29 July 2011

Coming Up Roses


Bits for the end of July:

✿  You rarely ever catch me in pastel-y shades but they just seem so appropriate in the heat of the summer. Somehow the cooler colors make the weather seem a wee bit more mellow. Just a wee bit though.

✿  I am looking forward to a weekend of lounging, sleeping in, probably eating too much (as usual), and living in stretchy shorts and t-shirt dresses. Yes, snack and nap-worthy dressing.

✿  Today is day 5 of doing The Shred for me. Twenty minute workouts are awesome. But here's me being all rushy-rusherson - when do you start noticing a difference?

✿  I think I've imbibed too much in the recent round of "% off" sales from our fave retailers (thankfully for my wallet, some stuff is going back). But come on, J. Crew, when are you going to throw in a coupon code for your new arrivals? Mama wants herself some toasty woolens in this 95+ degree heat!  

✿  What's on your fall weather to-buy list? I think I "need" some flat grey boots and a bold-hued jacket (like this in blue). And though I'm probably going to end up resembling a stump, I couldn't resist these ankle boots for my first Asos purchase.


Jacket: Anthropologie Daughters of the Liberation cropped wisley (worn here before - similar here, here)
Top: Forever 21 lace (worn here before - similar here, here, here)
Shorts: J. Crew chino (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here before - similar here, spectator here)
Necklace: UO multi-stone bib (worn here before - similar here)

✿   ✿   ✿   ✿

There were a couple of questions on what I wore to Kim's virtual blogiversary party, so here it is:


Top: J. Crew gypsy rose (worn here before - similar here, mildly sim but whoa here)
Skirt: J. Crew (similar on sale here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff striped pouch (from set of three)
Shoes: Keds spright (worn here before - similar here, here)

Have a terrific end-of-July weekend, ladies!


  1. Hooray for getting through 5 days of the Shred! It's definitely my favorite workout at the moment because it's in such doable increments. It's always over before I know it and I feel like I REALLY got something accomplished. As far as results...I feel like I started seeing results within my second week, but I don't really remember. For me, I saw more of a difference in my muscle definition than in my weight loss. Despite my saying, "I just want to tone up" before starting the workouts, I was a little disappointed that my scale never budged, but I was happy with the increased definition. I intend to keep going with it throughout the school year...maybe my body just needs some prolonged exercise to shed those stubborn flabbies! It is definitely worth sticking with!

    Oh and my fall wishlist includes pretty much every single thing in the new j.crew fall catalog. I want the wool pencil skirts in the veridian green and bright flame colors, plus the hacking jacket in bright flame. Those are the two biggies. I also really want some pleated midi skirts!

  2. I'm so behind! Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! I know it was a bit unexpected and that makes it even more exciting!!What a fantastic accessory for all of your outfits! Meanwhile, I don't know why you stay away from pastels. Those shorts look fabulous on you!

  3. Ahhh love the shoes of your first outfit! I commented on Melissa's blog that I can't even believe I haven't bought ONE pair of shoes or sandals this whole summer! So proud!!

    I need a pair of flat grey boots too - been looking since last year!

  4. Those shoes are so perfect for summer! I tend to love Nine West stuff because they usually fit my weird little feetsies.
    I started the shred too. I haven't noticed anything yet, but my body is sore in strange places. That Has to mean something good, right??

  5. re: the Shred - I had to take a couple days off because of a kickball/mechanical bull injury (no joke. my life is ridiculous), but I think I'm on day 13 or so - I started feeling a difference around day 5, seeing a difference on day 7 (my waist looked more defined, my arms and legs looked thinner), and I clocked in at 5 pounds lost on day 10. BUT I wouldn't have noticed the difference visually had I not taken a before picture. Also, I don't know what your starting point was, but I was not working out AT ALL prior to the start, so there was definitely room for improvment :)

  6. re: the shred: it took me about a week or two to see improved muscle definition the last time I did it, but I noticed with each workout that I could do a little bit more, a little bit harder. Are you finding, for example, that the push-ups aren't quite as hard as they were at first? Or that you can do a few more of them? Focus on that type of progress first, and the visual results will come along soon enough!

    Love that J.Crew skirt. I look forward to seeing the other ways you wear it, since I struggle with this skirt myself!

  7. OMGosh that second outfit is to die for! Have a great weekend Lisa!

  8. Cute outfit, as usual. How do you like the shred? I have Shred It sitting on my coffee table and should probably pop it in one of these days and do it!

  9. AppGal - I haven't even checked the scale because it's not like I've changed my diet to go with the Shred-ding, but I definitely hope to see some shape and improvement with my muscle tone. As for the Crew fall stuff - I'm in love! I want the hacking jacket too in the blue (I have a hacking from a year seasons back that I adore, so I hope they didn't mess with the fit) and bright flame for the pencil skirt.

