08 July 2011

"Zomething Zifferent"

I don't know what kind of shopper I am - probably "loyal" is the best word my habits. There are a handful of stores I peruse whenever I go to the mall or browse online (do I even need to list them? I think I make it pretty apparent .... Anthro, the Crew, throw in some Zara, H&M,  the occasional Gap or F21, Endless or Zappos for pretty much all my shoe lusts ...) but other than that, I really haven't stepped out of my retailer bubble.

I think I do it for consistency - because I know(ish) my tastes and know my sizing in certain brands (so that means stop playing around with your sizing, certain brands!) and these stores deliver for me what I'm looking for at the moment. Plus have you seen the selection at some of these stores? Massive! How could I not find something?

But I also know that I've been engulfed by the mass market retailer cycle and really wonder how well done or unique my pieces really are? Is my dollar going as far as it should be? Am I buying something just because it has a certain label on it? Or does it all honestly even matter - if I like it, shouldn't that be good enough, regardless of who/what/where?

So I guess I should "thank" my go-to retailers for recently having a whole lotta not much to lust after so my itchy web-browsing fingers had to go clickety-click elsewhere to find some eyeball fashion satiation. And with that, I had placed my first purchase with Garnet Hill a few months back and actually went back for more recently. And I just placed my first order with Talbots. (And yes, there were others too).

And all my initial assumptions about these shops aside, I was thrilled enough with my first go at GH that I went back, and I have high hopes for my Talbots items. No, I didn't discover a life on Mars or a cure for cancer, but my browsing heart is elated at some new-to-me finds. My wallet sighs yet again.

Do you find yourself shopping at the same stores over and over again? Are there any unexpected stores that you've found some great gems at?


IMG_5704    IMG_5713


Dress: Garnet Hill piazza knit (worn here before - similar here, strapless here)
Belt: Anthropologie skinny weave (similar here)
Necklace: Anthropologie Lydell jahara (worn here before - similar here, luxe gold here)
Bracelet: Sweet Auburn Studio via Etsy (worn here before - similar as watch here)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target (worn here before - similar here, here)


  1. I just wanted to say I love the last picture. Your freckles are gorgeous!

  2. That dress is super cute: it reminds me of an Anthro dress from a few years back but it was black and the ruffles weren't as obvious. I like your dress much better.

    I'm totally the same way with shopping but then when none of my stores are making cute stuff, I worry that I'm going to end up going naked! It always seems like they conspire together at the same time to produce ugly stuff! LOL

  3. I'm the total opposite I'm not loyal to any brand. I love trying new things, and I'm happy you talked about Talbot. They have some nice pieces. You should check out Chico's and White House/Black Market.

    That dress is beautiful, I'm going to check out Garnet Hill right now.

  4. I think I am brand loyal, but I wouldn't say it's by choice... more like necessity. I shop where it's convenient (meaning short drive and quick trips) because I have a preschooler. I would do more online shopping, but most retailers don't offer shipping to Canada... and those that do, paying extra for duties, etc. makes it not worthwhile cost wise and I hate the extra wait anyway.

    I am excited that J.Crew and Target are finally coming to Canada. It should help me branch out a little. :)

    Love that dress! It looks like it was made for you.

  5. I wouldn't consider myself complete loyal to a particular store (even tho I reallly love anthro). I like to mix things up. Target usually hides great gems. It's all about being there at the right time, right place.
    I really love that dress on you. It's flattering in every way! Love hat last shot of you too.

  6. Really cute dress, fits you so well!

    Yes I tend to stick with the same stores - when you find a store that you can just buy something at and the majority of the tiem it fits you kind of stick with it! I also don't have much time or patience these days to go around to different stores looking for something unique that will fit AND look flattering. Lately I've been buying Ann Taylor and Loft items even though they are not in Canada (lucky me to have great US blogger friends!)

  7. I've received the Garnet Hill catalog, flipped through it, but was unsure. I'm suspicious when I receive anything unsolicited. Your dress is great, so maybe I will have to give it a second glance next time around.

