14 September 2011

Spotty Past

I would like to think that I go through my life trying to be a good person. But let's face it, we're not all perfect, least of all me! I've done my share of not-so-proud things and unfortunately more often than not had a case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. If I have a few drinks under me, call me Trucker Mouth Lisa then.

And I sometimes think back to when I was little and did things without really thinking about them - you know, those in retrospect hide-my-face awful kind of things that you can only really do with any innocence when you're little.  So consider this a psuedo-confession that I run down for you my "greatest hits" of shameful young behavior:


In elementary school, I made fun of a classmate who had a disability and had to wear braces on his legs. I rightfully ended up in detention for that - and still think about him sometimes to this day, because I'm healthy and he's not. And I may not have been the only bully he had encountered in his life.

In sixth grade, I stole money from my mom's purse - in order to buy New Kids on the Block magazines (which seemed so important at the time and sounds ri-donk-culous now!) She threw a fit at me and I remember standing by the front door crying with my shame. I still don't know why I didn't just ask my parents for the money, they would have so easily given it.

In junior high, my dog found a turtle in the backyard and was barking at it. So I picked it up and threw it onto someone's rooftop - my then-apparent super star throwing arm aside - I threw away a wee life!

IMG_8116  IMG_8138

When my parents finally got a computer and Internet connection for the home, I became one of those creepy online people and spent my time in online chat rooms, pretending to be someone I'm not. I know it stemmed from not being comfortable with myself at the time, but think of the people I may have led on! Egads, I am still cyber-embarassed over that!

And I'm sure the list probably goes on but my short-term memory may be blocking things out. Have you done or said anything in the past when you were young that you still feel bad about? Consider this a no-judgement confessions zone here, so please share!


Top: F21 sheer spotted (sim solid here, print here)
Skirt: H&M pencil (worn here - sim here, here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthro botanist heeled (worn here - same here for less, sim here)


  1. That is such a pretty outfit!!! I love that green belt.

  2. Wonderful outfit, I especially love the shoes and the green belt.

    In HS I flirted with a boy that my friend had a crush on - and he sent me flowers instead of her. I still feel badly.

  3. Love how you paired this feminine tie front blouse with the green belt and those fabulous envy inspiring loafers.

    I have more than a few past actions that to this day insight embarrassment and shame when I look back on them. I was 4 and at day care. I grabbed a little girl's hand and bit it as hard as I could and then immediately walked away when she started crying and played dumb when questioned about it by the teacher. I don't even know what prompted me to bite her!

    Looking back on it all of my careless, shame inducing moments really stemmed from my own insecurities. Thankfully I've grown up and can look back on such actions with only minimal self loathing.

  4. Lisa, you look stunningly wonderful and lady-like in this outfit. I love that sheer blouse!!

    We've all had our cringe-inducing moments in life. I remember stealing something from CVS once. I might have been 7 or so. I had to have those sea monkeys! I can't believe I even did that for what was essentially powdered dust.

  5. Lisa,
    Reading this post made me very sad and yet somehow relieved at the same time. Thank you for sharing. Reading this post brought back, in a violent jolt, so many memories of things I have done in my past that I regret to this very day.
    In elementary school, my bestie and I ridiculed this quiet girl from school because we found out her mother had passed away. We said hi to her, which surprised her and seemed to make her happy, because not many people talked to her. Then we asked her how she was, we asked her how her dad was doing (this seemed to puzzle her) and finally we asked how her mom was doing, to which she quickly responded "she's ok" and turned away. Then my friend and I sat around gossiping a la "Oh my God, what a liar! She said her mom was ok but she's actually dead! We should tell everyone and out her!" (we didn't "out her, but to this day, when i think about this incident, I have to choke back my tears.)

  6. When I was 6 or 7 I went to a family friends party. One of the girls had an awesome sticker book that I felt soo envious of. I still don't know why but I stole two stickers and stuck it in my little purse. Later my parents found out and I was in so much trouble!! I realized that I did an horrible thing not just on my belhalf but also embarresed them. To this day I still feel ashamed and sorry for what I did!!

    BTW: I love love your blouse!!

  7. I love the top and how the spots aren't uniform. I think we've all been bullies at some pt in our lives, I did it because it made me feel more superior to some people (only some because I was bullied by some mean girls in hs who were jealous they didnt have my asian brains lol)

  8. In high school a group of my friends and I had a slam book. Let's just say we wrote things about people that we would never say aloud. Too bad it got leaked, ended in a huge fight and suspension.

