27 September 2011

The Young and the Restless

Consider this a random post out of left field, but I consider myself pretty much a serial monogamist. Ever since I could date, I've pretty much been in one relationship or another. Even waaay back in day.

My first serious BF was in high school. To a guy in my own clique - 'cause didn't everyone hang in a "clique" in high school? - which pretty much meant we were both nerds with a lot of similar interests. Except he loved playing Magic during lunch and I'd rather be off hitting tennis balls. Or trying out for the fencing team (don't ask).


I think it was typical geeky first love - you know, the passed notes, scribbling hearts in notebooks, sharing Cheesy Doodles kind. "Dating" was going to the local pizzeria or McDonalds, then bowling. When it snowed, we used to go sliding down a hill together on our textbooks (sorry, Board of Education) or he'd dragged me giggling through the slush on my bum so I'd end up having to walk home with wet icy pants. Ah, pitter patter heart.

We were on and off for about three years - eons in high school time - until the night when he promptly dumped me at prom. At prom. During prom. When it was still happening. Like, people were still out on the dance floor dancing and he was all in front me mumbling something about "hey, I need my freedom. yo."

IMG_7635  IMG_7678

I'm pretty sure I cried my eyes out after I got home. I'm sure my heart ached and I couldn't eat and all I could do was be all miserable Bella-sans Edwards-like when I daydreamed about the good times we had together and how I was never going to find another "good man."

Now is it just me, or did we just feel the highs and lows of love more deeply when we were younger? Were we just more receptive to love back then? Were our hearts more open? (Or is it just we've gotten older and wiser with the realization of how truly sucky some guys are?)

Do you remember your first "serious" relationship? What do you feel about now that you think back on it?


Dress: Eva Franco archer (Laura also has this dress, can't wait to see her rock it - sim here, here)
Belt: from Anthro helios batik skirt (skirt seen here - sim here, skinny here)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II (worn here - sim here)
Clutch: Cambridge Satchel Company (worn here - sim here)
Brooch: part of dress (sim all metal here)

26 September 2011

Shortie in Pink Shorts Gone Shopping!


Happy Monday, ladies! Today I'm guest blogging, so please head on over to the fashionably fabulous Gigi's blog - Gigi's Gone Shopping!

Then come back and let me know what kind of fashion items you consider to be splurge-worthy.

IMG_8527 IMG_8505

My sister favors purses - she's been using the same LV Neverfull for nearly five years now as a diaper bag-now toddler carryall and it still looks pristine. BF's mom prefers to shell out for the bling - and I must admit a woman in stretchy pants and sweatshirt does look appropriate for almost any occasion with a dash of lipstick and a some big rings on her fingers. My mom likes her cashmere - she believes that the closer a wearable item is to your skin, the better quality it should be. I can't really argue with that.

What do I consider splurge-worthy? I have to agree with my sister on this and lean towards the purses, especially because I am not a purse person. When I buy one, I want one that I not only love, but that I know will stand the test of time, trending, aging, because chances are it will be around for a loooong time. However, I haven't yet graduated past Minkoff level as my personal luxe.

What kind of items would you be willing to fork over more money for? And what’s been your personal favorite sartorial splurge so far?


Top: Gap (sim here, here)
Shorts: Old Navy (worn here - sim here)
Necklace: J. Crew pearl cluster (sim here, white here)
Bracelet: F21 faceted cube (sim here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim here, here, luxe platform here)

23 September 2011

Five Minutes With {little tin soldier}

I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but this week has seemed to take forever to go by! I'm majorly swamped right now and have some serious business traveling up ahead of me so is it OK if I look forward to the middle of October already? And now that I'm done whining, let's get to some fun stuff -

Welcome to another edition of Five Minutes With ... This week we're featuring one of my favorite creative fashion bloggers. From her outfit of the day drawings to her hand-made jewelry to her artistic home decor, Linda from little tin soldier is a crafty dynamo (and pro thrifter). Plus she has the fantastic ability to pull together the simplest pieces and make them look chicly laidback and ladylike. Here's a bit about Linda - I love her, I hope you do too!

