22 November 2011

My Mother's Daughter

I am afraid to admit it, but as I get older, I am realizing things about myself that I don't like but can't avoid. I've tried hiding it, denying it, fighting it, but it keeps coming back like some unstoppable invisible force of nature - I'm starting to take after my parents.


As much as I love my parents and spending time with them, there are some aspects to each of their behaviors that I've never been very fond of. I caught myself in mid-stupid-question-that-I-already-know-the-answer-to last week and did a virtual head smack - wasn't this exactly the same kind of thing that I've been chiding my mom for doing? Just the other day while BF was talking to me, I drifted off into deep-ish thought and didn't respond to his questions which obviously ticked BF off - the same thing that my dad is known to do that drives everyone else crazy! I've been known to throw around my opinion to an issue that I have nothing to do with. I can be reserved to the point of being considered stuffy.

IMG_9658 IMG_9655

Sure I can sit here and point fingers all night but we're not playing the blame game here. And some of my more endearing traits - foot-in-mouth syndrome, anyone? - well, I believe I came up with that one all by myself. And with the not-so-awesome also come the traits that I am proud to claim from my parental units: My dad's untiring work ethic. My mom's unselfish desire to please others. My dad's even-keeled demeanor. My mom's penchant for breaking out into a big teethy smile.

So what are some of your more "favorite" unavoidable parental traits that you find yourself taking after?


Top: Gap safari (worn here - sim here, here, lighter here)
Cardigan: LE performance (sim here)
Skirt: Forever 21 bold striped (sim here in wider stripes)
Necklace: Loft mesh chain (sim here)
Bracelet: Forever 21 faceted cube (sim here)
Shoes: Libby Edelman andie (worn here - sim here)


  1. Oh I love your outfit, adorable! I know, adorable may not be the adjective you were striving for, but that's what first came to mind: adorable!

    I am totally becoming my mother. But she's 73 now and still building and renovating houses, still drives all over the place, still goes out bowling everyday, still hopping! So I've got a lot to look forward to ;-)

  2. Fantastic stripes on your skirt!

    As I get older, I definitely see more of my parents' traits in myself. Both the good and the bad :)

  3. Lisa I LOVE this outfit. Love love love everything about it.
    And I hear you, as I get older I see more and more the things I inherited from my parents. Some bad, like excessive worrying and anxiety, and others good, like compassion and a strong work ethic.

  4. I am A LOT like my mother. I love it personally! She is a hard worker and a great mother. What amazes me (and it will you too when/if you ever have kids) is when something my mom used to say to me flies out of my mouth instinctively when I am reprimanding my kids. :-O

    I love your stripes and chambray Lisa! And this is such a great post!

  5. Such a sweet post, I think we all start to see a bit of our parents in us as we age, I'm happy to have inherited my parents strong work ethics, and fierce loyalty but not so much their stubborness and quick tempers over stupid things. The stripes are so fun mixed with the chambray and black and you have a fantastic mix of shoes!

  6. Loving the stripes!!!
    I've slowly but surely turning into my mother, I'm not sure I can handle that, lol. Let's hope the ridiculous worrying and overprotective vibe doesn't take over.

  7. LOVE that skirt! And I know what you mean, I'm a lot like my dad.

  8. Oh how I love that skirt...you styled it perfectly!

  9. I got the work ethic.
    That lipstick is very pretty :).

  10. Oh geez, I feel like if I really start looking I'll feel even more like them but:
    my mom's work ethic, my dad's introspective nature and the bossy attitude definitely from both of them lol--I'm working on it ;)

    looove that skirt.

  11. I love your stripe skirt its lovely color too.

    Everybody says I look like my mom and Im sound like my mom...Like mother like daughter especiallly when im like a Monster mom to my kids and thats sounds im like my mom :)


  12. You look super cute, per usual. Hmmm...I'm spending a lot more intense time w/family at the holidays so I'll pass on this question. *lol*

  13. awwww....i feel you totally - I am more and more like mother - even my style of dressing is sort of like her when she was younger (thank goodness) - we just cant help it - I love your outift in these pics.

  14. What a great skirt - I love the stripes!

  15. love the colored stripe skirt with the denim! so chic and casual, nice weekend outfit and you look so pretty!

  16. I've totally turned out like my mom! HAHAHA Great skirt and denim top. :D


  17. I love this skirt!


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