    I really like Boden, have you tried them? They are having a sale right now and have free shipping and returns. I like the way the dresses I bought last year fit,but this year the reviews seem low. If the fit and quality are similar to last year I will be super happy!

  8. First and foremost, you are so striking. I love your freckles so much. The dress looks great on you and I really dig the shoes - super surprised they're from Target. Are they comfy?

    I'm pretty similar to you - I frequent about 5-6 retailers on the reg but I've been trying to branch out too. It's tough, like you mention, when it comes to sizing, esp. since I order most of my stuff online vs. in store purchases.

  9. Wow this dress is amazing on you! I have the same problem when it comes to department retailers--I am a Kohl's/F21/Charlotte Russe whore. That's where I love thrifting, though. It's always different, affordable and if it lasted long enough to be on the rack, it should withstand a few years of my abuse! I am now going to have to check out GH cause I am lusting over your dress!

  10. we are shoe twins today! seriously this dress is perfection on you Lisa! Color, cut, drape!

  11. Very thoughtful entry. I find myself almost entirely shopping at Anthro. Part of that is because I love the pieces, the other part is that I find the quality and wearability to be much better than clothing I buy elsewhere, which just tends to languish in my closet. It also helps me budget to some degree, if I just restrict almost all of my shopping to one store. Kind of, maybe. At least that's how I rationalize things.

  12. I LOVE that dress! It is so fantastic on you!

    I rarely ever shop online. The most I've done is some shoes and a dress from Target with their daily deal. Otherwise, I just don't. I need to, I'd probably find better deals and I LOVE getting mail. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. A lot of where I like to shop has to do with the ambiance and the salespeople. What can I say? I am chatty, and I like to talk about clothes, so it sort of makes sense...I LOVE that dress/belt combo you've got going on here, lady!

  14. I love how you styled this dress...my favorite accessory that you're wearing is the belt!

    I've recently shopped at Talbots (or tried to), but they were out of my size on a sale item that I was seriously coveting. Otherwise, I'm stalking Gap, Banana, and Loft...and TJ Maxx.

  15. J.Crew is my steady retailer. I also love shopping at TJ Maxx, Kohl's, and Target! For extra special things, Shopbop is the best.

    Everyone keeps telling me that Talbot's and Loft have great pieces, but I haven't found anything there that's totally "me".

    P.S. I'm running an amazing giveaway next week-- Please include me in your giveaway post if you're planning one! xo

  16. Umm, I want this entire outfit. It's brilliant!

  17. Your dress is so cute! Great find.
    I'm of the opinion that it doesn't matter where you buy your clothes, as long as you love them. I've felt the same as you, I had the feeling that I should be trying something different, but going outside my comfort zone didn't always work out. Sometimes I just bought things for the sake of buying something. So I would say just buy what you love, and everything will be fine, :)

  18. I browse throughout a lot of place but never really made the attempt to make the purchase because of sizing issue. Unless they have a local store nearby and free shipping, I don't feel comfortable buying especially if it is a dress because fit and cut is everything. I start to like nordstrom more and more because their return is so easy and there is a locals tore here and service is always good. There is a wide selection and some of the sale are pretty good too.

  19. Forgot to mention, Love your shoes, hard to believe it is from Target!

  20. Really cute dress -- love the yellow shoes with it!
    I usually stick with Anthro, Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor and Loft. I have to shop where they have petite sizes. I get tons of accessories and belts from Forever 21. But if I see something cute -- I'll get it regardless of what store is is from :)

  21. I love the Garnet Hill dress. Yay for branching out.

  22. Lovely dress! I shop at a few stores only, mainly because I know my sizing works there. Occasionally I find a gem here and there that I must have -- like my first Anthro dress yesterday! :)

  23. Shar - aw, thanks! It means a lot, especially since they are a "sore" point with me!

    Kathleen - isn't that funny, especially since one glance at our closets should be proof enough that we aren't going to go naked anytime soon?!