1. Tomorrow, I plan to make pizza with M and enjoy a glass or two of moscato!

2. Jemaine on Flight of the Conchords cracks me up.

3. I hate having to decide on sushi. I want everything.

4. I love being asked to read a story again (and again) to my students.

5. The best thing I like about blogging is making friends.

6. My least favorite thing about blogging is getting spam from wig companies. Someone somewhere thinks I have fake hair.

7. A silk shirt is the favorite item in my closet.

8. I would love to learn to play piano. It's a little late for that, but I can dream.

9. Most people don’t know that I am 30 years old.

10. Graduating from college was the moment that changed my life. I'm the only person in my family with a bachelor's degree and master's degree, and they're very proud of me. My parents, aunts, and uncles all immigrated to the United States.

11. I can’t live without my pug. She's my ever hungry, ever shedding sidekick.

12. My latest purchase was a St. John suit from the thrift store.

13. I’ve always wondered why popcorn turns stale so quickly. You can't save it-- might as well eat the whole bag.

14. Salt and vinegar potato chips are the worst thing I ever ate.

15. To be brave is to follow your heart with a map from your brain with GPS from your gut.

16. I wish I could be friends with Oprah. Doesn't everyone?

17. Lizards scare the heck out of me.

18. My favorite useless skill is wiggling my nose.

19. One thing I’d like to do before the year is out is thrift a DVF dress.

20. My favorite room of the house is our living room. I'm cheating because we have an open floor plan and it includes the dining room and reading nook, too.

Thanks for participating, Linda - and stay tuned, ladies, for another fashionable blogger feature soon!

21 September 2011

Think Geek

There's been some talk in bloggerdom recently about how strange it is that any person could like a certain retailer so much that they would want to talk about them - sartorial geekiness, I guess.

I think it is pretty apparent that I'm a huge fan of Anthropologie and J. Crew and I'm not shy about my allegiance. And I do enjoy spending time with other people to talk about it. I do know the names of certain pieces. I can recognize brand pieces when I see them on the street and like seeing how other people wear certain items for inspiration. I can tell you what past pieces have been huge hits and which ones I think have been just plain fugly. I'm excited when there are new arrivals and thrilled when a piece I've been coveting hits sale.


Does this consume my life? Do I bow at the alter of Deletta or Jenny Lyons? Do I wear nothing else? No, like the rest of you, I have a life outside of style blogging, but I guess this love for certain retailers and brand knowledge puts me into the category of fashion geek. Which I am perfectly OK with, since there are plenty of people in the world with their own unique tastes - coffee of the month clubs, World of Warcraft forums, home brewers societies, fantasy footbal leagues, hot chili pepper conventions, etc.

Shoot, before I really got into fashion, my inner nerd thrived with other less-than-popular pursuits - I collected X-Men comic books for several years, I was obsessed with Anne Rice's vampires, a devoted fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a die-hard NY Giants fanatic (thank goodness you guys won a game, but I can't believe you let the Redskins beat you in the opener!).

IMG_8455  IMG_8477

Isn't liking a specific thing and being knowledgeable about it just part of what makes us interesting and unique? Isn't it a good thing that I may enjoy something that not everyone else does? And isn't it awesome that in this huge mass of humanity that I can find other like-minded people to share some of my interests in?

So please share yours - what does your inner geek love?

  IMG_8480  IMG_8471

Top: J. Crew perfect boatneck (worn here - sim here, slouchier here)
Skirt: Anthro Edme & Esyllte field (worn here - sim mini here, pencil here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Jacket: Juicy Couture knit peplum (worn here - sim here, here, luxe here)
Shoes: Kimchi Blue by Urban Outfitters wingtips (worn here - sim here, pump here, luxe here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here - sim stone here)
Clutch: Cole Haan patent (sim here, pouch here, luxe here)

19 September 2011


So I took it upon myself this weekend to shorten my bangs. Simple enough to do at home, and something I’ve done between hair cuts before with no problem. Like all the fashion mags tell you to do, I twisted the bangs together and then cut - but I did it so quickly and on a whim that when I looked at myself in the mirror right after that, all I could do was bust out laughing. I forgot that your hair shrinks a bit when it is dry. I forgot that you should probably spend more than two seconds deciding on the length. They're going to live brushed aside or pinned back for a while. Let’s just leave it at my bangs are a little shorter than I’d like right now.