    I think I learned a valuable lesson about words and friendship. My so called group left me to dry while they graduated with a clean school record.

    First Claire now you, why is everyone wearing the bow-tie blouse trend that I desperately seek. You look adorable, wonderful and so chic! Jealous!! I need a similar blouse ASAP!

  9. Love the tie-neck blouse and skinny green belt - lots of character to your outfit!

    I have an echo of your super embarrassing cyber-story. I can't believe I had the gall to do that. For being one of the smart kids (ie good kids) I sure did a lot of stupid things like that as a kid...

  10. Hi,

    I'm a new reader and this post hit me just like Tara B expressed above, so I had to comment.

    In first grade, there was a boy in my class who was often gone for long stretches of time. He was completely bald, and always wore a baseball cap. None of us knew why he was bald or why he was gone so much. One day at recess, a group of us tore his hat off and played "keep away" with it. He cried and we still did not give it back. To this day, 20+ years later, I still feel horribly. This kid likely had cancer and was undergoing chemo, and we were so cruel to him.

    Thanks for sharing your writing, thoughts, and outfits with us.

  11. Lisa, please tell me about the sizing of these shoes!

    As for mortifying moments, I'm ashamed of a comment I made in college about an educationally disabled student I had at the time. I made the comment to friends, and on top of the fact that it never should have been made in the first place, one of my friends had a developmentally disabled sister and I made myself look like an ass and offended her at the same time. I still shudder sometimes to think about it.

  12. Lisa, you look so sassy in this outfit! I love the blouse.

    I remember this particular incident today like it was yesterday. Back in grade school, my friend and I left a mean note on a girl's door, calling her names. I will never forget the image of her mom walking to the playground with the note and her daughter crying as she yelled at us, saying how we should be ashamed to call ourselves GirlScouts because of the way we behaved. I don't think she ever told our parents because I do not remember my mom ever saying anything to me about it. But the shame and guilt I felt for leaving that note stays with me today. We eventually made up with Jaye Jaye (as grade school kids often do) and I think back to her mom whenever I feel myself getting catty about another person.

  13. What a great post! (And outfit too, btw!)

    I was an awful child at times.
    I seem to have gone through phases.
    Once, my mother caught me tying my brother to a chair and when asked why I told her I was going to burn him at the stake.
    When I found out there was no Santa I was told that I better not tell my younger siblings under penalty of death.
    So instead, I waited until show and tell (this was 1st grade) and told my whole class 2 weeks before Christmas that Santa got hit by a car and died.
    It sounded much better that way...but even the teacher was crying when she called my parents to tell them!
    Oh, gooness....I could go on and on....what possessed us to be so horrid?
    Like a mystery of the universe....

  14. I think we've all done our fair share of regrettable things. But sometimes it's the only way we learn.

  15. Love that blouse! I have a pencil skirt just like that one and I really need a tie neck blouse to go with.
    I'm in the midst of trying to get a refund from an unethical (previously prominent) fashion blogger who has scammed many, many people. How sad that an adult can behave that way. At least the things you mentioned are from childhood -- and not ongoing behaviors, right?

  16. Wow, that blouse is amazing. I am very into blouses recently, which I had given up on for awhile because of how ill- fitting the are given that one --AHEM-- part of me is so much larger than the rest. And this year's silky looks appear to be difficult to tailor. Anyway, this is a long way of saying...you look incredible.

    I'm not putting my most regrettable stuff out there-- too embarrassing! But yep, we've all done crappy things.

  17. LOOOVE that blouse on you!!!! I was close to buying it today actually...hmm, maybe I should!

    Hmm, a girl on my middle school softball team started bad-mouthing a great classmate/friend of mine and I just turned around and slapped her as hard as I could across the face. I felt so bad...I didn't even think before I did it and I started apologizing immediately. Poor girl was terrified of me after that..LOL

  18. Love the blouse!!! The green belt is such a fun addition to the outfit.

    I had done so many awful things when i was much younger. I feel so horrible about the things that I did. Especially now that I am a mother, it really makes you reflect.


  19. OMG. You look HOT. You need to wear your hair like this more often!!!

  20. I love that the end goal of your theft was to get NKOTB gear! Too funny. Was it cathartic to admit all these secrets?


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