22 December 2011

JewelMint & Bonus for You!


A few weeks ago, the folks over at JewelMint contacted me about trying a few of their collection pieces and I jumped on the chance. Have you ladies heard about JewelMint? It is an unique members' only jewelry club where you can get on-trend pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. Signing up for JewelMint is free and you get to select a new piece of jewelry each month for only $29.99 (which includes shipping).

I've never joined a membership club before because I was concerned about being automatically charged for items and potentially questionable quality. Well, my first experience with JewelMint has alleviated most of my fears. Members have the option of skipping months if they choose not to purchase (and won't be charged) and can also return items or cancel their membership if they are not happy with something. Plus until you make your first purchase, you won't be charged at all. See all the faqs here.

IMG_0485 IMG_0515

I went ahead and placed my order through the JewelMint web site and the process was pretty easy - take a quick style quiz so the style gurus there can gage your taste, choose from a selection of jewelry picked for you (and you can always opt to see more options or delete certain pieces). Purchase an item and then sit back and wait for it to be sent right to you.

I received my JewelMint order in less than a week and each piece was beautifully gift boxed. I was also pleasantly surprise with the quality of the items. The pieces themselves look and feel high-end to me - plus they are styles you won't be able to find at your local department store.




As a great bonus to you ladies, JewelMint is offering 60% off your first purchase! Use code RSPCTJM when placing your order - and it is only good through the end of the year, so check out their site now for some glammed out personal holiday treating!

Happy Holiday-ing!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Blazer: J.Crew Robert Noble herringbone (worn here - sim here, luxe tweed here, double-breasted here)
Sweater: J.Crew Factory ocelot (worn here - sim here, here)
Tee: Lands' End Canvas
Skirt: Lucky Brand (worn here - sim here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim here)
Cuff: Tiffany 1837 sterling (sim wider here, here)
Ring: c/o JewelMint neo bedrock duo
Necklace: c/o JewelMint fantasia


  1. You look amazing, as always!!! Super cute outfit!

  2. I know this post is about the jewelry ( which is lovely btw) but I can't get over the blazer and cardigan combo. I love that, and will have to re-create that soon!

  3. Lisa,
    I am in love with that blazer. Actually, love doesn't even begin to describe it. Looks gorgeous on you! I've said it before so I am starting to sound like a broken record!
    And thanks for the Jewelmint code. I am a little shopped out with the Anthro sale and trying to stick to a budget and whatnot, but I really should try. I've heard great things!

  4. That necklace is so pretty Lisa! And I've been hunting around for a blazer like that as well :)

  5. I WANT that blazer! If you see someone lurking around behind you trying to snatch your jacket...it's probably me! :oP

  6. Hey hon, looking lovely as always. Love that pink blazer!

    You had asked me about my hair in this post: http://natashafatah.blogspot.com/2011/12/fade-to-grey.html

    Truth: both my folks have good hair. Mom's is thick and wavy. Dad's is thick and curly. But I have figured out a few key things. I must have layers, the shortest should be about chin length, and little hair serum and defrizzing stuff can go a long way.

    Merry Christmas my dear!

  7. Wow, that is a great deal! I'm going to check them out right now!!

    Can I just say that the color of your blazer is amazing on you? Personally I think that's a really difficult color to pull off, but it looks *so* good on you!! I now want to get a coral blazer of my own, even though I don't think I could pull it off like you are!

  8. I have to jump on the bandwagon and say the color of that blazer is fantastic. I'm a little jealous that you have such a great one at your disposal.
    I have been a fan of JewelMint from the beginning and love it. I almost got that great necklace you're wearing, but I've been trying to maintain some self control this month. They've gotten way too much of my money already, lol.

  9. I'm always nervous about membership clubs, too, so thanks for the feedback about JewelMint.com I'm really tempted but feel so shopped out right now.
    Speaking of shopping, I managed to score what I think is that same JCrew blazer recently on ebay. I loved yours so much I kept looking for something similar and finally nabbed one! I'm excited to get it back from the cleaners and wear it!

  10. Such a pretty necklace. Will have to check out their website. Thanks for sharing. Love the color of the blazer on you. So cute on you!


  11. You look very sweet! Lovely blog!


  12. Wow very pretty jewelry!! I especially love the gold/silver ring combo.

  13. really pretty! I have heard so much about jewelmint through bloggers :) Too bad they don't do international? or do they?


  14. I am very impressed Lisa! I was scared to join a membership club because I thought I would get locked into paying and purchasing an item EVERY month. So this is good to know. Their jewelry is exquisite. I love the necklace you chose. Looks great with that coral blazer. You're always so sharp! :)

  15. Your blazer is gorgeous! I am inspired to scour ebay for one but I really like how you styled it with the ocelot cardi so I may have to make this a double buy. They're perfect compliments :)

  16. Jen @PhD Style - I've actually been pretty good with the Anthro sale and haven't imbibed yet ... YET!

    My4Boys - I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for you, haha! Though you've got a bunch of pretty covet-able JC pieces yourself ...

    Natasha Fatah - oh you lucky girl, you! Good genes, fantastic hair!

    fshnonmymind - yeah, I think JewelMint is starting me on a bad personal habit. I may continue buying their pieces ... bad for the wallet, great for my neck and ears and wrists ...

    Pamela - I scored this on Ebay too - better pricing and JC's blazers from a few seasons back are better quality imo. I ended up getting the sleeves shortened and the side buckles removed.

    katattack2000 - I heard JewelMint also ships to Canada, but not the rest of the world yet. Hope this helps!

  17. Big fan of that jewelry. Very pretty! :)

    I believe you and I work off fate as I went into a consignment shop and found that exact blazer in grey today. I own it in tomato (bit darker than yours) and I knew as soon as I saw it in my size, I would have to buy it. LOL.

    Your skin is amazing. Just sayin'...

  18. I love the color of that blazer on you my dear, so pretty.

    Happy Holidays to you as well!

  19. Lisa,

    You are just so cute and sweet. Thanks for the jewelry tip. I have been so disappointed in the jewelry at Anthro lately. To chunky! To cheap! To expensive. Not what shoppers in a challenged economy are tuned into.

    I've been tuned out lately! Have you set a date?

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

  20. Love the colour of that blazer on you!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family!

  21. dinagideon - I love this blazer - I have the same one in black and tomato as well. I try to buy them in as many colors as I can find them in, I love them so much!

    Laura - I've purchased a few lounge items but I really haven't bought anything at Anthro over the last few months. I thought they had a great fall collection but nothing that really caught my eye. As for a date ... BF and I are giving each other until 2012 before we actually start talking seriously about the big day, so close, eeps!

    Happy holidays, ladies!

  22. I have to tell you how jealous I am of your beautiful freckles!! Happy Christmas ;)

  23. Hi I love your lipstick! Which brand is it from!? You look fantastic!

  24. I bought one of their bracelets for my BF's sister and she absolutely loved it - they have such great pieces to choose from : )


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