17 August 2011

Why do they Call it Modern Red?


I know most of us have been loving that it is starting to feel just a tad cool and crisp in the early mornings now, a sure sign that my fave season of seasons, autumn, is approaching. While our sartorial brains have woolen blazers and patterned tights dancing in our heads, my style self gets a case of the in-between seasons Oh Nos.

What the he-to-the-ellllllll am I talking about? Well, while most of us want to celebrate the approach of a new season in our best new ensembles, I start mentally doing a count down of all the soon-to-be past seasonal pieces that haven't received enough love and scramble on ways to wear them all while I still can.

Then I want to give due respect to all the items that I have loved from this summer and give them a few more last glorious moments to shine. And of course I want to also give my spanking new not-quite-seasonally-appropriate-but-it-is-just-cool-enough-that-I-can-get-by-without-sweating-my-brow-off a twirl as well. So I become the girl who lives in a closet full of clothes who can't pick an outfit.

To make it through today at least, I take another nod to fellow blogger inspiration and break out one of my fave skirts of the season, in one of my new all-time fave colors (the strangely named "modern red"), along with my personal best cheapie shoe purchase of the year.

IMG_7349  IMG_7328

What have been your go-to pieces this summer? As fall inches towards us, are they hot weather items from you closet that you wish you've worn more often?


Top: J. Crew sequin boatneck (worn here - sim here, as tank here)
Skirt: J. Crew dorrie (worn here - sim here, midi here)
Belt: J. Crew piped glitter (worn here - sim luxe here, -ish here)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy (worn here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here - sim here, here)
Outfit inspired by Rosa


  1. Well, since I live in the land of Usually Summer, I don't really worry about that very much. :)

    That skirt is fantastic on you and I LOVE it with the turquoise jewelry! You are beautiful!

  2. My hubby just keeled over when told him that my modern red elsa jacket and paisley skirt was patriotic, in the right light. He was all, "no, it's not...that jacket is orange...you are a communist." He *was* kidding, but I did question J. Crew's naming skills after that exchange. LOL.

    You look awesome. Love the full skirt with striped tee. Must try a similar look before our summer ends come mid-October or so.

  3. I love the sequins on that striped shirt, and love the turquoise necklace paired with the red skirt...perfection!

  4. I am TOTALLY struggling with the brain wants fall clothes but the body needs summer ones.

    I have a ton of summer dresses that I have not gotten to wear yet or only wore once. Some of them I can probably wear with tights in the fall, but many of them need to be worn now while the weather permits. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love the red skirt!

    md / stufffast.blogspot.com

  5. We don't actually get summers here (not until September/October for a few days) so it's like fall year round. No wonder I buy so much more then.

    I love that sequined top. It's just the right touch of something extra.

  6. I love that color on you. I have been gravitating towards brights for awhile now. I am actually wearing those same shoes today! Best $6.46 I ever spent! :)

  7. As much as I complain about the heat (a lot) I LOVE summer - I really enjoy fall and all the fall like activites, but I'm a summer girl through and through...so as much as I'm itching to wear boots again, I'm with you - I'm going to be sad to put away shorts and sandals and light cotton skirts :(

  8. OMGosh I do that same thing (and feel like a total kiss ass because I seem to say that to you in every post, but it's genuine I assure you). I am so ready for layers, but first, there's this dress and this skirt and these tops that I want to wear before I freeze my tucus off in them later.

    I love your red (ahem, modern red) skirt and striped tee. Great outfit!

  9. I know exactly what you mean. Exactly! Love this outfit and will have to copy. :)

  10. You look so chic! I want modern red skirt now. It's not quite spring here yet, but I'm already wearing my summer pieces. Teehe. I'm ready for summer all right ! One item I will miss wearing when summer comes around are my patterned tights!

  11. ooooh you did quite well with the between seasons look and I love the modern red :) Although the crispness in the air makes me excited for fall, it is still waaay to hot for me to think about fall weight fabrics though. Oh sweaty Eastern NC.

  12. I love the waistband of that skirt. I don't know why it's called modern red, its more of an orange. But nonetheless, its still lovely.

    I actually view the changing of seasons from the opposite view. I think about the cord dresses and skirts, sweaters and wool skirts that I've been avoiding. Can't wait ot bust those out again.

  13. Love Modern Red Lisa. In fact J Crew loves Modern Red no much that everything they name Red is actually Orange. Like the Jackie I was wearing yesterday. The color was described as Cerise. Which means Red. When it arrived, I was at a loss for Red. Because it's Orange. True Red is now extinct. But I love my Modern Red Jackie in Orange. And how Great is Modern Red, Sparkly stripes, and your Turquoise Necklace.

  14. I also love modern red/retro orange from J. Crew. I bought quite a few pieces in that colour this year. Nevermind that it makes my eyes water to look at it, I still love it! You look amazing - what a great outfit. I'm with shopwithm, I think I might have to copy this one!

    I'm transitioning towards fall by wearing warmer, more muted colours than the brilliant primary colours I was wearing the last two months. I still have the sandals and the white denim in heavy rotation though, which means it's still summer in my book!

  15. SAMESIES! I posted my Dorrie skirt outfit today, too. You look lovely and I liked Rosa's original outfit as well. Stripes rule! :o)

  16. CUTE!<3
    Nice sequined stripes top! :]
    Isn't J. Crew amazing?

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree


  17. Cute, cute! And, love your hair styled that way:)

  18. such fun colors in your outfit. esp adore that jcrew skirt.

  19. I go through several orange-loving phases every year, and I'm afraid this year is a doozy. This skirt is so stunning- I had to try really, really hard to keep from grabbing one. I think the modern red/vermillion is a great compromise between summer heat and looking to fall colours.

    I also empathize with your dilemma! I think my dressing is going to get rather schizophrenic in the next few weeks!

  20. My go-to pieces have been all the skirts. I can't recall when I wore skirts so often.

    I wish it was hot enough to wear beach shorts, but summer fooled us this year.

  21. I hope summer sticks around for awhile. It feels like it arrived late this year. I would like to wear some breezy tops before I have to worry about layers.

  22. I can especially tell that fall is on its way here because it's dark in the AM when I leave for work and the sun is going down about an hour earlier than it did just last month. That's really the one and only downside of winter. I leave for and come home from work in total darkness. But alas, I LURVE me some cold weather. Bring it on! PS--love your skirt.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  23. I'm loving all the little special accessories in this outfit, the belt and necklace are super cute and add that special touch.

  24. I'm in love with the Dorrie skirt.. or I guess just bright skirts in general! :)

    I'm so excited about fall, but I just bought some new sandals on clearance that I'd like to wear a few times before I start busting out my boots! :)

  25. Love the stripes and bright red!

  26. I'm trying wear all my bright colors now before we transition into more of the neutrals. (womp womp!) BTW I too love Rosa. :)

    With regards to my camera I have a Kodak Z something...sad I don't even know, but it has a lot of settings that I'm still learning to use.

  27. I'm trying to get the most out of my summer hats and sundresses but at the same time I'm itching to cuddle up in flannel and shearling this fall. Your shimmery stripped top is great, I hope I can track it down because I want to order it, haha!

  28. Ooh I love looks like this! I admire your way of sneaking sequins into a day look too. :) Very cute, but still not too formal! I'll have to take a cue from you. :)

  29. I have a couple of items that never made it to the dry cleaners in enough time..so He to the elllll yes...lol

    I like the turquoise in modern red together. You look very pretty! :)


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