07 November 2011

Hot Spot

Eleanor wrote a post last week about her "addiction" to social media and being a connected person. While I had to commiserate with a lot of what she was talking about, I also realize how my penchant for kind of hating change is literally making me behind on the times (and dependent on the day, that may be a good or bad thing!)


I started a personal Facebook account about a year ago, but I honestly check it about once a month. I don't Twitter at all - because my thought process is who would care if I am eating a "nommy cheezburger" right now? Do you care? I have a laptop and recently (meaning a few months ago, so does that mean it's already ancient?) got a fancy notebook computer, which I am sure I utilize about 3% of its capabilities - sufing the web, reading e-books and flinging birds around is about it, right? My phone is probably a"crackberry" circa 2009 - you know the ones with the ball in the middle? Yeah - with about zero online capability. I couldn't pull up a map to save my life and literally just learned how to do that e-ticket bar code thing. I don't Urbanspoon or Foursquare or MySpace (does anyone still MySpace?) My BF made a comment about his fancy Android phone "dropping cookies" the other day and I had no idea what he was talking about. Shoot, BF's mom has a Twitter account.

IMG_8932 IMG_8984

I know I am way overdue for some upgraded phone technology if for nothing else than to avoid the pitying looks from tech'd out hipsters at the airport. But for as out of touch as some of my friends call me out to being, I am sometimes kind of glad for being so "simple," like still writing and mailing cards to my loved ones and preferring calling someone to texting them. Other than Blogger, Facebook or LinkedIn, I am not really "linked in." Though it is bulky, I sometimes find myselfing carrying a separate phone, camera, GPS and notebook (my heavier version of a paperback). I wonder if my penchant for being old school and not embracing all the tuned in newness more means I am targeting myself to being tech roadkill?

What's your favorite social media tool? Do you feel appropriately connected for your lifestyle - are you too connected? If you had to give up a tool, what would it be?



Blazer: J. Crew herringbone wool (sim here, woven here, here)
Top: F21 sheer spotted (worn here)
Jeans: J. Crew bootcut
Belt: J. Crew embossed (sim here, neon here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (worn here - sim here, over-the-top here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim here)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I'll be back to my regular ramblings next week, ladies - business awaits!


  1. I am totally addicted to my iphone and twitter. I don't use FB or anything else though. I am often found with my laptop open and phone next to me, surfing both at the same time.
    Side note-I just won TWO of those Robert Noble blazers from ebay within the last week. I love them!!! You look great in it with the trouser jeans!

  2. I just got a new Iphone and I love it...mostly for snapping photos and instantly editing and posting them. I am on FB more now because of the phone...I guess it's a fine line, huh?

  3. I first read this post dripping with sweat after working out, because almost an hour had gone by without looking at Blogger! {gasp!}
    I would say it is a good thing you are technologically lacking...it is too much of a distraction...like Pamela, I too surf the web on my laptop with my phone right next to me for dual surfing action.
    I need to start restricting myself more and more to ween away if you will....I'll let you know how THAT works out... ;)

  4. I am totally with you. My bf is in IT and always tries to spout off tech stuff and I look at him like this: :-I

    I have a Twitter, but I never ever use it or go on there. I love FB, though. But I also pack all my tech gadgets with me because I don't know how to coordinate the lot of them.

    I love your blouse! What a great polka dot pattern!

  5. That blouse is just gorgeous... F21 has so many cute tie necks this year. Time to stock up! LOL

    Off topic, but do you mind sharing what lipstick you are wearing? It's the perfect shade!

  6. i love the jacket! so pretty and i love the blouse layered under it

  7. This outfit is perfection! I love the soft color of your blazer paired with those cute polka dots.
    When I was a lot younger, I was all about the newest gadget or trendy thing, but as I've gotten older I don't care as much because there is always something new around the corner. It took me forever to get on Facebook and I've only now gotten a fancier phone. However, I love it because I can tweet and post pictures and read all of my blogs on the go and not have to be chained to my desk. I could give up Facebook though because I just never really got into it.

  8. I feel like it's mandatory for me to be connected because I work in media and very closely to all forms of this ever growing platform. As a marketing professional who works in television it's tough to not be involved or at least know it's impact cause it's changing my business everyday.

    I have to say I'm connected at the hip to my iPhone and I can't even remember what life was like without it...and that wasn't even a year ago. It's crazy how quickly things change, but I'm an adapter and welcome it.

  9. First things first: that color is LOVELY on you. Just lovely! And I love your flared jeans! Or are they bootcut? I have to admit that even though I love skinny jeans, I am happy to see fashionable bloggers like you branch out into non-skinnies! It always reminds me of how amazing jeans can look... Anyway....

    For what it's worth, I would totally follow you on Twitter if you had one. Just saying. Also, I have a Facebook, blog, and Twitter, but I don't really feel addicted to any of it. It's just something to do. :) I'm actually pretty bad with my cell phone -- I tend to forget it at home a lot. Hmm.

    I think that social media is a great tool at keeping us informed of things, whether they're mundane things (what your friend had for lunch) or big, big things (I first heard about Rick Perry's bid for candidacy on Facebook when someone posted about it). I think it's only a problem when it gets in the way of good, real, face-to-face communication.

