07 September 2011

That Quincy Boy

When I started my blog, I wrote about a little bit of everything on the fashion side - discount codes, things that make go grabby hands, fashion fails, etc.. As I've developed and gotten more comfortable with myself and audience, I've leaned towards keeping this mostly as an "outfit of the day" blog, with bits of personal musings thrown in. However I am starting to get an inkling to take the blog to the next step now and I'm not sure what to do - I'm not considering a drastic topic change and don't think I want to lean too far away from my current formula of outfits and ramblings, but I would love a little something extra to give my current blog a little oomph.


So what do I want for my blog if I could do anything and everything? I would love a new header, a new logo. I wish I could afford to get a DSLR grade camera and a talented photographer who could turn my regular outfit pics into beautifully composed vignettes (and how about a two hour block of daily work-free mid-morning sun time to do my shoots in!). I want a huge and eclectic wardrobe at my disposal, and the wherewithall to create truly unique wearable looks. I wish I had something deeply compelling and thought-provoking to write about everyday. I want to have the time (and wit!) to respond back to every comment, visit every blogger pal blog on a regular basis. I wish I had more talent, money, and time to do it all.

IMG_7972 IMG_7992

Of course I start this whole "wishing and hoping" thing pretty much at the same time my job is starting to get back into over-work mode. So don't expect to start seeing drastic changes to my format anytime soon - but maybe little bits, over time? Maybe one day I'll be able to coerce the BF to taking some non-head-cut-off outfit shots, and we'll both find an excuse to splurge on an awesome camera? And hopefully one day - well, hell, if you don't like my writing style now I am probably not going to get any better with age, so that part you'll have to live with!

As a fella blogger, if you could do anything to improve your own blog, what would you do? As a fella reader, what do you wish more fashion blogs would do - or would stop doing?

Yeah, I know, I think I am a wee too colorful today - may have to lose the yellow ...

Jacket: Coquille by Anthro cobbled lanes (worn here - sim here, luxe here)
Top: J. Crew quincy boy
Skirt: Talbots washed silk (worn here - sim mini here, here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Bangle: The Limited (sim here, here)
Shoe clips as brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here - sim peep here)


  1. I completely agree with your sentiments, but for my blog not yours! I love your blog! I am always wanting to make changes with my blog, but I find it's best for me to make them a little bit at a time. I try to incorporate a few new topics, a few months later I change the formatting a bit. I think it's more realistic with my work schedule for me to do it this way. I hope to have a new header in my near future, and I've been thinking about buying my own URL. It's little changes, but why not! It's my blog so I can do what I want!

  2. A) Adore this outfit. B) Totally in the same boat as you with many of those thoughts. C) I don't think I would change anything about my blog itself, I think I just need to be more confident in posting photos of myself and my outfits (you are so good at it!!). Would also love to create some partnerships, but all in good time I suppose!

    And ps. your photos are always so lovely! I would never guess that they weren't taken with a fancy new camera!

  3. As a blogger I wish I had more time to do more quality posts in fantastic locations. The dang day job just gets in the way. As a reader, I love reading about special fashion finds in unlikely places!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. Your blog is one of less than a handful that I check every.single.day. I am completely infatuated with and impressed by your sense of style, and I really enjoy your musings and your sense of humor. I mean this in the nicest way: please don't change anything about your blog. I really love it the way it is. If you were to change something about it, maybe it could be a cosmetic change, like designing a new template or something. As far as the content goes, though, I think it is spot-on the way it is!

  5. Ditto Tara. I love reading your blog and check it on my phone all the time. I don't always get a chance to comment but your witty posts are a pleasure to read.

    As for my own blog...I wish I had more time to work on it...I think when given enough time everyone's pictures, content and layout will improve (just because you can play around with it more).

  6. love your vibrant and colorful outfit. your pairings are very inspiring, your ability to include colors in your outfits never cease to amaze me. i love blogs with good pictures, not necessarily artsy or high quality, but as long as it conveys the outfit and the idea i am quite happy and that's something i seriously need to improve on.

  7. I really really enjoy your blog. Always thoughtful and well executed, both the clothing and the content. I love that you can clearly see your clothes AND the accessories. I hate it when blogger take pictures in bad lighting or so far away that you can not see what there are really wearing. I think your photos are spot on.
    Still kicking around the idea of starting a fashion blog that would not be associated with my lifestyle blog...not sure if I have the time commitment though.
    Really though, you do a fantastic job.