    Mrs. J - ooh, you adventurous shopper you!

    Michelle - yes, surprisingly super-comfy! I bought the yellow pair last year but I noticed they have a light brown version this year - no longer online but I bet you could probably find them in-store. Target shoes have really surprised me in recent months!

    Frannie Pantz - I wish I was any good at thrifting - you need to do a tutorial! I always end up at the gross shops with the dingy clothing and can't ever find anything!

    Peggy - we've got a ton of the same pieces. Great minds, you know ...

    JG - hehe, it doesn't hurt that Anthro has really pretty stuff and a wide enough selection to fit a range of tastes. Too bad the BF hates going into Anthro with me - he complains there is nothing for him to ever look at, and the scented candle smells in there are overwhelming (OK, sometimes that is true!)

    Melissa - I don't know if you want to start, haha! I find that a lot of retailers offer free shipping and better deals sometimes online - plus there is usually a wider range of items available! I've got two Targets not too far from me, but will still sometimes order stuff from them online - free ship and 20% off, yes please!

    Laurel - I actually got "scared" out of a shop once because the sales lady was so overly helpful! I didn't get ten steps into the store before she started pointing out items to me and then continuously kept bringing me stuff from the sections I hadn't looked at yet! As much as I love a helpful sales person, she actually turned me off!

    Kish - my sis LOVES TJ Maxx - she always finds the most awesome stuff in there! She stumbled upon a genuine YSL Muse bag for only a couple hundred bucks! I still virtually kick her butt for not bringing that baby home!

    Linda - ooh, I need to start that up again, thanks for the heads up! I loves me some ShopBop too - but I always find myself spending waaaaay too much time on that site. There's soooo much stuff it sucks you in!

    Thanks, Carly!

    rachel - I need to disassociate myself from the "buying frenzy!" Just because a certain brand is having a sale and everyone one around me is snatching things up and nothing has moved me, it doesn't mean that I have to go "looking" for something!

    Inkmark - I don't do a ton of returns yet from online purchasing, but I really appreciate a retailer that makes it easier for me to send something back - it totally makes me more open to trying something new next time. Plus I am just really learning about fit - and how some of my old clothes really don't fit that well, ugh!

    Michelle - we totally shop at the same places, girl. And I'm right with you on the petite sizing! One good thing about being shorter - some of those more "summer-length" dresses or skirts that may be too short on regular-sized girls are perfect for me!

    gigiofca - that is why I totally love your blog, you don't stick with one particular retailer for your reviews and offer some great advice! One of my Talbots pieces is the washed silk full skirt you tried!

    Rose - ooh, once you go Anthro, you never go back .... ;o)

  24. It's just so easy to stick with brands you're familiar with: you know your size, know how their stuff fits, etc., so you can order online without being terrified nothing will work.

    I've been meaning to branch out and try ASOS, but I'm so nervous about the sizing.

  25. The draping on this dress is so gorgeous! I have been noticing several cute things in the Garnet Hill catalog and have wondered whether I should take the plunge. maybe so! Like you, I tend to stick to my faves when shopping. For me, that's Anthro, LOFT, Talbots, and J. Crew. I just recently started shopping at Zara, and let me tell you, it DOES feel like I discovered Mars. Or maybe Atlantis. It was that much of an epiphany!

  26. I Love the ruffle on this dress! it looks so cute on you!

    Chic on the Cheap

  27. Lisa Girl! You are breathtaking. How do you do this? This dress is stunning. Love that Pop of Yellow Belt. At least Anthro called it Yellow. Mine is just as Orange as yours.

    Love Garnet Hill. But so far only purchased Orla Kiely Bags from there.

    This is such an amazing dress. Totally you! After seeing this on you, I'm thinking, no hoping you returned the O'Bama Dress. Because finding this dress is what shopping is all about.

    Your Garnet Hill or my Modcloth.


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