31 August 2011

Poppy Time


I love to blog. And I admitted spend a fair amount of time each week either working on my own blog or reading other people's. I totally choose to do it, and I don’t think people who do not blog realize how much time it takes to maintain one. I like to think of it as a hobby for myself, but sometimes it does feel like an unpaid part-time job!

I’m almost afraid to try to add up how much time it takes me to put together a typical post. I usually spend 10-15 minutes taking pictures each morning not counting the seemingly endless minutes I spend staring at my clothes waiting for inspiration to strike, then another 15 or so minutes trying to weed out the plain old ridiculous pics from the half-decent ones. Throw in probably another 10 minutes to color-correct and load the images, then another 10-15 to enter in my outfit deets with links. And most important of all – the X amount of time not only trying to think up a topic, but then trying to make it sound coherent. This part could take anything from 20 minutes to over an hour to sometimes having to leave a post alone overnight to let it “settle.”

IMG_7720 IMG_7712

So … carry the 4, add the 2 aaaand then we end up with almost two hours spent putting together one post for myself. I obviously don’t do this all at once during the day, but this doesn’t even count time spent making my blog rounds!

Admittedly, I am not a fast blogger. I am not one of those gals who can effortlessly pound out a fantastic pictorial and post in 15 minutes flat (major props to you, if you're one of those gals). So posts like this may contain outfits from yesterday. And I don't blog daily so that I may have some time for that "life thing" and, oh yeah, the corporate machine who likes to deposit money into my bank account and thus keeps me in Anthro and Crew.

How much time do you spend each day/week blogging? How do you balance regular life with your blog time?


Top: F21 sheer leopard (worn here - sim long-sleeve here)
Cardigan: Loft (sim here, crewneck here)
Skirt: Limited high-waist
Belt: Asos metal keeper (same belt in orange or blue)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction pine a colada (worn here - sim here)
Outfit inspired by Helena.


  1. I was JUST thinking about this last night, as I was writing a forever-long post, that I went back and read and thought, this is not interesting at all... I am so slow. I wish I could do it more quickly, but that never happens.

  2. ooh, I love this red skirt! I need one. :) Also love how you rock the animal print.

    I probably blog 4-5 hours a week, not counting the time I spend reading blogs. :P Some weeks is more than others, and some weeks it may be very little, because real life takes priority. :)

  3. Oh... I'd rather not think about how long it takes me...

    If I actually put a number to it I'd cry. I mean, you'd swear I had some super awesome blog at the end of it, but no. It's just a plain old average blog. I just spend ages trying to look and sound less of an idiot than I normally do.

    Lee x

  4. Love your leopard top! Blogging does take up a lot of time, I'm hoping it doesn't fall by the wayside now that I'm back to teaching!

  5. Glad to see you styling up the leopard blouse again, and I'm so crushing on that pencil skirt!

    I'm definitely someone who spends WAY too much time on the blog, and occasionally puts blog interests ahead of other (possibly) more important things. Considering it generates no revenue for me, it's a pretty consuming hobby.

  6. I spend A LOT of time on my blog, and I blog every day. You are right when you say that people who don't blog have no clue how much time it takes and how much work it is. I'd honestly rather not post than put something up that's half-assed, so I put a lot of time and effort into mine. It is like my second job, but I absolutely love it, so it's worth it.
    I love this outfit lisa - that skirt is WOW on you!

  7. First of all, I love red and leopard. Always. This is such a great combination! And I'm happy to see you giving pencil skirts another shot! ;-)

    I totally can relate to what you are saying. I myself never realized how much goes into blogging. Between replying to comments and visiting pages of commenters, keeping up with Bloglovin, enter challenges, commenting on other blogs, taking pictures, writing posts, checking labels and all the other stuff, it can take A LOT more time than I will ever admit to for a "hobby". I have a full time job and three kids and a boyfriend. But I take the time to do blogging because it is something that I really enjoy and it is the only thing I do for ME in my day. I have always said that the minute I am not doing it for me or if it starts to feel like a chore, I'm not going to do it anymore.

    I am so happy you are blogging! You write with relateable topics all the time and you look great doing it. Even if we are not "paid", I hope you know that your blogs is one of my favorite reads. ;-)

  8. I spend a ton of time blogging and reading, but mostly reading. I know when I start teaching again I will have difficulty keeping up with it all. I love the leopard and red combination! And a green belt? Genius!

  9. Loveee it! The leopard with the pink and green: too cute.

    I'm getting much quicker at blogging because I have such a formula for most of my posts. I think the trick for me at least is planning them out. And I do that over my commute to work! Plan the outfits, the general text that will accompany it, when would be a good day to wear it, etc etc. Then when it comes down to putting the post together, it's just a matter of typing and uploading! Granted I guess the planning does take quite a while haha. But then again I also am not doing major posts every day of the week so maybe I need to put more time into it!

    I agree with Jenn-- I spend so much more time reading the blogs than writing my own!

  10. Having not updated my blog for over a week but with days and days of unedited outfit pictures building up...ouch, I know what you mean! I absolutely love the task, and yet sometimes there just ain't enough time in the day!

