05 December 2011

Jailbird Bandwagon

I purchased this dress recently during one of J.Crew’s sale-plus-additional-%-off deals. Being a stripe freak, I can turn no stripe down, and have admired this piece from afar all summer. Afar because I didn’t want to spend full price on it, but had seen numerous bloggers rock this number so well.

Now I am first the admit that style blogging has changed my way of getting dressed and my shopping. Because I have a blog, I not only think about how wearable an outfit is for work, play, etc., but also if it is blog-able, so I do have a tendency to make a bolder - but still appropriate - choice for my outfits. As a gal who loves fashion and putting together an outfit, my intent is to stand out a bit, but hopefully because I’ve put together an interesting ensemble, and not because I resemble Rainbow Brite’s adopted asian sister!


As a blog reader, I love taking inspiration from the rest of you ladies, because you’re in similar situations – creating something really interesting that is workable for the everyday. If it is a piece I already own, it is great to see interesting new ways of putting something together. If it is not something I have but like, I can add it to my wishlist or think of something similar I can pull from my closet.

And speaking of wishlists, I have noticed that in the last two years of style blog immersion, my shopping habits have changed. I do look at trends more, I buy more pattern and color, I have accessories. I no longer shop like the sensible all-black-suit-with-black-shoes gal. I have been influenced by other blogs to try a style I may not have considered before, to buy a certain blouse because I saw so-and-so wear it so well. I have shopped more because of blogging.

IMG_9913 IMG_9906

And yes, there was a period spanning a few months where I probably was too influenced by other blogs. I remember a time where I was really into Anthropologie everything – knew the names and release season of items, woke up early on sale days, did purchase certain items because they were the "hot thing" in the Anthro community. But for me thankfully it was short-lived – I don’t think I ever had full-blown call-every-store-in-the-country-to-find-an-item Anthrophelia, but I remember staring at my Anthro conquests in my closet and loving the idea of them, but not wearing them. They weren’t my style and didn’t work for me. I wore a lot of those things maybe once. So I returned unworn items. I sold stuff I rarely glanced at.

Sure, I still love Anthropologie (amongst other brands) more than most. I still know the names of a lot of items. But I am not sacrificing life-things so I can have a certain pair of shoes. I’d rather sleep in that go hit a sale. If an item is out online and at my local store, I stop the search though if I find it later one for a steal on Ebay or any of the community trade markets and still have that heart tug, all bets are off because it was obviously meant to be. As much as I still buy things based on color, pattern, and not necessarily how it works into my existing wardrobe, I am no longer buying specific pieces just because they are popular. Though I am also not choosing to not buy something because it’s already been done in the community.

How much has style blogging influenced your purchases?


Dress: J.Crew maritime (sim luxe w/print here)
Jacket: J.Crew tweed khaki (worn here - sim all tweed here, -ish solid  here)
Belt: J.Crew embossed (worn here - sim here)
Tights: Ann Klein (sim here)
Boots: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim luxe here, here, low here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (worn here - sim-ish here, here)
Earrings: Target filigree (sim here, pricy here)


  1. i too went through the anthro phase but i'm getting out of it. i'm also learning to buy higher quality pieces instead of running to f21 and getting items that will fade or fall apart quickly.

  2. Great fun take on the striped dress. :)
    My blog started at the same time as my clothes-shopping ban, so I hope I avoided the period of being over-influenced by others in my shopping habits. My goal is to be more focused in what I acquire. After looking at dozens of photos of me wearing jeans, I've figured out that a pair of colored pants might be a justifiable addition to the closet ...

  3. Perhaps I'm still blinded by Anthro, but I've never had the budget to buy "popular" community pieces. I do stalk items much more, but I also LOVE and wear the things that I manage to snag at an affordable price. Anthro quality, even at the current diminished level, has spoiled me for stores like Old Navy/Gap/BR and even Anthro's parent flagship Urban Outfitters, which is supposed to cater to my age group.

    Although I've noticed that my taste often runs counter to the overall Anthro community--partially because I'm younger than the target demographic and not restricted by "work-appropriate" guidelines--I still value my Anthro obsession because it has revolutionized my style for the better. My Anthro pieces are unique and more difficult to style than some other pieces, but that has forced me to experiment more with pattern mixing and layering. Often now I find that J.Crew is too preppy for my (life)style and Ann Taylor is too business-y; the other mall stores no longer appeal to me on quality grounds. I walked into Urban Outfitters on Black Friday with a bunch of friends from high school, and could find absolutely nothing that I even wanted to try on. It was all skimpy cuts and flimsy synthetic or sheer fabrics, more skin-baring than feminine and quirky.

  4. I actually started my blog as to NOT SHOP and just remix my existing wardrobe but I can confidently say blogging had a lot to do with that being an epic fail.
    I am not a big fan of Anthro because I fail to see the staying power in some of their items. They are just too "busy" for me if that makes any sense....but JCrew....now that is my Achilles heel.
    Ironically, I'm back to the place I started out at and haven't shopped in 3 months. Instead I am constantly remixing what I own.
    Took me long enough! ;)

  5. Oh, and an addendum--do you or anyone else have recommendations for high-quality, somewhat affordable, Anthro-feminine (not vintage or trendy as much) clothing? Style blogs are a wonderful inspiration, but I don't wear pencil skirts or heels and I dislike F21/Ruche-type quality. Picky picky, I know; this is why I've stayed with Anthro even after the initial rush of discovering the community.

