01 September 2011

Tartan We All?

Yesterday I told you guys that I am a slow blogger. Well today I am going to let you know that I am slow shopper too, at least online.

I am totally one of those people who like to leave stuff in shopping carts all over the web so that I can keep perusing, comparison shop and think think think about something before making a purchase. The brainpower I've used considering a $17 shirt could have probably solved the world energy crisis now. I also have a mental list of things that I am looking for so as to "narrow" from the ridiculous overflow of selection (though have you tried typing in "brown knee-high boot" on Google, or even Zappos or Endless? Ba-nanas).


But selection aside, one of the reasons why I prefer online shopping sometimes is because my will is weak and I'm more apt to buy stuff right-this-instant when I am in-store and face-to-face with something. Online I can leisurely stare at an item forever, consider how I'd wear it, see if I continue to fawn over it, look at similar items until my eyeballs cross, etc.

When I am in-store however, I really do prefer to be in and out of there fairly quickly, even if I am just going into a shop to browse and don't have a specific item in mind. I want to go in, grab the items I like, try them on, then leave. This is why it is turns me purple in the face to go shopping with my big sis who spends about as much time perusing each store as I do online shopping. She wants to look at every nook, examine every garment ad nauseum, try the same item on once, maybe even twice, maybe even more ... during the same shopping trip. She doesn't mind standing in a miles-long checkout line with one $5 item. She enjoys staring at herself in the mirror, adjusting the collar until it is just so, then not even buying the shirt. All this stuff mentally kills me.

IMG_7879 IMG_7919

So this is a really long-winded way for me to say that it is kind of out of character for me to see something for the first time online and immediately buy it sans sleeping it over, or going to try it out in-store, or comparison shopping it to death, or wait the slow wait of the when-will-it-go-on-sale waltz. But that's just what I did yesterday when I saw the tartan schoolboy blazer on the J. Crew new arrivals section. Blackwatch plaid on a blazer and patch elbows?! I think I uttered an "OMG" and could not resist its siren song for more than 20 minutes.

What kind of shopper are you? Are you quick and decisive? Or do you like to linger over things and really think they over? Do you have to shop with a buddy or need to go solo?


Dress: LE Canvas pleated tartan (worn here - cas sim here, solid here, not sim but fab)
Belt: Anthro via spiffy (worn here - sim here, here)
Slip: A Slip Shop via Etsy (worn here - sim here, long here)
Shoes: Micheal Kors hamilton (worn here - sim here, peep here)
Bracelet: The Limited (sim here, here)

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!


  1. I'm an online linger-er (I *know* there will be a coupon code the second I hit "purchase"), but a real life...linger-er. So I guess I have the worst of both worlds.

    ALSO! Your slip - what is the material of the actual skirt part of the slip made of? I was thinking about ordering one from that etsy shop, but if it's cotton-y (thus will stick to tights, and I'd have to wear a slip under a slip) then it'd be annoying.

  2. Fantastic shirt!!

    When I shop online I think I overthink things. Most of the time I talk myself out of really good buys because I tell myself that I can do without them or that I can't afford it right now. I make myself feel guilty for even LOOKING at the websites.

    Whereas in a real life shop I am FAR more likely to buy something because I see it and fall in love with it and stroke it and want to take it home because I think that nobody else could love it and give it as good a home as I could...

    Lee x

  3. I definitely shop more like your sister, and after years of trying to love online shopping, in the end, I'd rather go to a store, try it on and know right away if the fit is right, the fabric is comfortable and how easy it will be to style.

    Not that I dont shop online, I do, I leave things in carts FOREVER and usually dont buy them, and when I finally do, Half the time it has to go back.

  4. cute dress!love it with the big belt and a pop of the yellow bangle!

  5. I am the exact same way. Online purchases I agonize over, and will go through the same scenario on multiple days of adding the same items to my cart, pondering, and then close browser unable to commit to the purchase.

    In-store, I'm very brisk. I'll walk through the store picking up the items that interest me, try it on and make a snap buy or no-buy decision. No pondering for days or even hours. I think part of my indecision is not knowing exactly what I'm getting with the online purchase. That and I love instant gratification.

  6. What a cute outfit - I love the little eyelet slip peeking out at the hem, very nice touch.

    I agonize over 99% of all my purchases, online or in real life. In the store, I circle around and around the item, try it on a few times (maybe more) and then check the return policy, so I can agonize over it in the privacy of my home for the full 30 days or however long their return policy is. It drives my husband completely nuts. With online stuff, I'm a little less inclined to agonize, because of the expense involved in shipping the stuff to and from my house. But still... I find it difficult not to wait for items to go on sale. It's very rare that I'll see something that I absolutely must have and will pay full price for it, no questions asked. But when that does happen, it doesn't usually take me more than 5 minutes to get to the cash register!

