21 November 2011

Five Minutes With {Moments of Whimsy}

Happy Monday, ladies! Are you guys as excited as I am about Thanksgiving being later this week, my all-time favorite holiday of stretchy-pant-needing delicious gluttonous over-indulgence?

For this edition of Five Minutes With ... I am featuring one of favorite fearless working moms with an extreme eye for mixing bold color and brights pattern. Courtnee's blog has always been on my radar because she loves the same brands as I do, but she has a very adventurous way of pairing her pieces to create something totally unexpected, uniquely Courtnee, and yet still utterly wearable. So in her own words, here's Courtnee from Moments of Whimsy!

1. Seeing my husband interact with my kids makes me smile.

2. I would love to learn to speak another language.

3. Most people don’t know that I was a high school cheerleader.

4. My least favorite thing about blogging is taking pictures of myself! I am the least photogenic person on the planet and trying to post pictures that aren’t nightmare inducing (for me) is sooo hard.

5. Being loved and accepted for who I am was the moment that changed my life.

6. I can’t live without my television! I wish I could be one those people that doesn’t watch TV, but I’m addicted! Crappy reality TV, why can’t I quit you?!

7. If I had a theme song, it would be the theme from “Shaft”! Coolest theme song. EVER!

8. Having all of my kids home is what I am most looking forward to about the holidays.

9. My first attempt at making gumbo was the worst thing I ever ate.

10. You can tell I am angry when I get quiet! It’s like the calm before the storm, no good can come of it!

11. Getting old scares the heck out of me (but, as my 81 yr old Dad says “it beats the hell out of the alternative!”).

12. Saying something inappropriate but funny is what I am most likely to be found doing during a party.

13. Chasing down a purse snatcher in Spain is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. And he took one look at the crazy American chasing him and dropped the purse, but seriously, what the heck was I thinking!?

14. I love being asked to be a guest blogger!(Thanks Lisa!!!)

15. I hate being asked to speak in front of crowds.

16. Those e*trade talking baby commercials crack me up.

17. The first thing I do when I go home is put on my pajamas and pray I don’t have to leave the house for the rest of the night. Trust me people, it ain’t pretty!

18. One thing I’d like to do before the year is out is plan a vacation!

19. My wedding dress is the favorite item in my closet.

20. A cup of tea in front of the fireplace is my favorite way to stay warm in the winter.

Thanks for playing along, Courtnee!


  1. Thanks Lisa! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  2. oooh....i do luv her fashion sense..her mix of patterns and colors is fearless!


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