  8. When I met Debra of I Dream of Anthropologie last week, we talked about the blogs we love to read--and yours was at the top of the list. You have a great sense of style and your "ramblings," as you call them, are thoughtful and interesting. You've found a nice balance between the opposed poles of over-sharing your private life and just showing us your outfits; and even in that middle place, there's some real substance in what you do. All this is to say, please don't change! Or . . . at least not too much. I don't care too much about your header or your camera; I just love the way you provide a meaningful forum for intelligent women who also like clothes.


  9. Lisa it's your blog, do what you feel is best for you! But I echo some of your sentiments. I wish I had a photographer to help me take photos and I would love to take more outdoor shots. I also wish I have more time and motivation to blog more often and take pictures everyday. I have some reviews and posts that were scheduled in April/May that I haven't written yet!!! Take your time, looking forward to the changes :)

  10. I have the same wishes!!! There's never enough time or money. And man do I wish I had a super talented photographer and the most gorgeous backgrounds.

    Method Clothe

  11. I got that plaid, and I love it! I am STILL kicking myself for not getting last years red j crew plaid. I love how you popped color with the belt.
    Oh, and I think I already told you, I love how you are doing the blog now. It's great! :)

  12. I'm constantly wondering the same thing, and lamenting the lack of time to execute. I've resigned myself to the fact that it is what it is. For me, blogging is a terrific hobby, but I just can't take any more time or resources away from my family or full-time job to devote to it more than I already have.

    As others have said already, your blog is a really fun read, and I love looking at your outfits, so don't change your content, please!

  13. I really like the way your blog is now Lisa! We don't all have dream lifestyles that allow us to wander around and take photos every single day in awesome locations. I think what you do is real, and it's what I try to do as well. I feel I can relate to you. I feel your style is easily translatable for my life and others. Like Tara said, if anything, perhaps do a makeover on the blog and get a fancy camera when you can afford it - those are two goals I have :)

  14. You are colorful and cute! I love the preppy vibe with this outfit and I love reading your post. So whatever you add will just be a bonus.

    ps. If I had time I would do more DIY projects and Make-up looks.

  15. I've been feeling the same way about my blog, lately, though I've only had it for half a year. I love looking at outfits, and I love ootd blogs, but I don't have the time to look at them or take photos daily anymore. I love reading your blog posts! and wouldn't want to change anything, but then again, I really know how it feels like from the blogger standpoint as well.

    I think that changing the layout of the blog a bit will help. I just changed mine a month ago, so I might wait until the wintertime to change again (especially with the new blogger changes! there's so much stuff I'd like to do!!!) Another thing I started doing was my 6-month challenge that I thought would focus on other things apart from clothing and spending money on clothing. I'm on month #3 and I've blogged more about food and books because of my challenge:) hope this helps!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  16. i would love a blog makeover and the chance to reach more people. i haven't quite mastered the techniques of gaining readership yet. but its a work in progress. :)

  17. Um...ditto. To everything you said. That's exactly how I've been feeling, I just haven't put it onto words.

    And on another note, I adore this outfit with the pop of yellow. You look stunning!

  18. I love the yellow, don't lose it!
    I've had the same feelings many times about putting more into my blog. I think it's a one year itch, or 18 month itch, or 24 month... lol. I had to ask myself though, do I really want these things( fancy photos and locations for ex.) for me, because it's what I love and it reflects my life. Or because I feel like I have to compete?
    Whatever you decide I'm sure we will all continue to enjoy your blog :)

  19. Ahh... your wishlist is my wishlist! I don't think there is a blog out there that does every single thing you mentioned. People play up their strengths, ie: great pics, great writing, great design, etc. but rarely do I ever see it all. I love your blog the way it is Lisa, so definitely no need to change anything on my account ;) I've been trying to experiment with pictures myself, and taking outdoor shots are my first step. Perhaps you and your fiance (have you gotten used to the term yet? hehe) could test it out on weekends? Who knows, it could soon lead to a hobby and therefore worth spending extra money on a nicer camera.

  20. I agree with everything you said...the top of my list is a fancy camera! I love your plaid shirt, and that skirt is such a pretty color!