    Thanks, Kayla - is it wrong that I've always thought of pastels as "too girly?"

    Elaine A - I remember getting my eyes crossed looking for brown boots last winter, I don't want to go through that again with the grey ones - I think too many options online makes a person indecisive!

    Mads - I love 9W too - they've got the basics and trendy stuff down for decent price and quality!

    Ashley - I am cracking up and rolling around the floor here with your injury!!!!! And my starting point is pretty much from not having worked out in weeks to getting my butt kicked by Jillian!

    JG - I'm still doing the wuss pushups on my knees but I've definitely noticed other moves getting easier. I feel the workout every morning I wake up though, so it must be doing some good for me! And yes, I can't wait to see some definition in my shoulders and arms!

    Frannie - thanks and you too!

    violinista - So far I love that you're only supposed to do one workout a day that's only like 20 minutes. And even for that short time, you're sweating and definitely feeling it the next day!

  10. I really, really want a pair of nice flat, grey boots. I have been looking for, like, a year and finally settled for some mega-sale slouchy suede ones from Nine West, but my holy grail is the Paige grey boots from Frye. Maybe someday they'll go on sale... *sigh*!

  11. What's the SHRED? I'm going to research that right now! Very cute outfit! I like the floral blazer and peach shorts. As for fall I'm looking forward to velvet blazers and corduroy skirts all in jewel tone colors.

  12. The Shred... great if I can bring myself to begin. It's so painful, but I love how fast it's over! I didn't stick with it long enough to see results, but I could definitely feel it within a week. The workouts got easier.

  13. I did the Shred for about a week and a half straight and then stopped for some reason. I definitely can't speak about results, but it was good workout.

    Lisa, you so should get the blue Hacking jacket, we can be twinsies!! I can't wait to get mine. All of those delicious colors made it a tough decision. I think I need something in orange and jazzy purple too.

    Have you received those ASOS shoes yet? I actually have a pair of cream ankle boots on my fall wishlist and those are fabulous. Don't be upset if I'm a copycat. :)

  14. Very interested in the shred it comments....I've never heard of this workout(did I mention that I live in a vacuum?) Lol....but I will need an alternative to climbing stairs really soon so I'm very excited to see what it's all about! I haven't really seen anything that I have to have from the fall lines yet, but I'm sure my list will be a mile long before next month is out ;)

  15. Oh! Forgot to mention how much I love your blogiversary outfit!!

  16. heh...any exercise for me takes MONTHS to show but when it does it's worth it- I love the shred, but have a tendency to drop out too easily so I've been running instead this summer (I've been running 45 minutes 4 nights a week for over a month and all it has done is make my butt bigger so my skirts don't fit...hrmmmm)

    I gotta say- the wall colour seems to be the perfect accompaniment to any of your colour palettes. I wants it!

  17. JanAlyssa - ooh, Frye boots. Maybe someday ...

    JCrewJD - definitely one of my fave parts with the Shred is the length! I also have P90X but the thought of 45-90 minute workouts each day, ugh ...

    fshnonmymind -ooh, the hacking jacket, I've been holding off and waiting for a new arrivals sale but I may just weaken! I did get the boots and they do fit TTS and for the price, I think the quality is pretty good. Asos offers free ship and returns, so it wouldn't hurt to try them if you like them!

    Mrs. J / Callandra - definitely look up the Shred! It's a 30 day program with three different levels - and each workout is only 20 minutes but they kick your butt!

    thatdamngreendress - I've tried running but I just can't help to kind of hate it, haha!

  18. I love that skirt in the 3rd picture -- so cute!

    I did the Shred and didn't see results until I was doing level 2 and 3 for a few weeks. Is it weird that I think Level 2 is harder than Level 3??
    If you want a major butt kicker -- get Jillians "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" workout. It makes me want to die . . . but in a good way :)
    Keep up the good work!!

  19. I love your Anthroholic party outfit - so gorgeous with the red accents (I saw JG in the same skirt just a moment ago :-)
    Have fun with The Shred. I don't know what it is exactly, but is sounds like exercise...something i'm not very good at!
    Have a great weekend lisa!!

  20. Cute outfits!


  21. Pretty!!!! I love the flower on the waistband in the 2nd outfit. Will have to try that! I've only done it with a belt or on a shirt.

  22. Michelle - good to know and thanks for the rec! I had been wondering what I might do after The Shred is over to kind of keep the workout momentum going!

    vintageglammz - oh trust me, I am not friend of exercise and yes, The Shred IS exercise, but each workout is only 20 minutes! I'm dying, but I can do 20 minutes!

    Thanks, t!

    Elaine - I need to learn how you rock the bling, girl!

  23. I love that striped skirt! I think I saw it on either Brooklyn Blonde or Atlantic Pacific the other day too.



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