12 December 2011

Raggedy Dandy

With the end of the year approaching, I am heading out on my last biz trip this week, so I'll be a little lagging in my blog-time this week. I am hoping that when I come back home and the work year winds down, I'll have some time to concentrate some necessary brain power on holiday-ing.


This year, BF and I will be spending Christmas at our respective families' homes as usual, but haven't had proper family visits yet since the engagement, so we will be racking up some traveler miles visiting each other's families. BF is going to fly up to NYC after Christmas for a few days and then we'll both head south to see his family for a while longer before finally going home.

And as much as I looooove and miss my fam and can't wait to see everyone again, I also can't wait to see NYC again. The mad rush of things was actually some I had disliked from growing up there, but as I've been away for quite a few years now, I miss the pace. And NYC during the holidays is like some Hollywood-produced dream to me - sans the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds at Rockefeller Center and if money were no object, of course.

I also miss the food. From the simple cozy meals my parents cook to the family restaurant feasts to the markets, the street vendors, the bakeries, the delis - oh, I miss delis. New York-style pizza. Bagels. Soup dumplings. The best fried chicken in the world at some random Chinese takeout in Queens.

IMG_0168   IMG_0227

So during BF's visit to NYC, we're going to spend some time on our own, playing holiday tourists. We're going to revisit some of my favorite haunts as well as new places we both want to see. We may do some shopping - we will do a lot of red-nosed, white-breathed walking - we for sure will eat.

And even thought going home to see my parents really isn't like a real relaxing break from it all - my mom still pokes her head into my bedroom each morning at around 7:30 because ... just because - I love being able to kind of feel like a kid again. And seeing them again. And being able to talk to them now in a way that didn't happen when I was younger. And hanging out with the big sis, who is a mother now.

What do you look forward to the most about the holidays? What are your plans this season?


Blazer: J.Crew Robert Noble herringbone (sim here)
Shirt: Lands' End Canvase gingham poplin (worn here - sim here)
Tee: H&M (worn here - sim here)
Jeans: Loft modern bootcut (worn here - sim here)
Shoe clip as brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy (worn here - remember the giveaway here)
Shoes: Zara court shoe w/cap-toe (sim dainty here, revo colors here)
Bracelet: Forever 21 rhinestone tiger (worn here - sim here, simpler here)
Necklace: Anthropologie nueva granada (worn here - sim here, delicate here)


  1. Love how you layer the gingham poplin with the striped tee!


  2. i really like the look of this outfit!

    this sunday we will be jetting away for a week to HI before returning on a red eye on christmas day to spend with my family.

  3. You are too cute! Love the bloom on the blazer!

  4. oooh Lisa, this outfit is genius! I LOVE IT! Are those shoes comfortable? I am often curious about Zara shoes but have never really worn them (despite having had a pair or two in the past).

    I do not look forward to the holidays. Staying at the in-laws in Staten Island is my idea of purgatory. They don't like to go out so we are often stuck on the island, while the glittering city of fun awaits just an hour away. It's torture. You're from NY, you can imagine the agony.

  5. You're making me homesick bad right now! Though it is quite different growing up on LI than in the city itself, I totally miss everything you listed. Even... yes even the lack of mall parking around this time of year. And hopping on the train to go ice skating in Central Park.

  6. Love your layering Lisa and how exciting that you get to see your family soon! I have never been to NYC, but it has always been a dream of mine to go!

  7. We are doing Xmas eve at my sister's right outside of Milwaukee and then driving 3 hours to Mr. M's family's for the night and Christmas morning! GAHHHHHHH....it will be fun but exhausting. I have the week following off and I will need it to recoup!

    Love your look today!

  8. Dang girl, you're on a roll! I feel another copy coming on! :o) I have a blue gingham shirt and orange stripes so, I'm going to have to switch it up a bit. Be safe in all of your business and Christmas travels! and keep the super cute outfits comin'! :oP

  9. We're having a quiet holiday with my family. My nephews are still young for traveling so the parents are coming here!

    This outfit is so inspired...I love the stripes under the gingham, the flower on the blazer, the killer heels. I would copycat every outfit of yours if it wouldn't seem so stalker-ish!