  21. I don't think you need a DSLR camera just yet. Maybe you could try a super zoom camera e.g. something similar to Canon SX30 series. Get a photography book and learn as you go. For the header, switching out the picture or maybe just have words no pic, a clean and simple look. Or try a sketch-Look up the blog "My Closet in Sketches"-all the outfit posts are sketches. You can have one made up for the header. Incorporate other thhings you enjoy into the blog e.g. books. Tania of "What would a nerd wear" does book recommendations occasionally.

    The one thing I don't like about some fashion blogs is obsession with one store. I appreciate that some people love a brand to bits. But I think it's a bit unoriginal and boring. I enjoy people who mix things up from low end to high end, thrifting etc.

  22. I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I wish I could just buy any piece of clothing I saw so I could come up with endless interesting outfits. I just came across your blog and honestly your style and posts are really fun! It's so easy to compare to others, but you have wonderful style and I can't wait to check out more.

  23. Oh Lisa, today I was just thinking about your blog believe it or not, and how I really admire your sense of writing and style. I really enjoy what you talk about and it helps in getting to know you better. You know, I hope we get the chance to meet one day b/c I think you're dope!

    I definitely can relate to your thoughts on giving my blog a facelift of sorts, but honestly, I'm just really thankful about what it's brought on already, just the friendships and the ability to talk about fashion and personal style in a friendly format. I think it will come in time and with time. I wish I was posting with more originality and quicker wit, but it's a work in progress and think we all grow a little every day.

  24. As a blogger, i definitely wished i had more time on my hands to write something worth reading, and to take photos everyday. But alas, I have a full time job and by the time i get home, im tired and just want to sleep. Also wish i had a better lens, and a more creative photographer (at times!).
    I enjoy reading your blog, it's full of funny stories, and gorgeous outfit combos. Defintely don't change that! At the end of the day, it's your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. If you feel like you want to jazz it up - go for it! We'll still be reading!

  25. LISA!! I absolutely love the blog as it is!!! Your style is refreshingly unique AND do-able. I love it.

    I can't even comment on my own blog-dreams...I miss writing on my blog!! I just need to get back into the swing of it when my life settles down a bit..

  26. Nice outfit!


  27. I have a million things I want to do for my blog. Mostly I need to switch over to my own domain.
    Have you ever done "how-to" posts? Maybe a post on how to accessorize or how to wear pink or how to spice up your wardrobe on a budget.
    I love your blog and your stories!

  28. I wish I had more time to devote to what I write on my blog and to what I write in comments on others' blogs. I wish I had a better camera, a more willing photographer (ahem, husband), and more time to pose for outfit pictures. Basically, everything you said!

  29. I completely agree with everything you said. I wish I had more time to devote to my blog too, but I just do what I can. I love your blog the way it is...I think that you must be doing something right. You almost have 600 followers - which is pretty amazing in my book. Keep up the great work!

  30. I love your blog, Lisa. You do a great job keeping balance between life happenings (funny stories) and fashion. I keep/stay with the blogs that keep it real. I'd love to get a designed header someday... in general, want to feel more tech savvy about blogging. Inevitably change will come from within as time goes on. Evolving is natural. It's your blog...you've gotta be you, and if change is in your gut, do what you need to do. I'll still be here reading.:)

  31. Lisa,

    I think all bloggers sing the same tune in their heads now and again. I know you are the real deal. So I have faith that whatever you fancy, will appeal to me. You are more friend than Blogger. And even though you mention nothing specific, I feel the heat from what's cooking in your head. And your photo's are so darn awesome, I thought you had a DSLR camera. So don't spend your money on a new camera.

    Adore the pops of Orange and Yellow. I think you already have that closet you speak of. You certainly know what you are about in that department.

    I for one would love to see some background scenery of Atlanta. You live in a historical city. Use it! But how funny about the sidewalks I read in your next post.

  32. Lisa, I think your blog is lovely just the way it is (and I am saying this as a friend and designer). I am a firm believer that the best design is pure and simple. I love visiting your blog for your writing and photos. Okay, and pictures of Pacey. :o)

  33. this shirt looks fabulous on you--I was eyeing it in the store yesterday and now you've made me want it even more! I've only just started reading your blog (through Linda little tin solider) and love it--lots of creative outfit pictures, not too many of the modeling variety (I want to see your outfit not your makeup!) and you write succinctly without resorting to whimsical prose. Perfect in my book! If you want a new blog look or header, I'd suggest the skills of Linda--she did my headers for both blogs and is an artistic genius!


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