08 August 2011

Not Getting Dressed

I think weekend outfits may be my favorite of the week. Sure, there's nothing super-snazzy about them but I can wear my comfiest barely-dressed clothes, the ones that I may be guilty of even napping in on lazy do-nothing afternoons after a loungy late lunch. Here's a few outfits from the past weekends - I'm either in shorts or the outerwear-equivalent of sleeper Ts.

What do you love slipping into on the weekends?


Top: J. Crew stripe button-back (worn right-ways here)
Dress: Merona by Target front twist (worn here before)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before, sim here)
Earrings: Forever 21 (sim here, in silver here)

IMG_6143   IMG_6142

Top: Gap safari chambray (sim here)
Shorts: J. Crew chino (worn here before)
Shoes: Toms kenya stripe (worn here before)
Necklace: lucie0ellen via Etsy (worn here before, sim here, here)


Dress: Anthropologie Splendid cargo pocket (worn here before, sim here, here)
Necklace: simply livly via Etsy (worn here before)
Shoes: Toms coral (worn here before)
Clutch: Cambridge Satchel Co. (worn here before, sim here)

IMG_6771   IMG_6770

Dress: J. Crew factory henley (check stores, or sim here, in silk here)
Shoes: Toms coral


  1. You are gorgeous and I want to trade wardrobes with you! :)

  2. Your weekend wardrobe is DAH-LING! Love it! Totally my style.

  3. I love your weekend looks. My fave is the stripes and polka dots combo!

  4. Dresses. Exactly like this striped henley one your wearing. You look just as good on weekends as you do during the week!

  5. you are absolutely adorable! i love what you did with the striped tee (i have that too and will totally copy you) and love the coral wedges with the stripes in the last outfit!

  6. The mix of stripes and dots in the first outfit is genius. Love the shorts as well - they look fantastic on you.

    md / stufffast.blogspot.com

  7. I love weekend wear! My favorite look is the second one. I was wearing weekend wear all last week while I was on vaca, so personally I am looking forward to dressing up a bit.

    My mom got me a killer deal on a ton 'o shoes this weekend and I totally thought of your blog. LOL!

  8. T-shirt dresses are so easy! I love the striped J. Crew one the best :)

  9. Those are your "not getting dressed" outfits?? Mine don't look anywhere near as adorable as yours :)

  10. loving your casual wear, so cute! Love the wedges in the last outfit and the layering of the tee in the first especially!

  11. I love your outfits :) Especially the first one is really cute! :))

  12. Love your 3rd outfit -- it's the perfect mix of comfy casual but put together. That's what I wish I wore on the weekends! When I'm not going out, I bum around in Soffe shorts and a tshirt. So not blogworthy.

  13. Aww, you look too cute in your weekend outfits. Want to see mine? I'm too embarrassed to show you! If I don't have anywhere to go, I'm clad in the most daggy weekend gear.

  14. I have those SAME J. Crew shorts! Were you also expecting red? :)

  15. You had a busy weekend, I should trade lives with you. I may have to steal the:
    1) Shoes/Dress
    2) Bright tomato red shorts
    3/4) Both dresses and Toms

    I think that means I love all four outfits! :)

  16. Sometimes my "weekend wear" is completed with a no makeup look! Lol I love how you layered the first outfit and the striped dress at the end looks super comfy as well as sea-worthy ;)

  17. Typically it's a jersey dress, but lately it's been cutoffs and a tank. I go in phases. I love your weekend gear and this is definitely the week that I attempt polkadots and stripes together.

  18. What fantastic weekend wear. Unfortunately, my weekend wear isn't anywhere nearly that cute :( Actually, most of my week wear isn't either! You look fantastic!

  19. Aw, thanks, Melissa, Pamela, Eek, Sweet Laundry!

    Rosa - I blame you for my geting the coral wedges, you look so good in yours!

    Thanks, matilda deathstar!

    Frannie Pantz - oh vacation wear is even better that home wear - lucky girl!

    amy - they so are!

    TaraMixandMatch - they're my "not getting dressed up" outfits. Part of the reason I justify my shopping habit to myself is that I feel like I should get dressed on the weekends too, even if it is just to run out for a lazy lunch - give me wardrobe some more air time!

    Thanks, Jessica / Dee!

    Cee - oh please, girl, I've seen you rock a tees outfit and you know how to glam up the simplest pieces! And I am kind of in love with that pink neon tee of yours!

    vintageglammz - hey, if I'm just hanging out at home all weekend, I'm barely one step up from jammies myself.

    Erin - I actually saw these shorts in store and thought "oh cool orange shorts." No idea why J Crew would call this color modern red. So modern people are mildly color blind? ;o)

    Thanks, Mrs. J!

    Callandra - haha, I'm glad you consider my striped dress sea-worthy, bc BF thought it was jailbird-like!

    Tabitha - I think I need more dots in my life, I am sorely lacking!

    Angela - oh you don't want to see what I wear to lounge around the house or walk the dog in!

  20. I love a good t-shirt dress for the weekend. I also like to do white skinny jeans and a relaxed top or J.Crew shorts and a chambray top.

    All your looks are great!



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