19 July 2011

Dodging Neon

There's nothing I enjoy more than brushed out curling ironed hair gone awry to start my day off with a smile grimace. That's why I opted to set it all off with this brighter-than-dangit shirt in your favorite classic highliter neon yellow:


IMG_6280   IMG_6306


Top: J. Crew neon gingham perfect
Skirt: Delicia via Alloy (worn here before - similar here, here)
Belt: J. Crew piped glitter
Necklace: J. Crew mini crystal wildfire
Bracelet: Sweet Auburn Studio via Etsy (worn here before)
Shoes: Xhiliration via Target teanna (worn here before - similar here)

My fave thing about gingham and JC's perfect shirts? So easy-peasy to dress up - or, my favorite - dress down. I actually work this shirt already over the weekend and here's my mid-week recreation of the outfit, big hair and all:


Shorts: Old Navy chambray (similar here, as romper here)
Shoes: Tretorn evelina (similar w/bow here, -ish here)

And because I apparently had some extra time today, by not go full out? I put together my brightest pieces to create an outfit that was really in your face color-wise, but still could have half a shot at making it in day-to-day wear without getting freaked out looks from your co-workers. I even went neon-tastic with the nails.

I really wished the neon shirt photographed better - it is literally highlighter yellow bright and that is what I love love love about it! Funny cameras - the shirt came out lighter, the skirt bolder and the shoes darker. Ah well.


Skirt: Talbots washed silk full (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew embossed (similar here)
Shoes: You by Crocs (worn here before - similar here, not sim but fab here)
Belt as Bracelet: J. Crew factory (similar here)

(Apparently my sartorial brain was on the same wavelength as MP. However, if you want to see neon REALLY done, put on your sunglasses and click here).

What's your take on neons? Do you think it's fun and flirty and "back again"? Or should they have stayed in the '80s and be relegated to the same shame self as glow-in-the-dark jewelry, Melanie Griffith circa "Working Girl" and hypercolor shirts? I know you're trying to bring those back, American Apparel, and sensibility is telling you to stop.


  1. I love seeing this shirt with multiple outfits! It does look fabulously versatile.

    I've had one of these gingham shirts in my jcrew cart for a week now. How do you find the sizing to run?

  2. What great remixes on this top! I love your white skirt in the first one!

  3. JG - I find the perfect shirts to run TTS. I got this in a 2P and the fit was spot on for me - slender without being tight. I am typically a size 2/2P. Hope this helps!

  4. Ok, I am loving that glittery belt! And tell me more about your bracelet please. From what I can see, it's adorable!

  5. This shirt is so great...I love it! That belt is so awesome, I think I need one!

  6. Pretty! I love all the looks but especially the one with the glittery belt :)

  7. Kim - d'oh! I totally forgot about the bracelet! I made the update - it is by Sweet Auburn Studio from Etsy!

  8. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE NEON! :) And colors in general.

    I love all three looks, but I think the first is my fave. And while the shirt is fantabulous, what draws me to the look is the belt. I NEED IT and MUST buy it NOW. Why must you link the belt, Lisa? You are enabler!!! I love you for that. Enablers unite! Tee hee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. Brighter-than-dangit. THAT made me giggle.

    I love that white skirt, but I really adore the shirt with the blue skirt and bright belt. You look gorgeous in everything!

  10. I'm happy Neon is back now I can break out my crazy nail polishes..;)
    Love the shirt and the three different looks especially that cobalt blue skirt.

    I need that sparkly belt in my life.

  11. I'm all for neon although you wouldn't be able to tell from my closet since I only have one neon pink tee.

    My favorite outfit is the one with the blue skirt and orange shoes. Such a fun ensemble!!

    P.S. My hair was nicely curled when I left the house yesterday and as soon as I stepped outside they were gone. Don't you hate when good curling work goes to waste?!!

  12. I love bright neon colors...just have yet to add some to my wardrobe. I am always a bit behind on the trends. My favorite look is the last one...way to pile on the color!

  13. I love all your outfits! Great remixing!

    My favorite is the blue skirt outfit though. I have a thing for that blue color! It's just gorgeous!

  14. Your blue skirt is so fun!!! It's on sale right now at Talbots and I'm seriously tempted after seeing it on you!

  15. LOVE that first outfit Lisa. The yellow shirt looks great with the white eyelet skirt. The shirt is not too 'neon' at all - to me it's more of a mellow yellow :-)
    I'm very over the 80s look, but just this morning I was considering getting a pair of neon blue jeans!

  16. Love the shirt. And the sparkly belt. And the lace skirt. And the blue skirt. And all of the other pieces that make up these outfits!

  17. Oh my --- so very much to love in all these looks! I remember seeing that shirt in store, in all its fabulous colors, and being in hog heaven. I literally didn't even walk by the shirts, for fear of buying one in every color.

    And I love the bracelets that you're wearing in all these looks -- most especially your belt as bracelet. I seem to have expanded my collection of skinny belts rather "impressively", so I'll have to try this!

    I love neon, when not too over the top. It's often tricky to pull off in the workplace, imo, but I think it's perfect for summer weekends!

  18. sharonlei - isn't fashion blogging enabling all about enabling in some form or other? ;o) I've kind of enabled myself here, I kind of want all things glittered now ...

    fshnonmymind - I wouldn't call my curling skills any good but I hate the thought that I wasted the time and still ended up with bad hair, haha!

    Pamela - the stretchy way is ultra forgiving so you may want to size down. I ordered a size PP and I think it could easily fit a 4 (I am normally a 2/2p). Yes, I am enabling ...

    vintageglammz - oh if you saw this shirt IRL, it is quite neon-y. BF wants me to hang it by itself in the closet to use it as a night light!

    Jamie - I love the idea of neon especially for the summer but I have to remind myself not to go over the top because 1) I'm not 17! and 2) I don't want to get buried in a trend when it goes out of style come fall!

  19. The color-hungry in me is IN LOVE with your last styling. I love it. And that shirt is so great on your coloring, you could rock it any way possible. I agree with you, gingham shirts are so awesome for their versatility. Too often they get pigeon-holed into casual wear I think, don'tcha?

  20. That's a great top, Lisa! I love it. =) On another note, I used to curl my hair a lot, back in HS and college, but haven't done it for years and years. Then, after my Drybar experience, I thought, "oh, wonder if I can get the same looks sans hairdryer and just curling iron?"

    No. The answer is no.

  21. I love the J.Crew perfect shirt and I love neon, so I guess finding this shirt should be on the top of my to do list!


  22. Lisa I love that top!!! Fun to see the different ways you wear it.

  23. Love the skirt! Talbot is my new fave store!!


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