  10. Oh my... I sometimes feel too glued to my computer. I have a facebook account that I check often and I blog--a lot; checking other blogs and writing my own. Other than that, I occasionally use Twitter when I am having a conversation with someone or have something important to say. It's nice to sometimes tweet someone instead of comment on the blog to make it more personal. Other than that, I don't use much else except Pinterest. And I only use that because the blogs I do follow, when I absolutely love someone's outfit, I'll pin it to find it easily when I'm looking for something to inspire me. It's helpful that way! You can pin anything. All in the one place! No more bookmarking anymore... :D

    Okay. So back to your clothes. I absolutely adore that blazer. My heart aches for J Crew. It's all so so expensive! Are there ever sales?

    I Can Be Many Things

  11. HAHA Lisa! I use to be a Facebook addict, but I've almost totally abandoned it. My friends are always asking me what's going on with me. I tell them to check my fashion blog! HAHA So what I did, was created a FB page and Twitter account for my blog (sassyuptownchic). It forces me to use them more. The bloggers I'm friends with on here, I also communicate through those mediums as well. It can be a little more personal. Hope you're having a great Monday! :D

  12. That blazer is a gorgeous color...and love the blouse you paired under it...so, so cute!

  13. I love the blazer and blouse combination. I have the navy version but now seeing this color on you I wish I bought the coral. I haven't worn the blazer since I bought it, any styling suggestions for the navy, since you have such good taste
    Thanks Nancy

  14. Pop that collar! You're cooler than a hipster :)

    Umm, I would say that for a while I felt very behind the times in terms of technology until I got my iphone. Even then, it is only a 3G iphone, but allows me to be way more connected than my flip phone. I would say that I'm appropriately connected and if I had to give up one tool it would defintely be Facebook (you're lucky you only check it once a month).

  15. I love that blazer on you!! I'm an active Facebook user (since I'm busy with kids I love being able to connect with my friends) but sometimes I think life would be much simpler with out all of this social media....

  16. I used to be on facebook all day in college but now that I'm working, I barely check in...maybe once in a couple of months, logging in is very sporadic. I am so with you on technology, I don't know anything about androids...4G, 3G --- so confusing. And I do basic things on my comp too - mostly browsing web and reading blogs. :P I love the color of that jacket, it is to die for...

  17. Viva la bootcut! I have one pair of skinnies but they haven't supplanted my bootcut jeans.
    I spend tons of time on my computer doing classwork, and blog and read other blogs. Don't really see the point of Twitter. I have a FB and Tumblr that I regularly neglect. :) And the phone? When I taught 4th grade, quite a few of my students had phones that were much nicer than mine.

  18. I just recently got an iphone, courtesy of my workplace. I feel odd using it for non-work related activities, and my personal cell doesn't have 3/4G...so I think I'm a bit less "connected" than most people. And I don't use Facebook to its capacity...haven't logged into my personal Facebook account in ages. I keep getting these snippy auto-emails from Fbook saying, "Jamie, people are waiting to talk to you." I am most definitely behind the times.

    On another topic, I absolutely love this outfit. The coral color of the blazer looks stunning on you. It's very much a classic look, but the necklace adds a fun kick to the whole look.

    Hope all goes well on your business trip!

  19. That coral color looks very nice on you.

    I don't tweet and have resisted Facebook. I do have a cell phone with internet access which takes good pics and records video. I also just got an e-reader. I think FB will eventually go the way of Myspace but I don't think social media is going away any time soon.

  20. I'm with you Lisa- I have facebook and blogger and an android phone but that's about it. No twitter, no linked in, nothing. seriously, not even pinterest (gasp!) And what's this about dropping cookies? i have no idea what that means. I am torn- sometime I think I should go on pinterest, get a twitter account, etc, but honestly I feel I spend enough time at the computer as is....

  21. These photos are so cute, and you look so good! I like this post!
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  22. I love the blazer and the warm color combo! I have a FB account I use and blogger. I don't tweet it's too stressful! I once broke my phone and went 3 months without it, I realized after a week I really did not miss it. I could to without technology and be fine. I would miss feeling connected but I think I would get more done!

  23. Love that look Lisa! I think I may have that jacket.....and Iknow I have that necklace so this look is definitely going on my "must wear" list ;)

  24. I'm kind of Jekyll and Hyde about technology...I've had every version of social media from LJ to Twitter and Pinterest, but on the tech side of it, I steer clear of updates.

    My iPod took years to acquire, my camera is ancient, the only requirement for my cell phone is a keyboard (texting) and all of these devices are separate. I'm sure I would love to play games all day long as I listen to music and snap pictures of my latest scientific achievement, but there's something to be said for remaining relatively 'disconnected'. Yes, my phone has internet capabilities, but it's slow and I only check it sporadically (in the airport for example). My one complaint is that I get lost all the time, and it would be handy to have a 'free' GPS on my phone.
    Still, I take pride in the fact that my phone isn't beeping every 5 seconds, and that I only have to charge it every 3 days...

  25. Lisa,
    That blazer is atrociously amazing (does that even make sense?) I am loving the shape and the color on you. And your lipstick is adorable, what are you wearing?
    My only complaint is that you keep us waiting for more outfits ;)


  26. I'm generally behind the times on technology, but I do have an Android phone and love it. It's so convenient to have a computer right at your fingertips!

    I love this blazer!

  27. I'm in my early 20's and I still use a paper planner. I was called old-fashion by a hospital manager in her 60's. I just recently converted to an iPhone 4s from my old 2009 Blackberry, I prefer paper statements than online banking, I can't keep up with all the new facebook updates, I prefer to write in notebooks verses taking notes on a laptop (I actually don't even have one - I'm a desktop kind of gal)....

    Just Better Together


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