  7. I am in love with that belt!! It adds some wonderfulness to your skirt. :)

    I'm more of an online shopper because I do like to comparison shop and one of my new shopping techniques is to exercise patience and think before clicking buy. It's rare that I'll get something immediately, but sometimes I get sick of thinking about something and just end up buying.

    My mother shops like your sister and it drives me insane. I know when we go shopping, I need lots of patience and a full belly.

  8. Hi Ashley - the slips are hand-made, so unfortunately I don't know what the material is, but the actual slip part is some smooth nylon-y thing, so that your actual skirt doesn't catch on it. Only the bottom is trimmed with cotton/lace/whatever. Hope that helps!

    Lee - unfortunately I think I shop enough that I need some talking myself out of things! ;o)

    LyddieGal - oh yeah, I am pretty meticulous about getting on shipping and returns for online purchases. Pretty much if I have to pay shipping for something, I won't get it - my only online shopping saving grace?

    Thanks, Meisha!

    overcaffeinated - maybe you and I need to shop together and be able to talk each other out of things we don't need!

    Louise - I'm with you. Usually I am pretty good about waiting for a sale and I don't think I love any piece of clothing enough to try to track it down in stores across the country if I miss out. HOWEVER, sometimes the "urge to splurge" strikes and I'm on autopilot to the checkout, online or in-store!

    fshnonmymind - maybe we need to get your mom and my sister together. I love shopping as much as the next gal, but if I don't see anything in a section after a quick scan, I'm usually done with it! Maybe we need to pack cocktails in water bottles, hehe.

  9. I'm definitely an over-analyzer no matter where I'm shopping, virtual or physical. Except, in a physical store, I feel bad for being in the fitting room for 30 minutes while friends/shopping companions are waiting for me. And I also HATE paying for shipping, since I end up returning so much stuff from online. That's always a foolproof way to talk myself out of a purchase, if there's no free shipping (or no free returns if I can't return to a nearby physical store).

    I love your belt and slip, like everyone else! Actually I just received a black eyelet slip from the same Etsy shop, which I specifically purchased to wear with a particular dress. I love the look and it works perfectly for that purpose, although the cotton trim is a bit stiffer than I expected. Am now thinking about buying a longer white slip, which would be more versatile.

  10. Love the slip under the shirt dress. What a cute detail.

    I also love online shipping more. I am more relax. At the store, I am always stressed out, worrying the kids got impatient or if they miss me leaving them with daddy. My daughter learned my phone number now, so she is calling me even I am only gone for half hour.... However with online item, you can't feel the material, so I end up doing a lot of returns.

  11. That is an awesome belt! Sometimes I'm quite the impulse shopper, other times I'm patient and wait...I guess it all depends on how badly I want something and my mood haha

  12. i think when we shop in store, there are certain things that draw our attention to, thanks mainly to the merchandising. whereas when you shop online you will notice things that you may not necessary had seen if it was tucked away in the store somewhere, i find that esp true with sale items. sometimes when you see a rack of sale item in store they all look raggedy and worn, but online they can look so nice and crisp. I love the slip worn under the shirt dress, such a sweet touch.

  13. I always try to deliberate in the store, but am conscious of the time I spend in a store, lest the SAs think I'm nuts. I love shopping alone, but nothing beats going with my sister. I always love second opinions and need someone to love an item with me. It's weird going shopping with other people other than my big sister. We're very honest with one another and will tell it like it is, which is nice.

  14. I am absolutely in love with your belt. The slip peeking out from under your dress is adorable, too! You look fabulous as always Lisa.

  15. Online shopping is a good thing for me because it fulfills my need to look at pretty new things but, like you, I want to wait until I get the best deal until I click "buy." But I tend to buy more online than in-store (have to get that free shipping, right?). I do try to buy at stores I can return for free if something, especially shoes, doesn't work out.

    I can't wait to see your new blazer in action! Love the slip under the dress too.

  16. The Scottish part of me loves that you took the plunge straight away when you saw this dress. It looks great! Especially with those Michael Kors heels...which I cannot get enough of :)

  17. I'm just like you with online shopping. I like not being rushed and having time to make an educated, researched decision! I live in a town that doesn't have many shopping options, so when I do get to go to an actual mall, I go a little crazy. it's probably not the best idea for me to even go!

    I love your dress. I bought the same one but it did not work on me...looks fab on you. Also, that tartan blazer is fab. Cannot wait to see you wear it!

  18. I find I can be much more critical and discerning in store (though definitely prone to impulse...) while online I feel like everything is magical and beautiful and will change my life. Only the high cost of shipping and, well, the items themselves, cause me to reflect on them awhile before going for it.

    On the other hand, it feels SOOOOO good to just jump in and let love-at-first-sight guide you!

