09 December 2011

"Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe"

Is it just me, or does it seem like December is flying by? In a little over two weeks, it'll be Christmas, and a few short days following that will be 2012 ... whoa, we're all getting older, aren't we?

So as we are full on holiday season mode, I am feeling especially behind this year. All I've done so far is decorate my mantle and I use "decorate" rather lightly, because all I've really done is spread out some prelit garland and smattered some glass ornaments about. I went to Costco last night thinking that I would finally get some of those pretty wreaths and oversized ornaments and ran into a whole lotta nada. It's still early December and I'm already left with the dregs of holidays decorating. At this point I am pretty sure I will not make it to tree-dom.


As for my Christmas gift meter, I am on fumes and going nowhere fast. It's apparently all about me here, because I've managed to buy myself two pairs of shoes this week (these and these, how could I not) but not a single present. And to make things better, I don't even have a list yet.

It's not even like I have a lot of presents to purchase - I usually limit gift giving to the immediate family and the BF. Not even buds or co-workers. But I am already envisioning a total copout year filled with envelopes of gift cards. (Do I think people like gift cards? Sure - but is it really thoughtful and heartfelt? Well ...)

IMG_0076 IMG_0073

I can't be fully blamed though, because my tiny gift-giving circle is also the most difficult group of people to buy things more. Big sis and hubby already have pretty much everything they want, plus sis is a bit luxe, a lot particular. Little nephew is also the first grandchild for both families, so he was already king of the castle years ago - he loves cars, and already has every single thing produced on four wheels. Mom wants - seriously, the woman means it - absolutely nothing. Dad loves himself some tennis and in his retirement I am finding out who I got my shopaholic gene from because this man owns about the same number of rackets as a Sports Authority. BF ... shoot, I think I am living with a future star of Hoarders. So can I admit my lame defeat yet?

What kind of holiday shopper are you? Do you plan and prep in advance or revel in the last-minute shuffle? Who is the hardest person your to buy gifts for?


Sweater: J.Crew tippi (sim cabled here)
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas heritage oxford (striped on sale here)
Skirt: Limited high-waist (worn here - sim here, more orange-y here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim here, platform here, luxe here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (worn here - sim feel but pricey here, single here)


  1. Ok I finally went over to the Lands End site after seeing all the cute shirts you get from there. We are about the same size, what size button downs do you get?

  2. Cutest outfit ever...this has my name written all over it! I have J Crew's vibrant flame pencil skirt ordered and it's supposed to ship in January. I already have the honeycomb sweater in poppy...so, once my skirt arrives, I can do this. Be forewarned, this outfit will be appearing on my blog! :o) You look adorable!

  3. Oooo! I love how the sun rays are shining right on you through the window. Nice touch! :-) and as far as Christmas presents go... well, lets just say that my family understands our kids come first. They're all satisfied with our deluxe, 3 way folding cards with photos of the kids from tiny prints. At least I think they are?! In any case, this year is the year we're going to expand on the wooden train set. Adding a huge train station, wooden roads, a roundabout, cars, people, etc... plan toys is making a killing from this family! :-)
    Anyway, love love love these colors! That tippi sweater is perfect on you.

  4. Love the shoes!! I haven't made a dent in my christmas shopping yet either! I don't know why, I'm usually finished by now. My boyfriend is definitely the hardest to shop for. He's so unique and it's always a challenge to top the gift from last year.

    I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog, and I think you'll love the necklace - you should enter! Http://www.thehappyshopaholic.com


  5. Kimberly - I get the button-downs in size 2 or XS. I find they fit pretty true to size and don't really shrink after washing. Hope this helps - I've been loving their prices, quality and return policy!

  6. This outfit made me squeal with delight - utterly perfect!

  7. Oooh I love all the colours in your outfit!! Ok so it's slipping my mind where you live, but you can still go without tights? Lucky you!

    I only shop for the kids around me now and I was good this year, got everything done in October!!! Except...I have yet to WRAP anything so I'm freaking out a little now!

  8. LOL Lisa!!! You are too funny! I'm sure you will get all of your gift giving and decorating done in time. I have faith in you. I'm finished. Wreath on the door. Small Christmas tree up. Just waiting on Mr. UPS to deliver the things I ordered so I can wrap them. I am loving your outfit pretty girl. That red, blue and leopard is gorgeous dear. Hope you have an amazing weekend! :D

  9. Elaine A - I'm in the SE so we're still around the low 60s/high 50s F. And really my exposure to the outside on a typical workday is to the car and back. I am a cold chicken though, so I am kind of pushing it - funny, my feet and legs are alright, it's my cold ankles that are getting me!

  10. I'm actually Jewish, so I don't have to buy for my family, but I do have to buy for my hubby and his family. Ugh, it sucks. I've gotten a gift for his mom, and that's it. It's just so hard! I'd rather just sit here and stare at your pretty outfit all day long. I'm loving the the bright colors together!

  11. Future star of Hoarders, ha!!!

  12. My family and I don't do the gift thing any more, and it is SO NICE not to stress out about it.

    Lovely shoes!