This is unfortunately not the first self-maintenance mishap of my life. There are tons more stories. Like the reason I started highlighting my hair? You can thank my first (and last) an at-home highlight kit – you know, the ones with the funny cap and knitting needle-looking thing? Well, BF’s mom offered up her help and hair expertise (which should have been a raging red flag at the time, considering this was the same woman who would get her hair permed, go home and immediately wash it, then wonder why she ends up with a fro - every single time) and two hours later people were calling me “tiger.” Which is why, months and months and months later, I am still highlighting my hair, albeit with a professional!

And my first passport pics from high school and why they will never see the light of day again? Well, that was around the same time I discovered the tweezer and tried to tame my unruly eyebrows, which apparently meant brow-scaping them to two squiggly lines – that one took forever to grow back.

IMG_8423 IMG_8444

Of course I blame everything on my mom - who, when I was nine, took me to get my hair permed. The beauty shop was real busy that Saturday and the ladies left me in my curlers, soaking up the solution way too long. I ended up with the human girl equivalent of a poodle cut, which my big sis tried to tame back with a few bobby pins in the days following - and of course, one of those days following included my class pics.

I also have had my share of self-tanner explosions, razor issues, cover-up catastrophes involving the world's larget pimple which decided to set up shop right between my eyes literally on my first week on a new job, and on and on. So what about you gals? I think we could all use a good-natured chuckle on a Monday - what have been your (funny now) beauty-related mishaps?


Top: J. Crew tippi
Skirt: F21 fitted knit
Necklace: Anthro gold finger (worn here)
Bracelet: F21 stud stretch
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton ( worn here - sim here, peep here, luxe here)

16 September 2011

Country Cat

I think it goes without saying that a lot has transpired through the Anthro blogging community over the last few days so I don't mean to belabor the point. I feel for the fellow bloggers and readers who have been affected and I'm sure that I am not the only one who is surprised, saddened, angered and disheartened.

What I appreciate out of this whole ordeal is that we are taking the time as people to reflect upon ourselves a bit in all ways. To me, though, what occurred cannot be defined as an "Anthro thing" or a "shopping thing" - it was a "scamming thing." I can only hope that not everyone has been completely discouraged from participating in this little corner of style blogging, and that we can to continue to inspire and support each other as a community, and share a bit of ourselves through our love for fashion.

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦


So in an effort to lighten the mood, I was thinking of how I could boldly but in a subtle way mix it up today in the pattern department without looking like I came staggering out from a bad medicine cabinet mix of Cat Lady meets Beverly Hillbilly. Yes, I did leave the house today like this - and mid-day note: flippy light skirt on a breezy day = no esta bueno.

What do you think? Does this work, or should I go "yeehaw"-ing my way into the sunset on my leopard pony?

IMG_8287  IMG_8316

Sweater: Banana Republic (sim here, cowlneck here)
Top: LE Canvas gingham poplin (worn here - sim here)
Skirt: F21 (worn here - sim here, here, ombre here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim peep here, pump here)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy (worn here)
Bracelet: F21 pyramid stud (sim bangle here)

14 September 2011

Spotty Past

I would like to think that I go through my life trying to be a good person. But let's face it, we're not all perfect, least of all me! I've done my share of not-so-proud things and unfortunately more often than not had a case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. If I have a few drinks under me, call me Trucker Mouth Lisa then.

