21 October 2011

Five Minutes With {J. Crew Aficionada}

Over two years while doing a Google search on J. Crew stuff, I came upon J. Crew Aficionada. At that time I had heard about blogs but I didn't really get what they were or anything about them. I just remember devouring the contents of the site and then working my way through the listed blogroll. I kept going back for more, but it took several weeks before I worked up the nerve to join Blogger and set up an account so I can start following blogs. JCA, of course, became my first official followed blog.

And though that was over two years ago, to this day JCA remains one of my favorite blogs, a daily read. I consider it a great resource for my J. Crew addiction, and acts as a gathering point for other Crew lovers to come together to share tips, sales, fit information, etc. As fans of the brand, we are all "J. Crew aficionadas" and I love how the blog has remained open to allowing readers to share their honest opinion about Crew-related items, good, bad, other. I've also seen a lot of great blog friendships form. No wonder JCA is often referred to as "the mothership."

So I'm thrilled that in this installment of Five Minutes with ... I get to feature the original JCA herself,  Alexis from J. Crew Aficionada!

1. My two super-cute dogs make me smile.

2. I hate having to decide on what items to buy on a budget when I really want to buy it all!

3. Most people don’t know that I run the J.Crew Aficionada blog (I still haven't told any of my friends & extended family about it).

4. Yesterday, I should have worked on my dissertation {sigh}.

5. Finding out "Arrested Development" (Lucille 2, Mr. F., Hero Squad) got cancelled was the moment that changed my life.

6. I can’t live without my purse (it has everything I need) & a headband.

7. My latest purchase was J.Crew's Encore Trench (I am treating myself to an early birthday present!).

8. My favorite part of the day is the evening when I am finally winding down.

9. Any type of fish (just can't get myself to like it) is the worst thing I ever ate.

10. To be brave is to have fun dancing, while not caring if you look like an idiot.

11. You can tell I am angry when I stop talking to you.

12. Miranda Priestly from the "Devil Wears Prada" scares the heck out of me.

13. The first thing I do when I go home is start putting things away (I like things neat!).

14. If I could have a super power, I would be invisible (there is something nice about going anywhere without being seen).

15. I’ve always wondered why Jerry Springer is still on the air.

16. I wish I could be good at writing my dissertation!

17. My idea of a dream come true is J.Crew Corporate reaching out to the JCA blog on a collaboration of some kind (alas, this is just a dream!).

18. I love being asked to talk about entertainment, news & politics (I am a bit of a trivia junkie).

19. I hate being asked to talk about when I am having a baby (the answer is still, "I don't know!"). ;)

Thanks so much for participating, Alexis!

And please share, ladies, do you remember the blog that first got you into blogging?


  1. I really like this feature...it's great to learn about some of my favorite bloggers. Keep it up!

  2. Oh how funny -- I learned! Alexis, I thought you had twins. *lol* I hope you like some shellfish since fish isn't for you. It's good stuff!

    JCA is *the* blog that got me into blogging.

  3. Thanks Lisa for asking me to participate!!! :)

    Natasha: I totally agree- this is a really great feature. :)

    GigiOfCa: I have two dogs that are brothes- those are my twins for now! ;)

  4. Whoops! "brothes" was meant to be "brothers" :)

  5. I second Gigi-- JCA got me into blogging! I started following JCA for product reviews and found the best blogging community! Alexis is our hero, and we appreciate her everyday. Come on, Mr. Drexler, give her some love.

  6. haha, i'm scared of miranda priestly too! ;)

    p.s. that orange blazer/jacket is to die for!

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  7. I'm 3rd! JCA got me to blogging too! Thanks for sharing, love this feature!!

  8. Great post!

    My friend A Bigger Closet got me into blogging. And now I am addicted to all the JCA and Anthro blogs.

  9. The first blog I followed would be the antithesis of JCA. EA. Effortless Anthropologie. Several months later I started my own blog, and could not believe that anyone would Follow me. Including you Lisa.

  10. Alexis- Repeat after me: a good dissertation is a done dissertation. It all seems like a distant memory to me now, but that's what I told myself everyday until it was done. Not sure what your discipline is, but I found that breaking the work into the smallest chucks possible worked best for me. I think the little victories propelled me forward. Best of luck!

  11. Love this post and Alex is an inspiration!

  12. Yes, it was Dani BP's, I loved it and still do of course, she's the woman I want to be!

  13. I love, love this post. J.Crew has been my style inspiration for years and I save pictures for future use - including two of these pics! Just discovered JCA too. So glad I'm not the only one with a J.Crew obsession. :)

    And Tiffany at http://www.iamstyle-ish.com is the blogger who inspired me to start blogging.

  14. "I’ve always wondered why Jerry Springer is still on the air."

    Hahaha! I wonder that myself! And good lord, I LOVE JCA! Alexis is just awesome, and her site is the main reason I started blogging, too! The other blog is from a girl named Ashley, who was a fellow Boston JCA (when I lived there), but I don't think her blog is updated anymore. :(

  15. need the sweater vest in the last pic! any ideas??

  16. epb - I'd recommend searching on Ebay for "J Crew argyle vest", they've got some similar ones available right now. Or Talbots has a really similar one with the tie in grey (formally called the "merino sleeveless tie argyle vest" - it is on sale and no longer available online, but you may be able to find them in-store. Hope this helps!

  17. thank you! off to ebay I go...

  18. This is a little late... Thank you so much everyone for the kind words. You are all so nice! :)

  19. Alexis and Lisa you both rock. I don't blog, but I'm an avid quiet reader, and JCA was the first blog I stumbled upon. And Lisa, in the last 6 months I've found your blog and love it!


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