  6. I swear I was JUST talking about this exact topic with a friend the other day. We were both sharing how due to blogging, we got caught up in the Anthro-fever that was unintentially brought on by all the bloggers who showed mad love for specific Anthro items, and lo and behold, they were in my shopping cart or on their way in a UPS box. I completely take full responsibility for my actions, and realize that I was turned on (not THAT way) by how great certain items looked on others and how popular certain pieces were. In time that phased out and I no longer follow the crowd so to speak, but more than that, focus more on how to establish my own style. Blogs are great for that, redefining personal style and seeking inspiration from others and their interpretation of pieces you/I already own.

    One of blogging's greatest lessons for me is realizing that copying someone else or defining your style based on a popular blogger's style is not the way to go, but instead, seeking what makes one look and feel great. While it sounds pretty obvious, it's been proven otherwise many a times.

  7. such a cute outfit -I'm wearing black and white today also :)

  8. I have always been somewhat of a shopaholic, but blogging has influenced my shopping patterns for sure. I keep a list of the items I want and "need" for my closet, and do my best to stick to those items only. Before blogging, I would tend to buy only what was on sale or firmly in my comfort zone. Blogging (and reading so many blogs) has inspired me to think outside the box more often. Though I pretty much always am tempted to buy things, I know I can't do it, and blogs are also an inspiration to make the most from what I have. I think it's a positive influence, for the most part!

  9. Keilexandra - you've asked a hard question so I hope others chime in too! I've personally found some similar Anthro-worthy pieces on Lands' End Canvas and Garnet Hill. I've never had an issue with LE quality though you would have to do some looking through stuff because most as pretty basic and preppy. As for Garnet, they don't have a ton of attire and I often had to wait for discounts or sales bc I find their pricing a bit high. I also like Asos for their affordable prices and huuuuge selection, but their quality is hit or miss - good thing with them is free ship and free returns!

  10. Love the dress...I actually really wanted it in the blue color, but never found it on sale lol

  11. OMG! This is so interesting because I have been this conversation, myself! I, too, have been going through my closet and realizing so many things were bought "under the influence". Not that the items aren't lovely, but maybe not necessarily lovely on ME.

  12. Lisa, I love this post. I have seen countless times how the "IT" items are worn by fashion bloggers and it does make me want it more but I appreciate some bloggers trying to be more creative and make the similar look with things they already own!
    Thank you for sharing and adore that dress!

  13. One thing I have always loved about your blog is how you have your own unique style. Not only that, but you seem to have such a humble outlook on life. This outfit is so freaking awesome, Lisa! The mix of color, pattern, and texture is really really great! Blogging has definitely affected my wardrobe in a sense where I try to see how I can make the most of what I own. I know a lot of people tend to not want to see the same pieces worn over and over again, but if you mix things up just right you are able to pull it off enough to create a sense of newness. I have so many old clothes... clothes that are just not blog able at all. My problem is not having enough classic staples, so that's what my goal is over the next year.

  14. holy shizzle you got that JACKET!! LISA!!!! *passes out*

  15. LOVE the stripes with the tweed!! You look great {even if you think you look like Rainbow Brite's sis}! LOL!

    Blogging has changed my style - I tend to find bolder things, but still work appropriate (sometimes), like you! :)

  16. What a gorgeous coat, and it looks great with the striped dress!

    I do restrain my shopping mainly to anthropologie and J Crew outside of wearing vintage or thrifted, just because otherwise I would be shopaholic-ing all over the place. I really like pattern and colour, and once I set my heart on something it's hard to resist! So blinkers is the only way.

    Fortunately I am 'mostly' immune to the urge to get things just 'cause they're popular (oh, I'm looking at you southward stop dress) but then I'm afraid some of my choices are pretty popular anyway. I wish Quinn Fabray/Dianna Agron would stop wearing all my dresses!

  17. You look terrific Lisa. I love the bold stripe dress and that gorgeous J.Crew jacket on you!

    I've tried to keep my clothes shopping addiction to one retailer, but it's been SO tempting to stray at times. Fashion blogs have definitely influenced many of my purchases. Probably as many as the other way around. Haha.

  18. Hi Lisa. Your outfit is so fun and cute today. The necklace is the perfect accent to your outfit.

  19. OMGosh SO much! Not only from a stylish standpoint, but also from a wearability of an item. I am a lot more conscious of buying an item because I know I'll wear it as opposed to because it's "so pretty" or works well on someone else. You look great in this striped number and it obviously was meant to be.

