like doesn't seem to work for you, do you still keep trying?



Jacket: Zara jersey blazer (sim here, here, pricey here, neon here)
Top: Old Navy (sim here, tunic here, pricey here or pink-er here)
Pants: Loft ripstop cargo (1/23 now on super-sale)
Necklace: Definitely Different via Etsy (worn here)
Shoes: Nine West aroundtown (sim flats here)
Bracelet: F21 faceted cube (worn here - sim here)
Clutch: Coach signature poppy demi (old, sim here)

23 January 2012

Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In

First off, big props to my boys, BIG BLUE! That was a nail-biter eye-covering bit of a game last night, but the Giants know how to pull out a dramatic victory!

Second, Happy Lunar New Year to my asian peeps! Year of the dragon, rarrr!


Third, thanks to you ladies, for all your great skincare recs last week. I ended up skimping on the Clarisonic (I'm intrinsically cheap, I can't help it) and instead purchased the Olay cleansing brush, along with the cleanser. I also got a new anti-wrinkle daily moisturizer with SPF at the rec of a friend, and did splurge on a retinol serum, Replenix (serums are the thing, right?). I'm also going to start doing the hote towel before washing, cold towel after washing thing. I may or may not be getting more than I need right now, but I figure better earlier than too little too late?

I also thought that I need to act fast to take care of my skin because when I am on my own with it, I do it no favors. Case in point, blatantly picking at and squeezing a pimple last night and ending up with more angry than I intended (though, what else did I expect?) I am going to spare you ladies the sight of my heinous blemish and instead post these pics from an outfit I wore last week - though I may need to figure out how to use that Picasa touchup tool! Wish there was a "touchup tool" for real life though ...

IMG_1710  IMG_1666

Since I'm going ahead to admit to that, I may as well let you know that I used to be a chronic nail biter - and still sometimes to resort back to it when I am highly stressed. My left forefinger is my most likely victim as it usually happens when I am sitting in front of the computer at work and typically my right hand is on the mouse.

Waaaaay back in the day, like elementary school, I used to chew on my hair too - not even sure why, probably because I saw some of the more popular gals with the long gorgeous locks doing it and I was just so thankful to have hair long enough to stick in my mouth. Nowadays, I apparently just like trimming my bangs between pro cuts and doing them way too short - yes, this is the second time I've done so in a few months. Just randomness!

Do you gals have any horrible habits that you totally know you shouldn't but can't help it?



Sweater: Ann Taylor marled wool shrug (worn here - sim here, casual here)
Top: J.Crew evie (size 2 sold on my blog sale here - sim here, here, tunic here)
Skirt: Loft patch pocket scuba (sim pencil here)
Tights: Anne Klein herringbone (sim here)
Boots: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim here, here)
Necklace: Asos (sim plain here, here, red here)
Bracelets: J.Crew bangle / F21 stretch pyramid stud / J.Crew crystal abacus (sim here, here, here)
Lips: Dior creme de gloss in cream rose (441)

20 January 2012

Skin(ny) Dipping


I partly chalk this up to watching too many episodes of the Real Housewives - and I know the ridiculousness in wanting to compare even a bit of my life with those well-to-do well-kept women who seem to pretty much spend their days lunching but not eating, tossing back the pinot and going to their plastic surgeon's office to get "touch ups" (between bouts of wig-pulling and snarking, of course). But let's face it, I'm not getting any younger here and it about time that I start taking care of myself and my skin - and I mean really start taking care of it, and more than just in the wash and moisturize daily way.

Problem is, I've always been a bit of a DIY-er when it comes to skincare. I have the requisite bottles of ointments and serums to keep my face all soft and shiny, I Biore strip, I use a home microderm kit. I've only actually been to the spa twice in my life and have had a whopping one whole facial (you can thank my old tomboy ways and my not-a-stitch-of-makeup wearing mom for thinking things like that were "frivolous.")

IMG_1650  IMG_1647

But I am realizing that as I get older, regardless of how cool my heels are or what a nice skirt I have, it won't mean a thing if I have a face full of sallow wrinkly dark spots. I already have a love/hate relationship with my freckles. I still occassionally get acne. I dark circles under my eyes and am starting to see wrinkles. My pores are not invisible nor immaculately clean. And honestly I am kind of scared to death of getting (OK, looking) old. So I think I need to do something - but I don't know what!

I am a professional skincare newbie and know next to nothing about the various peels, lasers, facials out there. I don't even know how or where to start (should I be going to a spa, med spa or plain ole dermatologist?)

So I need your help, ladies, and some advice. What would you recommend for a gal who wants to start really taking care of her skin (and vainly looking youthful) but doesn't know how? What are some of my options that don't break the bank or aren't too evasive?


