09 August 2011

One September Day

Seeing all the warm woolens in the new arrivals from our fave retailers has given me "colder weather" on the brain. I can't wait for the air to turn crisp so I can pull on some layers  and escape the 90+ degree days (sure sure, come ask me again when it's January).

I recently snagged this jacket on sale in a popback and I couldn't wait to pull it out for real so I built a fantasy early fall outfit. This is definitely not what I'm wearing today, but I love the thought of strolling around outdoors, lunching and shopping, in this ensemble when the temp does drop to tights-worthy weather. Like NYC in the fall? Autumn perfection. This is a fantasy, right, so let's suspend reality and the fact that the only all-day strolling around NYC I would be able to do in these shoes is if I were sitting in a Hoveround. A sparkly graphite one with blinged out handles and a tweed-covered seat. And a basket in the front for my Bergdorf bags.

And back to reality now - what cooler weather pieces are you ladies looking forward to breaking out from the depths of your closet?



Jacket: J. Crew tweed khaki moto (sim-ish here, here, luxe here)
Jeans: Levi's 545 skinny (sim here)
Shirt: LE Canvas stretch poplin (sim here)
Earrings: Target (sim here, here)
Belt: Forever 21 (sim here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here before - sim here, here)



  1. I wish I lived in your fantasy!

    I love these shoes! And the jacket I feel will def be worth the wait!

  2. The weather in California never really gets "cool", especially since my idea of cool is Minnesota winter. However, I do love wearing scarves and boots.
    Love that jacket!

  3. Autumn totally has the best fashion! I am really excited for the air to turn cool too!

  4. what a completely sophisticated look. loves

  5. Boots. ASAP! :)
    Cute look- even if it is pretend.

  6. What a great look! I love fall layering even if I prefer summer temps. The jacket is such a sophisticated take on the moto trend.

  7. Love, love, love the jacket! You styled it so well. =) I'm looking forward to layering...and capes...and boots.

  8. Wow, loving those shoes but I could never walk in them! You have talent.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Vintage ROAD TRIP giveaway

  9. I love your jacket and I think you did a great job styling the whole outfit - even if it's just a fantasy. Autumn is my favorite weather and I love wearing scarves, jackets and boots. I bought several sale boots this past April, so I'm looking forward to wearing them this fall.

  10. You know, I'm usually feeling impatient for fall, but for some reason, this year, I'm really enjoying the summer weather. I'm sure this will fade in the next few weeks. =)

  11. I love this jacket and you look fantastic in this outfit! Tweed is definitely one of my favorite fabrics for fall and winter. I am really excited to break out my leather pieces for fall and definitely looking forward to replacing my booties...I should probably start shopping for those now ;)

  12. Can we trade fantasies because I'm dreaming a tad bit small..Lol That jacket is really cute and I can't wait to see you style it this FALL!!

    Yeah those shoes are cute, but look deadly for long NYC blocks. :)

  13. I'm SO ready to put away all my winter items. I'm getting ready for warmer days ahead! flirty dresses and bare arms and legs :-)

  14. The jacket is cute!! You styled it well!! I bought dark pink leather jacket from Ann Taylor long time ago.. and have never worn it because I don't know how to style it. I might try it this year!!

  15. Very pretty, I can see why you wanted to put it on now!

  16. I think you can totally rock that outfit in NYC.

  17. This is so chic!! Ugh I am so not ready to put away my warm weather clothes yet, but one thing I am looking forward to is blazer/skinny jeans/ballet flats season....

  18. I'm looking forward to getting to wear tights with boots and my lime green coat. I love your little jacket!


  19. Very cool jacket there lady!! I love the casualness of the khaki with that tweed.

    I am dying to wear my blazers. I have some cashmere blazers that I found while thrifting last year and I want to break them out again. I just want weather that I can layer in.

  20. too bad texas never gets cool enough for an awesome jacket like yours!

    with love,

  21. I just won that same jacket on eBay! Thanks for the styling idea :)


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