05 July 2011

Hot Summer Streets & the Pavements are Burning

I hope all you beautiful ladies in the States (and Canada) had a fantastic holiday weekend! Pacey the pup had entirely too much of a good time being outdoors, swimming in the lake and running off with other dogs. I, as usual, stuffed myself silly with the requisite 4th of July treats - burgers, hot dogs (have you tried these? insanely good - for a dog), watermelon, berries, iced tea and sunset wheat.

I hope you all had your own great in-the-heat-of-summer feats of lounging, family overload, bouts of food coma, water sportage, shopping damage and other assorted mayhem!

I went super-casual this weekend and here's an outfit medley for ya:

IMG_5639    IMG_5655

Top: Target (similar here)
Skirt: Ruche bold as love (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (similar flats here, heels here)
Bag: Cambridge Satchel (worn here before - similar here)

IMG_5544    IMG_5539

Top: Crewcuts dazzle (worn here before - similar here)
Skirt: J. Crew dorrie (worn here before - similar dress here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, here)

IMG_5664    IMG_5658

Dress: Merona by Target front twist
Necklace: lucie0ellen via Etsy (worn here before - similar-ish here)
Shoes: Toms coral canvas (worn here before - similar here)

IMG_5535    IMG_5529

Top: Target (similar here)
Skirt: J. Crew paisley (worn here before - similar-ish here, luxe dress here)
Shoes: Sofft (similar luxe here, reg here)
Necklace: Overstock camelia overlay (similar here)


  1. Oooh, I love all of these! I can't decide which one is my favorite!

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Cute outfits! My favorite is the first look, love the skirt!

  3. Great outfits - all of them! :) I bought the Target dotty dress in brown - it has such a nice fit, I think. xo

  4. Looks like a very fashionable long weekend. Love the colors and combos you sported. I think my fave is the last set - that skirt is fantastic and reminds me of a terry hoodie from Crew I scored a few years back that is my all time fave print of theirs. ♥

  5. I love all of these outfits. That dress looks fantastic on you. I love it with those pink wedges!

  6. that blue polka dotted dress is fantastic! SO easy to throw on, yet does all the right things for your figure! too cute!

  7. Love all of these outfits, especially the blue and white Target dress, which looks fantastic on you.
    Cosmetic Bee

  8. Lisa you are gorgeous! My favorite pic is the one on the left with the Target polka dotted dress :)

  9. Great weekend outfits! Sounds like you had a fun holiday weekend. Happy belated 4th of July lovely lady. :)

  10. OMGoodness I like them all, but I love the second one! Yay for gorging on holidays! If anyone asks, I had two hot dogs, not four . . .

  11. Wonderful outfits I love all of them.
    1) Black/white Ikat print and yellow bag are on my list.
    2) I love red anything so this skirt is perfect.
    3) Love the print on your dress and the coral shoes.
    4) Definitely something I would wear.

  12. I sure had my share of hot dogs this weekend at the boardwalk. Men, those food place are making a good profit! Cute outfits! Love the orange JC skirt. I am still holding on hoping it would go on sale one day.

  13. Happy 4th of July (yesterday), you're super cute in your outfits! Glad you made the most of the all important day by stuffing yourself..haha!

  14. The Dorrie Skirt with that teal top looks fantastic! Great outfits!

  15. Can I just say you are totally winning at summery skirts? Because you are. I love every single one of those!

  16. Yes! These are all Great Oufits Lisa. Perfect for the 4th.

    The Yellow Bag Pops in #1.

    The Burning Orange and Blue reminds me of Fire in the Sky. I just realized how much #2 resembles FIREWORKS! OK, this is my FAV!

    Only you would think Pink with Blue Polkas. #3 so adorable, classic, and perfectly you Lisa.

    The casual mini skirt and T combo in #4 is so cool. How is it you can rock a T-shirt and graphic mini with such ease?

    Angus Dogs. That must be an incredibly good eat. Hope you shared a nibble with Pacey.

  17. What great outfits, Lisa! I especially love the J. Crew dazzle tee -- a subdued color, but with the perfect amount of bling (always appropriate for a festive weekend!).

    And it sounds like an enjoyable weekend, for you and your pup. Is Pacey afraid of fireworks? Winston was alternating between barking and whimpering whenever we'd hear another set of explosions...

  18. sparrowsandsparkles - I totally agree! I wish they would come out with some more colors or prints.

    Michelle - I totally miss the great old prints that JC used to come out with. Bold paisleys, fun patterns ... sigh.

    Frannie Pantz - yeah, and I didn't have an entire caprese salad, followed by french bread, most of a supreme pizza, then watermelon ... yes, this was one meal ...

    Inkmark - yeah, the BF was worried that food places wouldn't be open over this weekend. I was like, are you nuts, why would they miss this chance to make some holiday dough?! ;o)

    Laura - call me a meanie ownie, but we only let Pacey have dog food, no people food at all except for the errant Nilla Wafer. Poor pup's got a sensitive belly and anything out of the ordinary usually sends her into a possible early morning potty run!

    Jamie - I don't know if she's just gotten used to loud noises from being a pound pup or what, but Pacey can totally yawn and nap her way through most thunder storms, fireworks displays, excited bouts of Call of Duty play on the PS3 ...

  19. I love how colorful you dress! It's inspiring. : ) And I'm crushing on your yellow satchel. To die for.


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