Sweater: Lands' End performance (worn here - sim here)
Shirts: Lands' End Canvas floral poplin (worn here - sim here) / J.Crew neon gingham (worn here - sim here, here)
Jeans: J.Crew destroyed matchstick (sim here)
Belt: J.Crew embossed (sim here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (worn here - sim here, blue here)
Shoes: Sam Edelman kody (worn here - sim here, wedge here, peep-toe here)

As a "bonus" for your Friday,  doggie attack:

IMG_1662       IMG_1610       IMG_1613

19 January 2012

Give Me Your Tired ...


This has been said by me many-a-time, but my style has changed greatly from when I first started my blog. Mostly for the better, I think - I am unafraid to wear skirts now, I have learned to accessorize, I have more than one purse and have realized that I need to make at least a halfway effort with hair and makeup when I get ready in the morning. Because a frizzy-haired splotch-faced girl in a dress is still a frizzy-haired splotch-faced girl regardless of how nice the dress is.

IMG_1422  IMG_1414

I spent a bit of time over the weekend looking back through my blog archives and those first few months  after I started posting outfits. I know we're supposed to give ourselves a bit of slack and understand that not all our outfits are going to be super innovative interesting or real winners. But I kind of feel that part of the "responsibility" of style blogging is to post stuff that someone might actually take inspiration from, or that we may be proud to share. We may not do blog as full-time jobs but we also don't go around sharing with the world pics of us in our sweatpants and circa 1998 ratty tees.

So I was kind of surprised myself with how many cringe-worthy outfit moments I found in my archives. I'm glad that my style is ever-evolving and my tastes change - but at some point in the near past I had put together these ill-fittng pieces and felt good in them? Can I chalk it up to "youth?" See examples of just some of my poor previous fashion choices:

Wanna drop a link in the comments and share some of your not-so-awesome early blog day outfit posts? Or if you don't want to start a case of digging up that old shit, wanna share in writing some of your non-stellar clothes pairings in the past? And how do you think you've grown sartorially from your original days of blogging?


Sweater: Loft dolman sleeve poncho (sim here)
Top: J.Crew striped perfect boatneck (worn here - sim here, v here)
Jeans: J.Crew corduroy bootcut (worn here - sim here)
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthropologie botanist heeled (worn here - same here / here)
Bag: Cooperative by UO mixed media neon (worn here)
Necklace: Anthropologie tinsley strung (worn here - sim here, here, pricey here)
Bracelets: F21 & Asos pyramid stretch (sim here, here, rose here, stacked here)
Outfit inspired by Dea.

17 January 2012

Caught Red-Legged

I wore "bit" of red yesterday in honor of my Giants, who trounced another team on their way to the NFC Championship game - you're next, 49ers!


This is my first foray into colored tights - a trend that until now I've really been deathly afraid of. I'm a big fan of bright colors but the candy-coated leg hues seemed a little too in-your-face intentional to me, a little young. Plus I have a personal thing on tights and shoes that don't match - it's just one of my weird personal sartorial quirks.

Because I had loads of fashion quirks - Like until recently, gold and silver accessories couldn't co-mingle. Or if it is a brown-tone, then my belt and shoes need to match. Skinny pants must be paired with a long top or jacket. I can't wear earrings, necklaces and bracelets all together. Unless they are the bermuda type, then shorts can only be paired with flats or wedges. For proper business attire, my hair must be pulled up. Navy doesn't get paired with grey or brown, unless it is more like a camel or tan. I could go on, but your eyes will start watering.

IMG_1397  IMG_1364

This kind of color I can live with - kind of. Gloomy weather has brought about terrible lighting, so you can't really tell how bright I feel these tights are, but only exposing a bit of leg and keeping everything else toned down keeps this in the wearable realm for me, and doesn't make me resemble a cast member from Disney Clubhouse. Sure, some of you ladies may retch for a variety of pretty legit reasons, but for some reason, this is acceptable to all the funny rules in my head.

Do you have any personal style rules that you abide by? What are your quirks?


Dress: Asos sweater shift (worn here - sim here, collared here, strappy here)
Jacket: J.Crew Robert Noble herringbone (worn here - sim here)
Belt: Anthropologie infinity (worn here - sim here)
Tights: Asos 80 denier red (sim here)
Boots: Type Z (worn here - sim here, here)
Brooch: Blinkeye via Etsy
Rings: Banana Republic flower & c/o JewelMint (sim here, here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff (worn here - sim-ish here, as a tote here, w/navy here)

13 January 2012

Making Friends

This is old news by now, but I still can't help but still be miffed that Google Friend Connect is going away, at least for non-Blogger sites. As a non-techie gal, my introduction to the world of blogging came through Blogger because it was easy to get  set up. I started following blogs through GFC because it was an easy extension of my Blogger account and it seemed like the GFC tag was everywhere, at least for the blogs I frequented. But now - this change?