And I sometimes think back to when I was little and did things without really thinking about them - you know, those in retrospect hide-my-face awful kind of things that you can only really do with any innocence when you're little.  So consider this a psuedo-confession that I run down for you my "greatest hits" of shameful young behavior:


In elementary school, I made fun of a classmate who had a disability and had to wear braces on his legs. I rightfully ended up in detention for that - and still think about him sometimes to this day, because I'm healthy and he's not. And I may not have been the only bully he had encountered in his life.

In sixth grade, I stole money from my mom's purse - in order to buy New Kids on the Block magazines (which seemed so important at the time and sounds ri-donk-culous now!) She threw a fit at me and I remember standing by the front door crying with my shame. I still don't know why I didn't just ask my parents for the money, they would have so easily given it.

In junior high, my dog found a turtle in the backyard and was barking at it. So I picked it up and threw it onto someone's rooftop - my then-apparent super star throwing arm aside - I threw away a wee life!

IMG_8116  IMG_8138

When my parents finally got a computer and Internet connection for the home, I became one of those creepy online people and spent my time in online chat rooms, pretending to be someone I'm not. I know it stemmed from not being comfortable with myself at the time, but think of the people I may have led on! Egads, I am still cyber-embarassed over that!

And I'm sure the list probably goes on but my short-term memory may be blocking things out. Have you done or said anything in the past when you were young that you still feel bad about? Consider this a no-judgement confessions zone here, so please share!


Top: F21 sheer spotted (sim solid here, print here)
Skirt: H&M pencil (worn here - sim here, here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthro botanist heeled (worn here - same here for less, sim here)

13 September 2011

Five Minutes With {Love at First Shop}

Welcome to my new feature, ladies, called Five Minutes With ... This feature will post every few weeks and each time will showcase a different one of my favorite style bloggers. I want to use this feature as an easy and fun way to introduce you to a fashionable new obsession or help you to get to know one of your fave bloggers a bit better.

And I am so thrilled that for my debut Five Minutes With ... post, I have for you one of my all-time favorite and most stylish bloggers - Rosa from Love at First Shop!

Rosa's blog was one of the first handful of blogs I started following back when I stumbled upon the world of fashion blogging. I immediately was attracted to Rosa's mix of edgy, modern and fun girlish style and her effortless ability to mix high-low pieces. She's not afraid of rocking bold color or pattern and has an enviable handbag collection. I've followed her blog for nearly two years now and everyday Rosa continues to be a daily read and source of stylish inspiration.

Five Minutes With {Love at First Shop}

1. Whimsical animal prints make me smile.

2. I hate having to decide on what shoes to wear.

3. The best thing I like about blogging is the amazing group of women I would never have “met” otherwise.

4. My least favorite thing about blogging is unnecessarily mean comments left by those who hide behind anonymity. Why try to bring someone down not lift them up?

5. I would love to learn to sew my own clothes one day.

6. Most people don’t know that I played club rugby in college.

7. Yesterday, I should have worn rain boots.

8. Moving to NYC was the moment that changed my life.

9. I can’t live without my iPhone.

10. My latest purchase was Rachel Comey “Mars” Ankle Boots in Leopard. Will be my last purchase for a while!


11. My favorite part of the day is happy hour.

12. I’ve always wondered why everything tastes so much better fried (i.e. pickles, oreos).

13. Marmite was the worst thing I ever ate.

14. To be brave is to think with your heart, not your head.

15. I wish I could be friends with Ryan Reynolds. And by friends I mean FWB.

16. You can tell I am angry when I get uncharacteristically quiet.

17. Birds scare the heck out of me. But for some reason bird prints are alright.

18. “Back Down South” by Kings of Leon is my favorite song of the moment.

19. My favorite useless skill is knowing how to make a great Bloody Mary.

20. Doing an overnight sailing regatta in the middle of a storm is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Thanks so much for participating, Rosa! And stay tuned, ladies, for another beautiful blogger featured soon!