  20. LOVE this outfit!!! Lisa your writing CRACKS ME UP!!! and I love your style. As always, thanks for sharing :)

  21. First fo all,t hat dress looks great on you!
    Moving on..I think my experience has been similar. I shop more because of blogging, which is both good and bad. But more than rushing out and buying what I see bloggers wearing, I get new ideas for how to change and transition my style. For example, I don't think I'd ever try pattern mixing or colored denim before blogging, but now I love both!

  22. I think I shop smarter! I used to pay full price for waaaay too many things simply because if I knew I would like it and wanted it I was not about to hold out for a sale. I have been shopping at Anthro for years and still do I love that store and the quirky prints. I have started getting things for J Crew and Target more than I used to which I think it great! I love how reading blogs has opened up my idea of style and helped me find my own style too!

  23. First off, LOVE this striped dress on you, and if I didn't have to order it from J. Crew I would definitely be buying it right this second :)

    That right there is one way that style blogging has influenced me. Another is that I'm being exposed to more brands that I didn't know existed so I like that alot. I also like getting ideas and finding a similar alternative if I can't have the exact same item a blogger is wearing. The Anthropologie thing is funny, because I was that way too but I haven't gone into an Anthro store in soo long. I think when I first started blogging I was trying to be someone different and wearing clothes that weren't really me but I find that has changed now. I'm more of a neutral girl than a bright colour girl so I'm going to stick with that. I guess it's all part of the process.

    P.S. Thanks for the Flickr advice too, it really helped!

  24. You look great in that dress. I couldn't make it work for me, as it was too short.

  25. We're strip twins. I wore a striped dress yesterday. I love how you've paired yours with tweed. That jacket is just fantastic.
    Admittedly, blogging has made me even more of a shopper, but I try not to get all caught up in big things although it doesn't always work if I love it too. One great thing I've found is that I am being a lot more adventurous with color and pattern. I take more chances.

  26. I love that dress! I have it in sail blue and it was so comfy to wear in the summer. I have the jacket as well but have yet to wear it. I'm with you--at one point (probably around the same time as you) I was into Anthropologie everything but realized that things that looked good on other people just didn't really suit my personal style so I never felt entirely comfortable. That explains the huge blog sale where I parted with over 70% of my Anthro wardrobe. My style has evolved over the past year and it's nice to finally really be getting a sense of what my own personal style is!

  27. Blogging hasn't changed my style too much..I always worked in fashion/retail so dressing up to the nines was part of my "job requirements" - You had to look fabulous and get creative with your wardrobe so that others would want to shop w you!
    The only thing I can say..is blogging has given me confidence and definitely I mix patterns more than I used to...although that might just be a "trend" in general, no?
    Love that jacket in your above post:)
    Happy Tuesday.

  28. Blogging should probably influence my buying more! I still stick to browns, nudes, grays, and blacks--even though I should go for more colours and patterns. But blogging has made me more conscious of whether I'm buying truly unique, detailed clothes or just making clearance purchases on stuff that "everybody has"...which is great!

    <3 Cambria

  29. love your color combination! Blogging has totally changed my style and introduced me to new brands and made me a little bit more adventurous with accessories and color.

  30. nice outfits! I really love stripes and I ove your necklace!

  31. My Anthro fever has come and gone. I am way more preppy. It's nice to put something like the Fanfare pumps in my wardrobe. Or other pieces that I wear quite a bit like the coats. And flowy tops. Although I usually don't buy their viscose or rayon stuff and look to F21 for that. I probably buy more than I used to because of blogging, but I always hit the malls regularly. That's no different. I wish I thrifted as I did in the past. I'm not sure it's a match for me anymore, but I had fun doing it.

  32. the jacket is amazing!!lovely look and blog girl!
    check out mine and follow if u like it?I'd be happy..

    Patchwork à Porter

    kiss from Milan

  33. THIS IS A marvelous outfit - the dress in particular tickles my fancy as I too am a stripe lover. Yes, I have the dress (3 of them), the cardi, the jacket, the t shirt....
    AND YES, blogging has influenced how I dress. I like to think that in a positive way. I try to stand out more. I tty to put more thought into outfits.

  34. Lisa - Funny that you mention Lands' End Canvas, as it (and sometimes even the regular LE, because their prices are better and they do petite sizes) has definitely become my mainstay for the small doses of preppiness to balance out the Anthro quirk. The pricing and quality are both consistently better than J.Crew, though the colors aren't as good.

    Right now I'm contemplating the LEC Striped Sailor Tunic, do you have any thoughts? Reviews make it sound like it's not long enough to wear as a dress (for 5'2" me), even though it runs a little large. I'm usually XXS in LEC. I'm not really comfortable wearing a tunic with just leggings unless the top is long enough to also be worn as a short dress.

    And now I'm off to check out Garnet Hill!

  35. First of all that dress looks great on you. So many shy away from stripes, but the right ones look great on everybody. I just started fashion blogging in August and it has OPENED my eyes as far as how to pair things together. I am so inspired by the looks I see each day. Lisa, I'm glad you've settled into your own style. It's awesome.

  36. Yes, blogging absolutely impacts my purchases. I buy things I see on style bloggers all the time.

    That striped dress is just to perfect on you and I love it with that belt!


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