  19. You look fantastic -- what a great 'impulse' buy and I think you'll really find a lot of use out of it. I can't get over how great it looks with that belt :)

    I'm a slow shopper, like you. I take forever picking things out, trying to figure out if it will work with what I already have. I've definitely had some regrets putting things back and then not being able to buy it later on. Sigh. :)

  20. I am so glad you style with that belt. I own it and you always inspire me to pull it out!

    I am pretty picky since I am on a limited budget. I like a good deal, and most times, I need that deal to get it. So, I stalk items. Most of the items I own, I stalked till I could afford it. Is stalking a shopping method? :)

  21. Well, I usually already have what I want to buy in mind, but sometimes I do like to take my time and look around the stores. I actually prefer shopping with my sisters and/or friends. It's more fun that way lol. :)

    Cute, cute, cute dress. I really like the detailed belt. <3

    XoXo, Bree
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  22. I take forever to decide about an online item, then I discover it has sold out in my size, by which time I tell myself that it "just wasn't meant to be."

    Have a great weekend!

  23. I prefer to shop in store, but all the stores I like (Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, etc.) are located over an hour away. I'm a little impulsive when I see a great deal online, but after getting burned with a few final sale items, I've been a lot more discerning about what I get. Love your shirtdress with the belt! I really love your style and honesty.

  24. It depends on what the item is, how much i LOVE it, the cost, and the availability of it. Of course, if im overseas, there's not much thinking involved :-)
    I think i'm somewhere in between (if there is such thing?). I don't consider myself an impulse shopper, nor someone that waits forever.
    You look cute in Tartan!!

  25. I love the skirt. I go all over the place online, looking for *the* perfect whatever it is I'm searching for. I try to do my due diligence w/coupon finding and I've tried to slow down and wait until I'm sure the item is perfect. Instead of ending up with 2 or 3 versions of the same thing.

  26. I have MPD online. Sometimes I'm quick on the draw and buy too fast and sometimes I linger and linger. Instore, I'm much more of a procrastinator. I've been known to walk out of the store w/o buying an item, only to search for it later and but it online!!!

  27. love the color combo. great (and unique) belt!

    would you like us to follow each other?


  28. I LOVE that dress. In fact, the first time you wore it, I went online and looked it up and admired it. And added it to my cart. Then never pulled the trigger! Haha
    I was just thinking about this, as we are headed to Kansas City for the holiday, and I get to meet a lovely lady who reads my blog. But we are meeting for coffee and shopping (at Anthro)- and I felt it only fair to warn her that I don't live near Anthro, so I look at EVERYTHING IN THE STORE, and I am abnormally slow. I am taking a 1/2 hour head start, so that I can do my returns and get started. LOL

  29. Cath and I shop exactly like you! Once I started buying on-line more frequently, I really did find shopping in-person a lot more frustrating. Cath and I were at Lenox the other day for the first time in a while, and we were both cranky and frustrated after an hour of hoping from Anthro, Madewll, Zara and J.Crew. If we had been shopping online, I would have had options lined up in my "bags" and still been happily clicking away for hours.
    Love your belted-dress - just gorgeous!

  30. Lisa, Your slip is showing and I love it. It's funny how a belt can look completely different on different people. My Boyfriend told me the Full Circle Belt looked like a wrestling Trophy on me. I sent it back. It's no wonder I have a belt complex.

    Since I shop almost exclusively online, I prefer a number of friends when shopping in store. I used to be like you. I knew exactly what I was after. In and out. I would go early or late to avoid crowds.

    Anthro is a whole different Ball Game. Since it's a rare opportunity to step into a store, I can't help but linger. Like a 2 year old at bedtime. I'm afraid I will miss something of major importance.

  31. First, I look at a ton of stuff online (especially when bloggers link to it, how could I not?).

    In stores, I go in, do a walk through, maybe try a few pieces on but I usually don't get it unless I've really been looking at something hard.


  32. I'm a huge shopper so I do a little bit of everything that you say but so true, when I'm in a store and I like something I obsess and need to have it so online stalking is a little bit on my wallet :) I'm loving your plaid dress and the slip peeping through is so feminine and perfect. Love this outfit on you!


  33. Honey, you're looking amazing! ^^
    I love your shoes!



  34. this is so put together and those shoes go with everything, huh?

    I am a pretty quick shopper... I know right away if i like something or not...but I do wait and stalk things to go on sale. I love it when I find something and have to have it asap (like you felt with that adorable blazer) because you just know you are going to wear the crap out of it!

  35. i am most definitely not a quick shopper. i like to look around and see everything. and deciding is an even longer process! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  36. I linger over things regardless if I;m online or in the store. I like to take my time and I usually go shopping with my husband. He like to try stuff on, wait in line and leave. I always get caught up in the dressing room for to long..lol

    I love your dress it's so classy and old school! The print and full skirt is very 50's chic!


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