    I love everything about this outfit- the proportions of leopard to tan to bright popppy and wee bit 'o green belt...sigh.

  11. I spend way too much time, but as a writer, I spend more time editing and writing than I do on pics. I also do most of the posts on the weekends and just schedule them to help me since I work full time during the week. It's bananas!

    ps. Love the red and leopard print together. Classic.

  12. Love the entire look, but the leopard is always my favorite. Red and leopard is my favorite combo!

    Blogging - I spend a lot of time. . . with pictures, editing, writing it's like a couple of hours everyday and like you, I spend time to look at others!! I'm like you :)


  13. I challenged myself to blog everyday, but once school starts next week, this will probably change. It takes me anywhere from 30-120 minutes to create a blog post from soup to nuts. I usually blog when my three kids are asleep, but if I get inspired by a particular topic or idea, I'll create a quick post and type a little bit or post a picture or two during the day and finish it at night. I also have two set categories during the week--Teaching/Tech Tuesdays and Fun/Fashion Fridays, so that helps me plan a little in advance.

  14. I spend not-so-much time on blogging, ha! It shows :) It helps, though, that I have a set list of blogging topics that I rarely deviate from. That's one of the perks to having my blog be about crossing goals off a list - there's a list :)

  15. honestly? not as much as I'd like to. sometimes i feel like i hit a wall and i just don't have much to say. or that people won't read it. so i try to do 2 times a week. but since i recently got an ipad im hoping to blog more.

  16. I love how you put this pieces together!!
    You look really pretty, nice pics. :)



  17. love this outfit! great take on the leopard trend.

  18. I spend a lot of time on blogging -- reading, writing, thinking of new ideas -- but I don't know what I did before I discovered blogs. But as a writer, it has forced me to write a few times a week, plus it gives me immediate gratification, so it has been a blessing. Your blog is super fab, I love that the clothes are almost like background music to your essays on life. Kudos and props!

  19. I see someone is embracing the leopard!! Love it and this outfit.

    I've never really counted the hours I spend blogging or reading blogs, but I know it is ridiculous. It is definitely time consuming, but we do because we want to and love it, so that makes it worth it in my eyes.

  20. I whole-heartedly agree with you that blogging is a part time job. But I love to do it so it's worth the effort! And I spend way too much time blogging and reading other blogs that I don't even want to know. Love the leopard with the red!!

  21. Balance? Is there supposed to be a balance here? I must have missed that part.

    You look amazing. Absolutely amazing. I love the leopard with the red and pop of teal. I did red and teal today too! You are gorgeous!

  22. You look WONDERFUL!

    And balance? Time management? I'm slowly learning these are practically impossible feats. Just enjoy the time we have, and enjoy what you choose to do to fill that time.


  23. I love this outfit, Lisa. I've seen this top in store but sadly, it was too big on me. I spend at least 8 hours a week on my blog if not more. I don't blog daily. I blog more often when I have time. Blogging is supposed to be fun =)

  24. Wow, you are fabulous in this get-up! I love the top and the belt. You have some killer legs, dear.

  25. I'm just starting to realize how much (enjoyable) time this blogging business takes up!

    Whether it took you 20 minutes or 2 days, you look great in this outfit : )

  26. That skirt looks sooo nice on you. The fit and length are perfect.

    I just started blogging so it takes me a while to get a post up. Once I realized I could schedule the posts I started doing a lot of the prep on the weekends. It's time consuming, but it makes me happy to see the finished product and even happier when someone leaves a comment :).

  27. I actually finally started dedicating one day to blogging which is Sunday and then just automate my posts. I've started realize that it's the best way to still blog, but doing it without having to take up as much time.

  28. Pleeaaase keep blogging!! I love your blog!! I'm still a complete beginner at blogging so I admire how much dedication you put into your blog, and ispire so many people doing it. I agree with everyone that you look great in the leopard shirt!!

  29. That is a fantastic outfit. I love it all, especially the belt!

    I was just thinking about this topic recently, wondering if it took everyone as long to write posts as it does for me. I think if it wasn't so time consuming, I would post more frequently, but since it does a considerable amount of time (to do it right), I find that I can only post a couple of times a week. That seems to work for me. I am figuring out little tricks here and there to make the process smoother/quicker.

  30. When I'm focused or on fire I can do a solid post in 15 min. Otherwise, I usually have about 4+ posts going, don't commit to any one of them, read other blog posts while I'm supposed to be writing my own and a couple hours goes by.

    I love this outfit, too. Great colors!

  31. If there is a single person out there that can pound out a post in 15 minutes (including photo stuff), I'd like to shake their hand! I'm totally with you on it feeling like a second (unpaid) job. But it's fun, and I love the interaction. I find that keeping an editorial calendar helps a lot (I added another layer to my Google calendar), and sometimes even if I don't need to write that day, I'll pound something out if I feel it coming. That way it can be scheduled whenever I draw a blank.

  32. ohmygosh! loving this outfit! the leo-print blouse is lovely with the poppy!

  33. You're right - if you're trying to write good posts a blog can really take up some time. I haven't been writing this past week, but it usually takes me between 30 minutes and 2 hours to write one post, depending on the topic.

    I love the leopard top you're wearing! Great outfit.



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