12 September 2011

She's so Fine, There's No Telling Where the Money Went


This is no shocker - I am an admitted shopaholic. I like spending free time cruising the Internet aisles, perusing my favorite shops for new arrivals and looking for the long-awaited "Big Sale NOW" messages on my e-mail account. I love it when a trip for "just lunch" with a gal ends up being an excuse to go the mall or meander through some cute little shops full of this or that. I do probably end up with something new every week.

How do I keep this up? Well, I split "life" expenses with my honey, my car is paid off and I make enough money that I can comfortably save and spend ... and intrinsically I'm cheap. Which in my world means that I would rather buy shoes than some tech-y gadget or decorate my living room - and it's just my luck that typically shoes are way cheaper than a new rug or a big piece of art for the mantel. And it also means I am all about the deal and steal when it does come to shopping time.

IMG_8177  IMG_8207

So I should have nothing to feel bad about because technically I am not over-stretching myself to shop, right? But then why is it that I am embarassed about seeing the UPS guy so often - or that I'll feel the need to dispose of shopping packaging before the BF comes home - or if some asks if an item of clothing is new, I often say no or tell them that I bought it for even less than I did? Why do I feel ashamed about spending my own money on myself?

I think amongst this group of style bloggers and readers, we all obviously love fashion and mostly have no qualms spending some money on ourselves. However, do you feel guilty about doing it? And does some of this shame make you hide your true shopping habits from your significant other or family?


Cardigan: Talbots (worn here - sim here)
Skirt: F21 pleated leopard chiffon (check stores - sim ombre here, reg here, luxe here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (sim here)
Necklace: Crewcuts ribbon pearl (sim here)
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here - sim peep here)

11 September 2011

One September Morning

... for those of us who lived through these events, the only marker we’ll ever need is the tick of a clock at the 46th minute of the eighth hour of the 11th day.

- President George W. Bush

08 September 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling

(Starting with a side note: Is anyone else obsessed with Party Rock Anthem? The video was right, it does totally get into your bones - I've got the beat in my head at all times and BF even wants us to learn how to shuffle - egads).


OK, Jillian Michaels, you and I have virtually made-up. Sure, my thighs are too muscular to fit into my trousers anymore without fear of She-Hulking, but I have shoulder definition and biceps, triceps and can start seeing some abs over my belly bulge. I feel stronger now, and I like that feeling.

Since I have officially completed The Shred workout and was going to start Jillian's next series, Ripped in 30, I thought the best thing to do may be to mix my workouts up so I won't get bored with squat thrusts ad nauseum and so I won't be concentrating on just building muscle since my body apparently likes to bulk.

Plus I need to make it easy for myself, since I am All Excuses to NOT workout here. Like the idea of having to drive 10 minutes to get to the gym is enough to turn me off from going. And what is up with Atlanta's lack of sidewalks? It's like the city is telling me it does not want me to go outside to try to run (that's my story anyways). And though my gal pals and I tried last year to workout together regularly, we ended up with way too many excuses to not get together that we got a whole hella nothing done (funny, we don't seem to have the same problem when it's time to go out for drinks ...).

IMG_8034 IMG_8059

Lastly, I can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for any workout that takes a lot longer than 30 minutes. That was one of the reasons that P90X didn't work for me (let's not talk about the whole having to do stuff "to failure" mentality and Tony Horton thinking that at any point he could talk me through to a pullup).

So here's what I've come up with for my perfect-for-now-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-go-outside workout sequence:

Sunday - Yoga Booty Ballet
Monday - 6 Week Six-Pack
Tuesday - The Shred
Wednesday - pilates (this, this or this)
Thursday - Ripped in 30
Friday - Ripped in 30
Saturday - couch (2x)

What do you gals do to stay fit? And what's your favorite excuse(s) for missing or dropping a workout?