Now if you host your site through Blog, you apparently are unaffected and can continue to utilize GFC to your heart's content. But if you're not on Blogger? Well, it is sounding like you have until March 1 to figure out another way to have your readers follow your site. (Kelly did a pretty thorough overview of this here, and it was also covered by IFB here).

I know this is mixed news for people - you either don't care, are running down the halls trying to figure out what to do with your blog or you're relieved that "the popularity contest" of GFC numbers may be behind a lot of us. I am admittedly pretty naive when it comes to blog following - I always thought GFC was the only way to follow a blog. Why else would everyone have a GFC gadget displayed so prominently on their blogs?

IMG_1315  IMG_1280

Is GFC a bit of a numbers game to see follower figures in that kind of awkward box? Sure, absolutely, but you can just as easily see it on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc. Do I think that the number of GFC followers affect whether or not someone chooses to follow - or not - a blog, or what its content is worth it? Heck no. Though yes, advertisers do look at that sort of stuff, but come on, how many of us are making any sort of living with our blogs?

I use Blogger so I am technically unaffected, but I can't help but to hate change. Especially on a platform where I feel precarious as is - platform for me meaning computers in general - one change usually signals the start of more changes in my brain (Google+, anyone?). And as much as I'd like to just sit here and be all like "numbers don't mean a thing," my numbers do mean a lot to me. It has taken me over two years of actively posting to have the following I do now on GFC, and I continue to be extremely flattered that so many of you choose to read my blog. I feel like I "know" so many of you and love this little hobby of mine - I know I'm totally being selfish and vain here, but I 'd hate to think of anything that could affect it!

What are your thoughts about GFC going away for some blogs? Are you affected? How do you keep track of the blogs you read?


Sweater: For the Republic (worn here - sim-ish here, BW here, purple here)
Top: Lands' End Canvas floral poplin (worn here - sim big dots here)
Skirt: H&M pleather (worn here - sim here)
Tights: UO graphic scroll (worn here - sim sheer here, color here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here - sim pleather here, flower here, beaded here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (same in baby blue, lavender)
Shoes: Franco Sarto gamble (worn here - sim here)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel, F21 animal (sim here, here, here, here)

(BTW, looks like Blogger is making some updates recently - hello "reply" button! But has anyone else had any issues accessing some blogs? Some blogs are blanking out on the screen if I try to click to specific posts to comment - assuming these are temp glitches? Maybe?)

12 January 2012

Shopping Someone Else's Closet

Let's get it all out on the table here: I don't thrift. None of my gal pals thrift so it never comes up as an option on shopping trips, my first few forays into attempted thrifting left me fleeing stores packed with bad smells on stained aceta-poly-on, and honestly I don't have the patience to look through the racks of meh to find the treasures that are out there. I know awesome deals can be had, unique pieces can be found, and for the really crafty, old frocks can be re-engineered into something custom and gorgeous. But I don't do it.


My idea of thrifting is typically Ebay or Etsy, which means most of the dirty work is already done for me and I can just "tra la la" my way through a selection of sorted goodies. But I hate to battle it out on Ebay and sometimes the "because it's vintage" pricing on Etsy is less than awesome. So that was just one of the reasons I was thrilled when my blog friend Eleanor decided to open her online shop, Katy-Did Vintage, because now I have another alternative (and I like my alternatives) to find unique, pre-loved goodies.

IMG_1257  IMG_1249

Another reason I was thrilled is because I get happy whenever I see a fellow member of our style blog community do something that they are truly have a passion for. Eleanor is a long-time style blogger who formerly had a jet-setting but exhaustive lifestyle. She willingly gave up the grueling hours to spend more time with her family and pursue her true interests, and I applaud her for her daring to go against the grain of what is expected and do what she chooses. From that, Katy-Did Vintage was able to evolve organically out of Eleanor's love of thrifting.

And boy, am I am glad when someone else can do the weeding for me!

Eleanor generously sent me this dress to try from her collection at Katy-Did. I'll admit, this is probably not something I would've picked out on my own as I tend to veer from maxis, but that's where I give credit to Eleanor for seeing potential. After trying the dress on and playing around with it, I was really surprised at how much I liked it. You can see another example of Eleanor's thrift prowess in Pamela's post here and in her daily outfit posts on her own blog.

Do you thrift? What are your tips for a successful trip? Or if you're like me, why don't you thrift?


Dress: c/o Liz Claiborne via Katy-Did Vintage
Belt: Anthropologie (worn here - sim here, here, here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim here, platform here, pricey here)
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger (worn here - sim on sale here, here, pricey here)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel (sim here, here, here)
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