    Good luck with your work travels and happy holidays to you!

  10. dinster - these are comfortable as far of Zara shoes go (because I typically find them attractive to look at and that'd about it), but not super-comfy in the regular shoe world. There's padding on the insole but it's a 4" heel with no platform!
    My parents live in Queens so I've been through the whole "oh so close to Manhattan but now there" thing! That's why BF and I will be spending a few days in Manhattan doing our own thing - bc for reg I-live-here-everyday NYers, most would probably avoid Manhattan during the holidays if they could avoid it!

    aimee - My sis prefers the shopping in LI to the city - same stores, fewer crowds. There's an awesome stand alone Anthro that always has the best sale sections during the holidays!

    Pamela - I know, I am going to need time off after the holidays to recover from family-dom.

  11. NY at Christmas-time is magical! My favorite eats are at an excellent dumpling restaurant on Elizabeth street just south of Canal!!

    and hey, look at the beautiful lining under the collar of your blazer...sigh...the new J Crew blazers have a crappy lining now...

  12. Lisa...Your post made me very home sick for my childhood home - I really miss NJ/NY. I grew up in NJ, but my family always spent Christmas in Brooklyn at my Aunt and Uncle's house. The cold weather and any hint of snow always brings back the memories. We loved going to Manhattan and Chinatown for some good eats and shopping. We used to go to Rockefeller Center for ice skating and watching the Rockettes in their kick line. I have so many great memories - I'm super jealous.

    I also can't wait to go to my mom's house in a couple of weeks. My sisters are coming back into town and we can't wait together. I'm looking forward to baking, staying up late and laughing - lots of laughing. I hope that you have a blast with your family and the BF's family.

    BTW...you always look great in your OOTDs. This one is one I'm definitely going to copy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Do not remind me of the Rockefeller Center crowd!! The fiance and I spent Xmas in NYC last year and I couldn't believe how crushed we were and could barely see the tree. Craziness!!

    I love all of the good food and family time of the holidays.

  14. Darn it. I have a crewcuts gingham buttondown sitting in my J. Crew shopping bag that I just convinced myself to forgo -- and then your post proves how well gingham plays with other patterns! Going to review my J. Crew shopping bag again ...

  15. I love your mixed prints and your two tone pumps! Those are so cute!!

    Hope you have a lovely time home for the holidays!

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Where's the SUPER LOVE button! Lisa, this outfit is a WINNER girl. Ohhh, I love your style. The mix of textures, colors and patterns...YOU ROCK! I'll be spending it on the Gulf Coast. So I won't be home. You're going to have a wonderful holiday!

  17. That sounds like a wonderful plan! I love playing tourist in my own city :) Loving the pattern mixing you're doing on top Lisa- it looks amazing, and your shoes are adorable as well!

  18. This is such a cheerful, preppy and nice look given that I am not a big fan of gingham pattern but I really like the whole look. Make me want to give a gingham shirt a try.

  19. Lisa, that stand alone anthro is 10 mins from my parents house. When Anthro was a really small chain in the 90's, my dad did a promo video for that location through his one-man video business. That was the first time I ever heard of Anthropologie :-)

  20. Lisa, I absolutely love this pattern mixing. Like so many of your outfits, it's classic and sophisticated while also having that signature "Lisa" flair. Love it, love it!

    And it sounds like you and BF have a fantastic vacation planned. BF and I are heading into NYC (from NJ) this Friday night. I am not looking forward to the crowds, but there is something magical about visiting the city at Christmas. I hope you have a fantastic time!

  21. Hi Lisa! Love the mix of prints in this outfit!

    Excited for you to be in NYC again! Hope you had a fab time with lots of delicious soup dumplings and shopping :)

  22. LOVE these shoes. I tried them on in store but they were just too high for me and uncomfortable. I couldn't do it. I think I need to practice some more walking in high heels :)


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