Top: Banana Republic safari (worn here - sim here, here)
Skirt: Edme & Esyllte by Anthro helios batik, hemmed (check stores, sim mini here, colors here)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II (worn here - sim here, gah-worthy here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff striped pouch (from set of 3, sim here)

07 September 2011

That Quincy Boy

When I started my blog, I wrote about a little bit of everything on the fashion side - discount codes, things that make go grabby hands, fashion fails, etc.. As I've developed and gotten more comfortable with myself and audience, I've leaned towards keeping this mostly as an "outfit of the day" blog, with bits of personal musings thrown in. However I am starting to get an inkling to take the blog to the next step now and I'm not sure what to do - I'm not considering a drastic topic change and don't think I want to lean too far away from my current formula of outfits and ramblings, but I would love a little something extra to give my current blog a little oomph.


So what do I want for my blog if I could do anything and everything? I would love a new header, a new logo. I wish I could afford to get a DSLR grade camera and a talented photographer who could turn my regular outfit pics into beautifully composed vignettes (and how about a two hour block of daily work-free mid-morning sun time to do my shoots in!). I want a huge and eclectic wardrobe at my disposal, and the wherewithall to create truly unique wearable looks. I wish I had something deeply compelling and thought-provoking to write about everyday. I want to have the time (and wit!) to respond back to every comment, visit every blogger pal blog on a regular basis. I wish I had more talent, money, and time to do it all.

IMG_7972 IMG_7992

Of course I start this whole "wishing and hoping" thing pretty much at the same time my job is starting to get back into over-work mode. So don't expect to start seeing drastic changes to my format anytime soon - but maybe little bits, over time? Maybe one day I'll be able to coerce the BF to taking some non-head-cut-off outfit shots, and we'll both find an excuse to splurge on an awesome camera? And hopefully one day - well, hell, if you don't like my writing style now I am probably not going to get any better with age, so that part you'll have to live with!

As a fella blogger, if you could do anything to improve your own blog, what would you do? As a fella reader, what do you wish more fashion blogs would do - or would stop doing?

Yeah, I know, I think I am a wee too colorful today - may have to lose the yellow ...

Jacket: Coquille by Anthro cobbled lanes (worn here - sim here, luxe here)
Top: J. Crew quincy boy
Skirt: Talbots washed silk (worn here - sim mini here, here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Bangle: The Limited (sim here, here)
Shoe clips as brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here - sim peep here)

06 September 2011

Back to Schoolboy

Two posts in one day - egads! Here's another psuedo-Crew review for you ladies. Within twenty minutes of spying the new arrivals on the J. Crew web site last week, I was so enamored with the Schoolboy Blazer in Blackwatch Tartan that I closed my eyes and clickety-clicked my way through a purchase. Modern blazer in an old school plaid pattern? Yes, please!

IMG_7997  IMG_7999

As the blazer was not offered in petites, I grabbed a regular 2 and it fit me just fine - overall fit is typical schoolboy being kind of boxy in the middle, but the shoulders fit well and the sleeves were slender and not too long.

This is the first schoolboy style blazer I've owned so I can't say much on whether the quality on the material has declined or not, but I thought this was a good weight for early fall and wasn't itchy on. Now whether it is worthwhile at full price ($228!) is questionable, but I had been leaning towards keeping it because I loved the pattern and wanted a new jacket for fall.

So where's my typical big "and then ..."? Well, here it is - what had really sold me on the jacket were the appearance of the leather elbow patches. They were kind of retro, kind of cool, and it appealed to the old pipe-smoking highlands man in me.

And then ... except in real life they weren't leather - which was disappointing considering the price of the blazer - and in fact the material was kind of thin and felt cheap. And what unfortunately drew me over the edge to the "this is going back" side is how ricidulously low the elbow patches were on my arms - they were forearm length, not elbow length. Heck, my 'bows almost completely miss the patches!

Now I am pretty darn sure this is not a flaw on the jacket but due to shorty-shorterson me, but it was enough to leave a stale pipe tobacco taste in the mouth of highlands Lisa. And so goes another personal Crew fail (but it wasn't a total low blow, I also bought the Quincy boy shirt and my love for the Crew still goes strong).

If you want another perspective on the tartan schoolboy, check out AppGal's review here.
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