  13. Girl I'm in the same boat. I just realized today "crap! I only have less than two weeks to get my shopping done!" Yikes. I love Christmas, but this is too soon!

  14. Loving the colors Lisa and the shoes!! I'm a planner, I've gotten it all done with the men being more difficult :) My husband's family is big so I have to plan it out. With all the sales, like you I kept shopping for myself too. You have plenty of time, you can do it in a week! I got a bunch of stuff online.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  15. I love how you worked the reds today!! So pretty!!

  16. You always rock such fun color combinations! SUper cute!

  17. Totally fun color combo. You are rocking some serious leg muscles in the second photo! :)

    I started my Christmas shopping but then it came to a halt for finals. Planning to decorate and put up the tree this weekend. :)

  18. Rose - BF's fam had decided to do that earlier this year - they agreed on no presents except for the kids. Well of course they changed their minds yesterday and now they're all exchanging gifts again - this puts BF in a major humbug mode!

    Jen - oh girl, if I could be as organized about life things as you seem to be - and you have more faith in me than I deserve, haha!

    Carrie - it wasn't intentional, but on the legs is pretty the only place I've got any muscles. Yes, Jillian Michaels would be disappointed in me, I've given up her workouts.

  19. Ok.
    Are you still doing the Shred every day?
    Sorry...now what were we talking about??? ;)

    p.s.holy crap.amazing.

  20. You look awesome in your reds and oranges!

    I am terrible about gift-buying rules. I tend to buy a little something for everybody, even if they say they don't want anything. Besides I really, really like wrapping presents.

  21. It's sounds totally organized, which I absolutely am NOT, but I'm the girl who starts buying one present a week in October, just so our finances aren't completely blown out and stressed during the month of December. Of course, I start with the kiddos, 'cuz a toy is a toy is a toy and save the adults for closer to Christmas. =)

    Kristina J.

  22. Love the Zara shoes can't wait to see how you style them.

    My family plans in advance by sending out lists. The hardest person to buy something for is my mother because she never wants anything.

  23. Great color combo, and I love the shoes!

    My dad is definitely the hardest to buy for on my list. He is VERY particular. He once returned a hat (baseball cap) I bought him because the *inside* of the bill was the wrong color. Aside from my husband, everyone I buy gifts for is across the country in NC. So, I have to get all of my shopping/wrapping/packaging done in time to ship everything. I am quickly running out of time! Good luck!!!

  24. Great post and great outfit!! I LOOOOOVE getting gifts for my family! I honest to God start my Christmas ideas/shopping in January--that's what you should do when you have eleven siblings, 25 nieces and nephews, and a family of 5 all your own! I am hugely into homemade, sentimental gifts--I made books last year with hysterical "Top Ten" lists in them about the person I gave it to. I got old hard cover kid book at salvation army I tore pages out, then I covered the book with paper so I could decorate it however I want. I used dental floss to sew together the blank pages I cut to fit the book, and then authored a silly, sweet, sentimental "top ten reasons we can't put Ben up for adoption" book for my nephew in 8th grade. haha! It's fun and they save those stupid things I make!!

  25. Love the bold color going on here...and I'm about half way done with my shopping now haha

  26. AHHH! I can't believe it's two weeks til Christmas and I have so much shopping to do! I've got alot of gifts to buy so I usually develop some sort of list before I head to the shops otherwise I'll be wandering around with my head in space. The hardest person to buy for is the BF. What are you getting for him? I need some ideas!
    P.S. I would like Santa to give me legs like yours for Christmas. And a pair of leopard print shoes :)

  27. I have that necklace too! You just reminded me to go look for it. I tried to finish my xmas shopping yesterday...total failure. The lines were insanely long, stores were a mess, and it was about 25 degrees in Chicago yesterday. not fun.

  28. I start holiday shopping in June. Seriously. There's a notepad app on my cell phone and I have notes labeled by person. I use this for birthday, holiday, etc gifts, because otherwise I'll just stress out over it for half of the holidays.

  29. Lisa - this outfit is all sorts of fab-u-lous-ness! Can I steal it all?! :)

    People say I'M the hardest the shop for. Ppfftt ;) So for that reason (along with others), I haven't been exchanging presents with the people close to me. Instead I'll do the, "if I happen to know something you want, I'll buy it for you on a whim" sort of thing. It's worked out great so far, and I'm hoping it'll stay that way!

  30. I LOVE your color combination here! Who knew red + orange would look so great together?

  31. I adore this outfit! That necklace matched so perfectly with that top and shirt, but than paired with the leopard heels? Genius!

    Meanwhile we actually celebrated Christmas last weekend so I completed most of my shopping and handed out the gifts already! Only a few things left to do. It took me so long to get in the spirit as well this year. Not sure what it is. Something just isn't in the air.

  32. That necklace is great, and I love the color of the sweater!

    I'm the nerdy girl who starts Christmas shopping as early as July. If I see something someone might like and it's a good deal I go ahead and grab it. It's great to get things done ahead of time and also it keeps the expenses from piling up in one month.

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